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Determine If You Can Get Car Insurance Without Driver’s License Online Now

Many of you may wonder whether it is possible to get auto insurance without driver’s license. Yes, it is true that getting car coverage without valid driver’s license could be extremely challenging. Most of the insurers may only approve vehicle insurance applications if drivers have valid licenses. Auto insurance providers require driver’s license to get access to an individual’s driving record which is vital for assessing risks in providing coverage. To that effect, unlicensed drivers are considered highly risky propositions to insure as insurers are unable to predict what to expect from them. So, it is practically impossible to get car insurance if you don’t have a valid driver license.

Nevertheless, there could be few exceptional situations in which auto insurance no driver’s license policies may be provided for a short span of time. Drivers that have DUI or DWI convictions leading to suspension of driver’s license and learner drivers might come in for a consideration if they get temporary provisional licenses. There are companies which may grant short term car covers subject to certain conditions. After such drivers get valid license restored or new licenses issued, they can shop for regular auto insurance covers. But shopping and multiple quotes comparison task could be exhaustive and complicated. Hence, it is desirable to seek specialist help. can assist you in finding the best cheap car insurance without driver’s license quote online through a simple, easy and hassle-free process online. Use our expert services online to make shopping easy, simple and hassle-free.

Learn How To Get Car Insurance Without A License Cheap In 3 Different Ways

You need to follow a systematic stepwise process to secure car insurance no drivers license required policy. Most of the insurers that provide car coverage will need drivers to submit copy of their valid driver’s license. So, if you have been convicted for DUI/DWI offense or some serious traffic violation leading to suspension of your driver license, you may not be in a position to provide copy of your license. In such type of a situation, you can follow the below mentioned 3 steps which might take you closer to getting a car cover for a temporary period of time.

While dodge charger insurance cost for 16 year old is likely to be the highest, it could be possible to save money on auto insurance premium for dodge charger cars for drivers belonging to higher age groups. You only need to take the below mentioned guidelines into consideration for that.

  • File for SR-22/FR-44 certification - Majority of the states requires drivers with DUI/DWI convictions to file either SR-22/FR-44 certification as the first step for reinstatement of driver’s license. Find out what your state’s DMV prescribes and embark upon the procedure. You can apply for a “hardship license” which might enable you to drive car legally for a specified period of time. Look for companies which offer SR-22/FR-44 certifications since not all insurers provide such type of auto insurance coverage. Shop and compare multiple free SR-22/FR-44 insurance quotes online to locate the best temporary car coverage at the cheapest premium rates.
  • Get name added as a secondary driver - If your spouse or some other family member that is above the age of 18 has a valid driver’s license then you can get your name listed as a secondary driver on the same policy. Such a prerogative will enable you to drive car legally on road but it may lead to increase in premium. But still, the overall cost could be much lower than trying to purchase a separate car cover for a short term time period. Besides, with a DUI/DWI conviction, you will be treated as a high risk driver.
  • List your name as an excluded driver - Excluded drivers might not be covered for accidents or any damages if they meet with an accident while driving cars. But to arrive at an informed decision, it is vital that you check your exclusion status as such a policy may not grant you permission to drive the insured vehicle at all. And since your name is listed as an excluded driver, it is advisable not to drive the vehicle at all.

To learn more about getting your suspended driver’s reinstated post DSUI/DWI conviction, just talk to one of our experts today!

3 Vital Tips For Getting The Best Cheap Car Insurance With No Drivers License

Practically, it could be very difficult to get auto insurance for unlicensed drivers as companies will ask for details of your valid driver’s license while processing car coverage request. But if you don’t have a license or your driver license is under suspension for whatsoever reasons, you can explore ways to drive car legally. To that effect, the following steps may prove to be extremely useful for making the process easier as well as smoother.

  • Talk to an independent agent - Independent insurance agents is licensed to work for multiple companies and sell their products. And they might be familiar with local insurers which provide vehicle insurance coverage to unlicensed drivers as well. We can help you to fix a free consultation with a competent agent in your neighbourhood online. You may use the opportunity to explore various no driver license car insurance options available for you in the market which may enable you to drive a car legally on road temporarily for a specified period of time. Our local independent agent will guide you.
  • Get an ID card issued by your state- There are some insurance companies that may offer car coverage to unlicensed drivers if they produce copy of state issued identification or ID cards. Insurers like Advantage Auto, Commonwealth and Direct Auto are popular for providing car insurance covers to drivers that have state issued ID cards even when they don’t have valid driver’s license. Our local agent could tell you more about other alternatives which you have to drive car legally with valid auto insurance coverage despite your being an unlicensed driver. Act to fix your free appointment online now!
  • Never be an excluded driver on policy - Although some experts recommend getting your name added on someone else’s auto insurance policy as an excluded driver, we think otherwise. Such type of a proposition is risky as excluded drivers can’t drive the insured car and if at all, they drive it and meet with an accident, there is less likelihood of their being covered under the contents of the policy.

Explore 5 Major Reasons To Buy Cheap Car Insurance With No License Online

There are varied reasons for which you may be prompted to buy car insurance for no license drivers. Here is a list of some common situations wherein an unlicensed driver’s auto insurance cover might prove to be of immense use.

  1. Secure car insurance for a teen driver - If your teen is under 18 and is still unlicensed to drive a car then auto insurance with no license requirement could be the way to go. Your teen can drive vehicle even if he/she is currently unlicensed. And if your teen is 18 or above and has applied for getting a valid driver’s license, still he/she will be needing car insurance for a temporary period of time. The DMV will issue short term provisional license for learning car driving. Until such time, he/she will be deemed to be an unlicensed driver.
  2. You need personal driver to drive your car - In case, you require a personal driver to drive your car for taking you to different destinations across the town or outstate because of your health condition then buying a no license vehicle insurance cover makes sense. Even retired or elderly persons can buy such type of a policy as their body reflexes become weak due to growing age. Auto insurance rates are higher for elderly drivers because of increased coverage risks to insurers. To avoid paying substantially high premiums, older persons must not be listed as primary drivers on policies.
  3. You are a learner driver with temporary permit - Majority of the states provide provisional license to learner drivers but auto insurance is the prime requisite which every driver needs to carry by law. A short term unlicensed driver’s car insurance policy may fill in the void in such type of a situation if you are still a teen who is not listed on your parent’s policy or above 18.
  4. Get insurance cover for vintage or collectible car - If you own an antique car model that you don’t usually drive except for some occasion then you may need to buy temporary coverage for protecting yourself from collision or personal injury coverage features. There are some speciality insurers in the market that can offer you a policy for this purpose. However, if you don’t have a driver license due to your age then you can purchase unlicensed driver’s insurance to get your vintage vehicle covered.
  5. You have some physical disability or health issues - In case, you are not able to drive a car because of some physical impairment or some serious health problems then you will need someone to drive your car for you. In such kind of a scenario, an unlicensed driver’s insurance policy can be of help.
Know 4 Unique Situations To Get Insurance With No Driver License For A Car

Companies issue car insurance policies for granting financial protection to cars as well as the people that drive them. As per law prevailing in the United States, vehicle drivers cannot get behind the wheel on road unless they carry valid insurance. Hence, even if someone is unlicensed to drive a car, it is pre-requisite to get insurance coverage first. This means that you will need auto insurance despite your not having valid driver’s license and are owner of a vehicle. Besides, there could be few situations wherein you may need to buy insurance even if you don’t have license. Here are some common reasons for which you might have to purchase an unlicensed driver’s policy.

  1. Learner’s permit - Learner permits or provisional licenses, as they are popularly known, are issued by state DMVs to individuals that are learning car driving for getting valid driver’s license. In cases where such learner drivers are owners of cars, they will have the option to get their names added to parent’s auto insurance policy. But if insurer doesn’t allow such a thing then these learner drivers might be required to buy car insurance coverage without valid license. If you are facing such type of a situation then it is better if you purchase an unlicensed driver’s auto insurance cover.
  2. Personal drivers - Elderly persons or people with physical impairment can be owners of cars but they may not be in a position to drive them on their own. In such a situation, one may hire personal driver to drive his/her car for running day to day errands. An unlicensed driver’s car insurance cover may prove to be helpful in such circumstances as the vehicle will be covered and so, will be the licensed personal driver. The actual owner of car need not be licensed to buy such policy and the personal driver can also be covered under its contents.
  3. 16 year old drivers - Teen drivers under 18 years of age are considered underage by law and so, they might not get driver’s license. But there is a probability that an under aged driver might own a car and he/she may not be in a position to get it insured. Some adult driver could be required to co-sign the auto insurance coverage despite his not having valid license. A no license car insurance cover may be a good option to get the underage car owner’s vehicle insured. In such a case, if you are thinking, “Where can I get car insurance without a license?” talk to our local expert.
  4. Vintage vehicles - Some people own classic or vintage cars and these are deemed to be valuable assets. These antique vehicles may be required to be driven on certain occasions like exhibitions and so, they need to be insured. There is every chance that such vintage cars may get involved in a collision or suffer physical damage. So, owners of vintage cars need to buy liability and collision coverage features to protect their finances with specialized insurers.
Unlicensed Driver’s Car Insurance - 5 Important Frequently Asked Questions
Yes, getting car insurance with no driver license could be a reality now. But the process for securing car coverage without driver’s license might not be that easy. It may be hard to find companies which provide vehicle insurance to drivers that don’t have valid driver licenses. Nevertheless, if you are an underage teen, you can get your name listed on your parent’s policy. And if you are an adult driver, you can stay on a car cover as an excluded driver with someone else as primary driver.
Buying car insurance without driver’s license could be among your most viable options when you are a learner driver or someone else drives your vehicle on multiple occasions. Besides, you could even think of purchasing an unlicensed driver’s car insurance cover if you are vehicle is in storage or in a parking. As you are not driving your car, there is a probability of its coverage getting lapsed. With an unlicensed driver’s policy you can protect your investment by preventing discontinuity of coverage if you forget to renew coverage.
The most ideal way to get car insurance coverage with no driver’s license is to list someone else’s name on the policy as a primary driver. Auto insurance companies are most likely to provide you the best free quotes if you do so. You must secure multiple free quote estimates from several different insurers including those from agents that work for different companies. National vehicle insurance carriers might not offer quotes to drivers without valid license. So, working with a local independent agent may be the best way to go ahead.
Yes, you can get car insurance cover even if your driver’s license is under suspension. However, the exact reason for which your driver license has been placed under suspension will assume lot of significance. If your license is suspended for because of a DUI or DWI conviction then you may have to first file for SR-22 or FR-44 certification with your state DMV as is required by law in such cases for reinstatement of driver license. Next you can get a temporary or short term “hardship license” for running household errands before exploring options for auto insurance.
Yes, you can get a car registered with your state DMV even if you don’t have a valid driver’s license. In most of the states, car registration can be done if the paperwork is complete; you just have to provide copy of state issued valid ID proof and proof of insurance to the DMV for the purpose of car registration. Driver’s license is not a basic requirement for the car registration process.
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