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“Can you get same day car insurance?” Well, this question seems interesting as all car insurers follow a systematic process for providing coverage to drivers. But these days it is possible to find companies that circumvent the procedural aspects for granting car coverage. Drivers can get instant coverage for their cars without getting into the hassles of following a strenuous process. And the best place to locate such auto insurance providers is the internet where processes are very fast and responses are quick. By going online, you can shop and compare the cheapest free proposals within a span of few minutes

Instant free same day auto insurance quotes can be secured online with ease and compared by using advanced comparison tools. There are experts who can assist you during the shopping task to help you in arriving at an informed decision on your car insurance purchase. To receive the best as well as the cheapest free quotes, all you need to do is just fill and submit an easy online application form by entering your state’s zip code. But you must give necessary details of your specific vehicle coverage requirements in the quotes request form. Besides, it could be worthwhile to note that the average insurance cost will vary from company to company.

Here is some vital information pertaining to the average auto insurance rates provided by some top insurers.

Average 6 Monthly And Monthly Car Insurance Costs By Companies

Carrier Name Avg. 6 Mo. Premium Avg. Monthly Premium
Allstate $1,268 $211
Farmers $1,064 $177
GEICO $849 $142
Liberty Mutual $1,288 $215
Nationwide $894 $149
Progressive $881 $147
State Farm $702 $117
USAA $638 $106

From the above table, it is evident that USAA is the cheapest company to get instant or same day car coverage and GEICO the most expensive.

Learn How To Get Same Day Car Insurance At The Cheapest Price Rates Now

Now that you have the answer for your question, “Can I get car insurance same day?” you must have some idea regarding the process to buy auto insurance within hours. It could be possible to get your car insured today itself by following 3 simple and easy steps as under:

  • Get the best free quote estimates and compare them in terms of coverage features, limits and pricing to identify the cheapest quote for your situation.
  • Negotiate insurance rates with your chosen insurer and ask about various premium discounts which insurers normally offer to qualified drivers, finalize a deal and read fine print of the insurance contract agreement or policy document before signing the dotted line.
  • Pay the annual premium amount online by using credit or debit card to qualify for an extra discount on premium. You can then print and receive proof for having valid insurance coverage for car driving.
  • Buying a same day auto insurance policy could be one of your most viable options in any one of the following situations.
  • You are at a local new or used car dealership for buying a vehicle and require valid insurance cover for driving your selected car home from the vehicle dealership lot.
  • You are thinking of purchasing a good conditioned used car from private party seller on finance to drive it home.
  • Your vehicle is in garage or workshop for urgent repairs or maintenance works and its policy isn’t renewed. A same day car insurance cover can help you to get your vehicle back on road quickly.
  • You have been gifted a car by one of your friends or relatives and want to drive it home, you will need valid insurance.
  • You are required to buy an altogether new policy due to some sudden unexpected life changes.

Determine Whether You Are Eligible To Buy Same Day Car Insurance Online

Almost any type of driver can qualify for same day auto insurance and insurers may even provide favourable premium payments plans to drivers who opt to pay premium monthly. Majority of the car insurance providers offer coverage for cars without any kind of stringent qualification criteria. The actual process of online application hardly takes few minutes and you can expect to get fast approval. You can get car coverage in as less as 15 minutes once you have paid the first monthly premium instalment. There are some peculiar situations wherein you may be prompted to purchase auto insurance the same day.

For example, you are buying a new car and want to drive it home from the dealership lot. You will need valid insurance in such a situation. With same day vehicle insurance, you can get instant cover and when you require immediate coverage, it could be better if you take advantage of quick internet processes. All you need to do is just browse several websites and get free quote estimates from multiple companies. By comparing coverage extent and average car insurance costs offered by insurers in your state, you know how much money you might have to pay for getting your car insured instantly. This way you can find the cheapest auto insurance policy.

However, to obtain free quotes, companies require drivers to give some basic personal information and details of the vehicles that are to be insured. Insurers use this data for assessing coverage risks as well as calculating premium rates. Normally, companies will ask for the following things.

  • Personal information - This section in application form includes basic details like your name, residential address, date of birth gender, marital status and educational qualifications.
  • Driver license number - You will be also required to state your driver’s license number for getting the best free quotes online. Companies need this detail for knowing details of your driving history which is vital for calculating insurance rates.
  • Driver’s claims record - Your past claims history is another important factor that insurers look at. As a result, you need to give details of any previous accidents, traffic violations, unpaid tickets as well as claims that you have filed in the past several years.
  • Social Security Number - Information relating to your Social Security Number (SSN) may also be sought by insurers as it helps them to check the status of your credit profile.
  • Past or present insurer - - In case, you are planning to switch over to a new car insurance company midway through your existing policy then insurers will ask you to provide information pertaining to your current insurer as well as details of your present insurance policy’s beginning and end date.
  • Car type, make & model - For obtaining the best free quote estimate from insurers online, you will have to give details of your vehicle. The exact make, model and year of manufacturing as well as the VIN of vehicles is of particular interest to auto insurance providers for determining premium rates.
  • Mileage of car to be insured - Majority of the car insurance companies will ask for information about cars’ mileage. You can take reading regarding the same from the odometer which exists on the dashboard.
  • Vehicle’s purchase date - Insurers may also want to know the date of purchase of the vehicle that is to be insured. It lets them know whether the car under consideration was purchased as a new car or an old one. Insurance premium rates provided can greatly vary depending on the age of your car. Accordingly, older cars cost less to insure than newer ones.

How Does Same Day Car Insurance Coverage Actually Work In Daily Practice?

The online procedure to get car insurance same day is simple, easy and hassle-free. You just have to submit an online application form along with copies of documents required for processing your request. You will receive the best free quote(s), compare it with other proposals, finalize a deal and close it by signing the policy document. Next, pay the down payment amount either by credit card or debit card so that the coverage begins instantly. You can print as well as download the car insurance policy document, which also contains your ID proof, and carry it with you while driving.

In case, the insurance company with which you are working has an online client portal, you can view the contents of your auto insurance agreement with insurer and even affect any changes your car coverage that you may desire during the term of the policy. Some auto insurance providers may also have mobile apps that enable drivers to get easier access to their insurance ID cards, request some additions to their car coverage such as roadside assistance or towing features over smartphones, iphones or tablets. Thus, everything can be completed at a very short notice and you can save time.

To learn more about your chances of getting an affordable same day auto insurance policy quote online, all you need to do is fill and submit a quick online quotes request form. Our experts will be glad to help you in finding the best as well as the cheapest quote within some minutes online!

What May Affect Your Ability To Get Affordable Same Day Car Insurance Quickly?

Here are some unique situations where in your car insurance same day accident/collision coverage included online application may be put on hold.

  • Incomplete information - You will have to provide all correct and authentic (supported by valid documents) personal details and information about your vehicle. If you fail to give VIN, driver license number or any other detail which your insurer requires for processing your application then insurer can put your request on hold.
  • Accidents/ Traffic violations - If you have multiple at-fault accidents or too many traffic violations on your driving record then you might be considered as a “high risk” driver. In such a case, you may have to work with an insurer that specializes in providing car coverage to risky drivers but the premium will be expensive due to big risks.
  • The timing of buying insurance - If you are planning to switch over to a new insurer then it is vital that you avoid a gap in coverage or else it will lapse. To ensure discontinuity in coverage, you must be particularly careful when selecting the start date of the new coverage. Some auto insurance companies may offer premium discount to drivers provided they pay premium instantly while the coverage may start at a later date. Such a proposition is alluring but one must be cautious that it doesn’t result in lapse of car coverage.
  • Classic, speciality or rare car covers - At times, insurers aren’t able to rate these types of vehicles. So it is better that you work with a specialized insurer like Chubb.
Some Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. It is perfectly possible to get your vehicle insured the very same day and the best place to buy a car cover is to take advantage of the fast internet processes. You can secure instant coverage for your car once you pay the annual premium or the first premium instalment should you opt to pay for coverage monthly. Although you can buy same day car insurance over your mobile phone, it is better to shop and compare free quotes from multiple same day auto insurance companies for finding the best quote.
Yes. Same day auto insurance covers are totally legitimate to buy. Leading national car insurance providers such as GEICO, Progressive and State Farm provide instant or same day vehicle insurance policies to drivers across the United States. So, without thinking about the legality of such types of car covers, which will be immediately activated on payment of first premium instalment or the entire annual premium amount, you can get kick started with the process of buying the policy. Our experts will guide you in navigating through the shopping process with ease.
Well, such an assumption won’t be correct as insurance rates provided could depend on a host of factors like driver’s age, gender, marital status, educational qualifications, past driving record and credit history. Besides, the type, make and model of your vehicle can also be a crucial parameter in determining overall affordability of yearly premium. But insurance companies do offer discounts on premium and if you can qualify for a discounted package, you could practically end up saving dollars on your car’s insurance coverage. You can also check eligibility for advance shopping discount.
The documentation that is to be submitted along with your same day auto insurance online quotes request form could be very much similar to that of a regular or standard car insurance policy. Most of the insurers will ask you to give verifiable details of your driver’s license, your car’s Vehicle Index Number (VIN) as well as information pertaining to your vehicle’s existing or previous insurer. Talk to one of our local experts to learn more regarding the exact documents to be readied for submission.
No. If your car gets involved in an accident or a crash without any valid coverage and then decide to buy auto insurance same day with the purpose of filing a claim then it amounts to committing a fraud. There are chances that you might be caught for such fraudulence and face legal action from insurer. In addition, the insurance company may even cancel or drop your coverage altogether with immediate effect before pursuing legal course of action in the court of law for such crime leading to punishment or jail term.
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