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Determine The Cost Of BMW 3 Series Insurance With Specialist Advice Online

On an average, it costs around $1,825 per year to insure BMW 3 series cars. This is significantly more than the national average for other luxury sedans which is about $ 38. Besides, the average BMW 3 series full car coverage cost is worked out for a 40 year old driver who has a good driving record and credit history as well as drives less than 13,000 miles annually. This is for a single car insurance policy for a brand new BMW 3 series vehicle. Depending on your age, you can estimate how much it may be the insurance cost.

From the above it is evident that the average cost for BMW 3 series insurance 16 year old drivers will be the highest. In addition, it may also vary depending on the state in which you live, the insurer that you are working with and the exact number of miles that you are going to drive during the entire year. And your credit score as well as the status of your driving record can also affect affordability of BMW auto insurance rates. But you need to make sure that the coverage levels are adequate to protect your finances against eventualities.

8 Useful Guidelines To Compare BMW 3 Series Car Insurance Premium Rates

Shopping and comparing insurance rates for BMW 3 series cars may appear highly frustrating but if you intend to save money, there is no other way out. Besides, in all 50 states, drivers are required to carry valid insurance coverage for driving vehicles legally on road. Failure to comply with this basic legal requirement can attract huge penalties if a driver gets caught by a traffic inspector. However, there could be few methods for saving money on BMW auto insurance premiums which you need to know. Here is some vital information pertaining to the same that you may find useful.

  • BMW car price - To get the best and accurate free quote estimates, you need to make sure that you give correct details regarding car price to insurers that you are planning to work with.
  • Deductible amount - A higher deductible you can reduce premium drastically but the proposition may cost more when filing a claim. Low deductible may increase monthly premium cost but you will spend less on claim.
  • Buy basic coverage - It is possible to keep BMW 3 series premium costs low by buying minimum liability coverage which is prescribed by your state law. But it is always desirable to raise coverage limits to get complete protection.
  • Optional coverage - Purchasing Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and uninsured motorist coverage features can ensure enhanced protection to your finances.
  • Extras or add-ons - Accident forgiveness and vanishing deductible could be some extras which can increase importance of your policy. Determine other extras which can be purchased by shopping around.
  • Policy restrictions - There might be certain limitations which apply to your BMW 3 series insurance cover. To prevent denial of claims or coverage gaps, you must know the restrictions.
  • Loyalty discount - Some car makers may provide loyalty discount through insurance companies. You must check that with BMW dealership if you are eligible to obtain such type of discount.
  • Extended warranty - Verify whether your BMW 3 series car has an extended warranty provided by the BMW company. Such a move will invariably help in preventing overlapping of coverage.

5 Important Factors That Greatly Affect BMW 3 Series Insurance Price Rates

Your age, gender, residential location, driving record, credit history and such other parameters can influence the overall cost of BMW 3 series vehicle insurance. In addition, there could be some other factors which may also impact your chances of qualifying for better insurance rates for your BMW car as under:

  • Body type - Typically, the BMW 3 series car is a 4 door luxury sedan which is ideally suited for families. Proud BMW 3 series owners drive these cars for going to place of work and for running daily errands. Accordingly, lowest insurance rates will be offered to safe drivers.
  • Vehicle type - The 3 series is a luxury high performance car like all other BMW vehicles. And all high-end luxurious cars require significantly more money to insure as compared to other normal vehicles. So, you can expect insurance rates provided for BMW 3 series car to be much higher.
  • Theft rates - Probability of thefts is high among luxury sedans and the BMW 3 series cars are no exception. Therefore, insurers face greater degree of risks while providing coverage and so, raise insurance rates to compensate for the risks. As a result, you must be ready to spend more.
  • Repair costs - Apart from its luxurious design; the BMW 3 series car comes standard with an advanced technology. Hence, its parts and components could be expensive if some of them are needed to be replaced. Insurers take this into account while assessing coverage risks and so, charge high premiums.
  • Safety ratings - The 2018 BMW 3 series model was ranked highly by IIHS for safety ratings as well as crash test ratings. Higher safety rating and crash test ratings reduce coverage risks for insurers as a result of which the premium can get lowered and money can be saved.
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Find Out BMW 3 Series Insurance Cost By Model Year With Different Insurers

BMW 3 series auto insurance rates can greatly vary depending on which version you are driving. Accordingly, older BMWQ 3 series cars will be cheaper to insure than newer 2020 or 2021 models. This is because when your BMW 3 series car model is old, you will have to spend more money on expensive comprehensive and collision coverage features or need not buy them at all. To highlight the case, the average premium cost of BMW 3 series 2014 model is around $1,332 yearly. But the average insurance cost for a 2020 version of the same car is about $1,666.

Here is some vital information pertaining to the average cost of insuring a BMW 3 series car by model year.

Model Year Average Annual Premium
2022 $1,937
2021 $1,901
2020 $1,824
2019 $1,803
2018 $1,753
2017 $1,680
2016 $1,666
2015 $1,622
2014 $1,558
2013 $1,552
2012 $1,516
2011 $1,432
2010 $1,403
2009 $1,346

From the above details it is quite evident that the average auto insurance rates offered for BMW 3 series cars by model years by different national insurance carriers are high. On an average, a 40 year old driver may have to pay $1,560 every year for getting his/her BMW 3 series vehicle insured. For all other similar type of luxury car models, the average insurance cost is around $1,427 yearly. But still, the BMW 3 series vehicles could be cheaper to insure as compared to luxury brand car models such as Tesla. To know more about how much will be the cost for your BMW 3 series car, talk to one of our experts today!

Know How Much Is BMW 3 Series Insurance 20 Year Old Or Less Drivers’ Cost

Your age can be an important factor in determining overall affordability of auto insurance premium for BMW 3 series cars. In line with the argument, it is needless to say that companies will charge substantially higher for BMW 3 series insurance 17 year old driver policies than those above that. But still, teen drivers have the opportunity to save money on premium by getting their names added on their parents’ policy. This ways they are not required to buy separate BMW 3 series car cover which is an expensive proposition.

The average BMW 3 series insurance 18 year old driver’s cost is around $5,092 yearly which is about $3,532 more than what a 40 year old driver may have to pay on an average for getting his/her BMW 3 series car insured. You can get some idea regarding the average BMW 3 series auto insurance rates for drivers in the age group 16 to 25 years from the following table.

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $6,528
17 $5,783
18 $5,092
19 $3,647
20 $3,255
21 $2,577
22 $2,374
23 $2,172
24 $2,039
25 $1,850
40 $1,560

From the above information, it is quite evident that younger drivers in the age group 16 to 25 years pay more for insuring BMW 3 series vehicles. And with growing age, vehicle insurance rates tend to decrease. So, BMW 3 series insurance 19 year old cost will be lesser than that of a 16 or 17 year old driver.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About BMW 3 Series
The average cost for BMW 3 series auto insurance is around $1,560 yearly for a 40 year old driver. This cost could be much higher for teen, young and new drivers with teen drivers bearing the brunt. Besides, parameters such as your BMW 3 series car’s make, model and year of manufacturing as well as driving record, credit history and residential location can also greatly impact insurance rates.
The BMW 3 series is a high-end luxury sedan which is expensive than many other category of cars. So, its parts and components, repair costs, market worth and theft rates is high because of which the insurance costs will be much higher than other vehicles in the affordable price range.
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