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A 30 day auto insurance policy is a temporary coverage that you can think of purchasing when you need to drive car for a short time period. There may be certain situations which might prompt you to buy car coverage for a month. Usually, companies underwrite long term or annual vehicle insurance policies for regular drivers. But now, you can even find insurers that are willing to provide car coverage for a specified number of days. These short term covers can be advantageous as they prevent you from spending money especially during times when you are not driving a car. However, to get total financial protection, it is vital that you find the right type of insurer for your situation.

Few Situations In Which You Don’t Need To Get 30 Day Car Insurance Quotes

There are certain things that you must be aware of before start shopping for a short term insurance cover for cars. You may not have to buy separate 30 day car insurance coverage if you take the below mentioned aspects into consideration during your effort to secure an affordable solution.

  • . If you own a car then first contact your existing or previous insurer. And if you have also got your home insured with the same company, it could be worthwhile to have a face-to-face talk with its licensed representative. It will help you to know whether you are already covered even if you drive less.
  • Determine if buying 6 months car coverage is a better option as compared to temporary vehicle insurance coverage for a period of 30 days. You can pay premium monthly and get adequate protection for your car regardless of whether it is borrowed, rented or owned.
  • If you are going to borrow a vehicle from your friend or relative for a month’s time then you must inquire with the owner if the car’s current policy will cover you. If there is a provision for covering an extra driver, you will not be required to purchase separate auto insurance.

It is possible to find companies which provide low cost 30 day temporary car insurance policies to non-owner drivers. But it is likely that such covers might not cover damages caused to the borrowed or leased vehicle. At the same time, it is also true that there is a possibility that the borrowed or rented car’s insurance policy may not cover you. That is precisely the reason why you must consult a specialist and get advice. Such a prerogative will enable you to follow the right course of action for protecting your finances with borrowed or rented vehicles.

Buying A Cheap 30 Day Car Insurance Policy - Here’s What You Should Know

In the United States, it is mandatory for drivers to carry valid insurance coverage when driving cars on road. Auto insurance policies are designed to provide complete financial protection to drivers in the event of accidents involving the insured cars. Car covers pay treatment costs for bodily injuries caused to driver, fellow passengers and other persons as well as damages caused to other person’s property that result from an accident. Thankfully, these days you can locate companies that are more than willing to grant temporary or short term car insurance covers. But prior to shopping free quotes, consider the following.

  • You can get 30 days car insurance if you need to borrow or lease a car for some specific purpose like shifting your belongings to a new place of residence or going outstation for some business related work.
  • Premiums charged for temporary auto insurance could be much higher than that of annual car covers as insurers face greater risks. Besides, you may not be eligible to get premium discounts as the time period is short.
  • Coverage will begin almost instantly after you have paid the premium amount. But make sure that you have the receipt of payment made by you as well as policy document. You or driver will have to carry it as long as you will be driving the borrowed, leased or rented vehicle for specified time period.

Who May Actually Benefit By Buying A Low Cost 30 Day Car Insurance Cover?

  1. Buying 30 day car coverage can be a great option if you have purchased a new car. Such a move gives you time for finalizing an annual customized car policy.
  2. Temporary 30 day car insurance for young drivers is available for parents that are expecting their teens back home from college for vacation and who will be driving their vehicles.
  3. You can even think of purchasing 30 days car insurance if you own a car but drive it occasionally. You don’t have to purchase long term or annual car cover.
  4. Another category of drivers that may benefit with 30 day auto insurance are learner drivers who have applied for valid driver’s license. After getting license, you can buy annual policy.
  5. You are owner of a vintage or classic car which you drive only during some occasions. Even those cars need insurance coverage although you might not drive them very often.
3 Main Reasons That Might Prompt You To Buy A Cheap 30 Day Car Insurance

At times, buying a low cost 30 day or one month auto insurance policy enables saving money. In addition, many occasional drivers opt for purchasing this type of car coverage because of the following reasons.

  • Such an option provides much greater degree of flexibility when it comes to securing coverage for borrowed or rented cars. You only pay for the time period you will need the car and get guaranteed financial protection against any kind of unforeseen eventuality that might happen with the insured vehicle.
  • The alternative is much cheaper than buying annual or long term auto insurance policy which will be expensive. It is possible to get comprehensive coverage for an owned, borrowed, leased or rented car for a month’s time span with total control over policy and thus, enjoy complete peace of mind.
  • You can secure instant coverage within minutes of applying online. Daily situations keep changing fast and one month car insurance quotes can be secured by using the internet to your advantage. You only need to have computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet for comparing options. The process is simple and easy.
Learn How To Get 30 Day Car Insurance For Cheap In 3 Simple And Easy Steps

At, we have a streamlined 3 step procedure for helping you to find the best and cheapest 30 day auto insurance quote as under:

  1. Fill and submit a quick online quotes request form online.
  2. Receive cheap free 30 day car insurance quotes from top rated local insurers.
  3. Compare the free proposals for identifying the best quote within minutes.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) About 30 Days Car Insurance
The overall cost of auto insurance coverage per month will depend on a host of factors that include the driver’s age, gender, marital status, educational qualifications, residential location, driver license type, make, model and type of car which is to be insured, past driving record and status of his credit profile. Small and inexpensive cars that have less market value could be much cheaper to insure as compared to new expensive cars and other vehicles which have powerful high performance engines whose parts are expensive to repair or replace. Besides, a car’s safety features and crash test ratings may also play a vital role in determining overall affordability of insurance rates. And teen drivers will be charged substantially high because they have very less driving experience due to which insurers are unable to know what to expect from them after providing coverage.
There is little benefit in providing month to month auto insurance coverage to insurers. So, finding a company which provides monthly car insurance could be challenging at least through conventional means. Companies are out to do business and earn profits, so they don’t want to put their finances to risk by providing short term vehicle insurance policies. However, some non-standard insurance providers may be willing to take the risks of offering month to month vehicle insurance covers. And the best place to locate them is the internet where several websites that are owned by national auto insurance providers compete with each other to provide some of the most exclusive deals in the industry.
A temporary or short term car insurance policy usually provides basic or minimum liability coverage for third party bodily injuries and property damages as is prescribed by every state’s driving and auto insurance laws. And in some states, such type of a policy may also include coverage features like uninsured/underinsured motorist and personal injury protection (PIP) covers. Buying a short term car cover makes sense when you are driving someone else’s vehicle occasionally for whatsoever reasons. So, if you are thinking of borrowing a car which is owned by your friend or relative or getting a vehicle on lease/rent for shifting your household belongings or going outstation for some work then buying a cheap one month car insurance coverage policy could be one of the most viable options.
Technically speaking, one month car insurance is distinctly different from a month-to-month auto insurance. A one month car insurance cover will provide coverage for a very short time period of up to 30 days. The coverage will end at the end of the month and driver may be given the option to get it renewed for another month. On the other hand, a month-to-month auto insurance policy permits drivers to keep their car coverage for a 12 months’ time period. But driver needs to only make sure that the premium is being paid on time every month on or before agreed upon date so that the coverage doesn’t lapse.
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