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How costly is a BMW 3 Series Car Insurance for a 20-year-old?

A list has been made from top insurance companies to find the average cost per month for insuring a 2021 BMW 3 Series is approximately $201.15. Though the insurance cost for some older models can cost more than others and this depends on which safety features the car is having and it also varies from one company to another company.

A 2011 BMW 3 Series insurance for an 18-year-old policy cost is approximately $149.69. The approximate cost of the 2016 BMW 3 Series is about $173.90. The average cost of insuring a 2021 BMW 3 Series is about $201.15.

How are the rates of Insurance for BMW 3 Series Car calculated?

The rates are based on a California based 20-year-old driver with a good driving history. California is one of the seven states of the USA that do not use sex for knowing the insurance costs of different cars.

Full coverage car insurance with high limits like the insurance coverages of BMW 3 Series insurance for a 17-year-old is generally purchased by several BMW owners. The complete list of different kinds of insurance costs is mentioned below.

  • Body injury liability for one person- $ 50,000
  • Body injury liability for one accident- $100,000
  • For property damage, the insurance cost can be $50,000
  • Comprehensive costs -$500
  • Medical payment bill- $5000
  • Motorist Body injury-$50,000/$100,000

The rates of various insurance coverages like the BMW 3 Series insurance for an 18-year-old may vary based on different details such as area zip code, location, annual mileage, job kind and many more.

How to compare the Insurance Cost for a BMW 3 Series?

Purchasing BMW 3 Series insurance for a 20-year-old policy might lead to frustration. Even though we want to avoid this process we can't ignore it. Almost all of the 50 states in the USA require car insurance, so you can't ignore the insurance requirements for your car.

You can save a lot of money if you opt for the best insurance coverage package from a good company. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before purchasing insurance coverage.

  • Price - Same details should be entered every time while getting a quote from the providers. This allows one to get accurate price details while comparing.
  • Deductible - Monthly premium costs of the BMW cars like the premium coverage of BMW 3 Series for a 17-year-old are likely to get influenced by the deductible amount. In the case of filing a claim the deductible will cost higher but in this case, premiums would be charged less. Low deductibles generally cost lower on a monthly basis.
  • Minimum Coverage - Other than the states of New Hampshire and Virginia, every other state in the USA has a mandatory minimum amount of insurance coverage. Before buying a new policy, you should make sure that your state's premium is met at first
  • Additional Coverage - At first consider if you need any additional coverage. Among many possible options, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage are the most important.

Does BMW 3 Series qualify for Auto Insurance Discounts?

You can be eligible for various auto insurance related discounts, but it depends on the provider which you choose. However, the exact reduction discounts which you may receive is dependent on the location where you live, service provider, options and various other factors.

Here is a list of a few discounts which is applicable to the BMW Series 3 Vehicle:

  • Anti-theft discount
  • Anti-lock brake discount
  • New car discount
  • Passive Restraint discount
  • Emergency road assistance discount

Best Auto Insurance Service Provider in the market

Among the various Auto Insurance providers in the market, the best one is Atoz Insurance USA. The expertise and standard of service provided by this company are top-notch. Elaborate explanations to each customer before buying any BMW 3 Series insurance for a 20 -year old coverage, is being given in order to clear any doubts.

Best discounts, life term offers are available for BMW 3 Series cars. Don't waste time on other companies as this company is the best of all.

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