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How to Get Same-Day Car Insurance? Is it Possible?

Before driving your new car off, you should get your car insured first. Insurance can be done in various ways. Among the various types of insurance policies, same-day car insurance is also available for most cars. Same-day insurance is being provided by the leading auto insurance coverage providers in the USA.

In this article, we are going to explain how to obtain the same-day insurance policies for new cars in order to make the driving of new cars on the road legal.

How to Get Same-Day Car Insurance?

It is possible to get same-day car insurance from almost any big car insurance company in the USA. Once you tell your requirements and preferences regarding the same-day insurance policies to the company they arrange for an attractive one-day policy deal for getting your car insured.

Same-day car insurance policies have no difference from the standard coverage policies. In same-day car insurance policies, you can get the same benefits of collision insurance to liability insurance as the standard insurance policies.

How to Get Same-Day Auto Insurance Online?

There's nothing special to do to get same-day car insurance via online mode. All you have to do is to request a quote with your proper information at the company's website and then you have to sign up for the e-form policy application form available online.

Providing all of the details regarding your identity is very much important. Quotes also depend on the car details and the driver details which you submit. So in order to submit the required information properly, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Information of car owner
  • Car manufacture year, purchase year, model number, and mileage.
  • Vehicle Identification Information
  • Address of the location where you park your car
  • Name, birthdate, and driver's license number for every driver on the policy.
  • Information regarding your current insurance policy, coverage limits, and its expiry date.
  • Information regarding any tickets and accidents (if any) in your driving history.

You should not forget to have an e-payment method ready with you, as you may need to make a deposit or need to pay for the first instalment premium to start your same-day car insurance policy via online mode. This can be done in a hassle-free manner with the usage of your debit or credit cards.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Same-Day Insurance Policy?

There's a negative side to purchasing a same day insurance policy. In case you need an insurance premium immediately, you would not have much time to compare the various car insurance options which are available in the market.

This means that, in this case, you might miss out on a cheaper insurance policy that is being offered at that time by a different insurance company. The customers who opt to buy car insurance premiums the same day (with the provision of same-day policy ) which is being offered to you might cost much higher than the other insurance policies which are being offered by the other insurance companies.

Here is a list of the average car insurance costs for various companies that offer the provision of same-day insurance in the USA:

  • State Farm - 1340
  • Geico - 1350
  • Progressive - 1400
  • Farmers - 2035

How to Get Same-Day Car Insurance?

In various cases, you might not be eligible to get the same-day insurance premiums. For instance, most car insurance companies will ask for your social security number in order to confirm your social identity information in your policy application form.

They need to verify this information in order to calculate the risk possibilities based on the data of your credit history. At this moment, if you don't remember or do not have your social security number or can't provide it at that time, then the car insurance providers would require much more time to finalize and process your application request for getting the same day insurance policy registered by your name.

They can even deny your request based on the unavailability of the required information.

Information on your current home address is also necessary for the insurance providers. Insurance agents often use your credit data to verify this. In case if you have moved, then the insurance agents won't be able to confirm the address details and this could make them deny your same-day policy request or might delay your request. Check out the plans at Atoz Insurance USA to get the able guidance in this field.

These are the criteria for getting same-day car insurance.

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