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The average insurance cost for Chevrolet Silverado may depend on a host of factors such as driver’s age, gender, marital status, residential location, educational qualifications as well as driving record. Experts at, analyzed data pertaining to Chevy Silverado insurance rates for the past decade and calculated likely the average insurance cost based on driver age which drivers might have to pay to get their Silverado cars insured. But you need to know that these are just average auto insurance rates, the actual premium can vary from driver to driver. This is because the rates will also depend on the company with which you are planning to work and the Chevy Silverado model that you are trying to get insured.

However, based on your age, you can expect to pay Silverado insurance prices as displayed in the table mentioned below.

chevy silverado insurance cost

How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Chevy Silverado? Read On To Know More

You may be still wondering as to how much is insurance for a Chevy Silverado worth. Well, as it has been mentioned previously, several factors go into determining the overall affordability of insurance rates for Chevy Silverado cars. Here is a brief description of the varied parameters that can influence the premium rates provided for your Chevrolet Silverado car model.

  • Age of car - Older versions of Silverado vehicles, which have less market values, could be much cheaper to insure as compared to newer models. The 2020 Chevy Silverado insurance cost is around $1,484 yearly for a full coverage policy but that the insurance cost of 2010 Chevy Silverado is $1,238. Thus, there is a difference of $246. The table below highlights cost of insurance per year for Silverado cars from 2010 to 2020.
  • car insurance for chevy silverado

  • Driver’s age - The age of Silverado driver can also affect insurance rates as is indicated in the following table.
  • 2020 chevy silverado insurance cost

  • Driver location - The state, city and neighbourhood in which driver lives can influence Chevrolet Silverado vehicle insurance rates as shown in the table below.
  • average insurance cost for chevy silverado

  • Driving record - Driver’s driving record can have great bearing on Chevy Silverado insurance rates. Accordingly, teen and young drivers under 25 will pay the highest cost as they are most likely to have traffic violations and accidents on record.
  • Safety ratings - it is another crucial parameter which may impact Chevy Silverado auto insurance rates. Just see the safety ratings assigned by the IIHS in the below mentioned table.
  • 2019 chevy silverado insurance cost

  • Crash Test Ratings - If the crash tests ratings for a Chevy Silverado car is good then it is possible to save money on insurance. For majority of the Silverado models except for 2019 (where results are not available), the safety ratings are between 3 stars and 5 stars. Determine your Silverado’s crash tests rating.
  • Safety features - Chevy Silverado cars have some advanced safety features and so, you may get a discount on premium. Here’s a list of safety features which the Silverado has.

How Much Is Chevy Silverado Insurance Cost? Which Factors Affect Rates?

The average Chevrolet Silverado insurance cost is around $813 yearly which is much lower than the national average insurance cost of $1,474. But the exact make and model of your Silverado coupled with a number of other factors will affect overall affordability of insurance rates.

For assessing coverage risks, insurers look to parameters such as driver’s past claims history, costs of repair or replacement of body parts as well as liability that is likely to arise on account of treatment of bodily injuries caused to driver, fellow passengers and third party victims or their property due to an accident involving the specific Silverado vehicle model which is to be insured.

In addition, auto insurance rates provided for the Chevy Silverado could also depend on many other factors as mentioned below:

  • Driver’s age and gender
  • Driver’s past driving record
  • Status of driver’s credit profile
  • Driver’s residential neighbourhood
  • Driver’s marital and educational status
  • The number miles that will be driven throughout the year

Certain additional considerations for calculation of insurance rates include things like the exact type of coverage that is to be purchased, coverage limits and the amount of deductible being paid.

Although all states in the U.S. require resident drivers to buy minimum liability coverage limits for third party bodily injuries and property damages, experts always recommend buying higher coverage limits than what is prescribed. Such a move ensures that the driver has sufficient financial protection to cover up all financial accident post an accident involving the insured Silverado vehicle. But higher coverage limits could mean tremendous increase in annual premium.

Besides, for still new Silverado versions, buying of comprehensive and collision coverage features may be necessary for protection against damages that are likely to be caused due to events like accidents, fire, floods, vandalism, theft, etc. And choosing of a deductible can be another crucial factor which might influence your Chevy Silverado auto insurance premium.

6 Different Ways For Saving Money On Your Chevy Silverado Insurance Cost

Although the average insurance cost of Chevy Silverado is much lower as compared to the national average, it is further possible to save money on premium. Here are some effective strategies which might enable you to save precious dollars during your effort to secure a solution that is easy to manage and sustain.

  1. Apply for and get valid driver’s license as soon as you are eligible
  2. Avoid driving a Chevrolet Silverado when you are under the influence of alcohol
  3. To get the lowest and best auto insurance rates, make sure you provide correct job details
  4. Choose a high deductible and qualify for a premium discount which can lower premium drastically
  5. Insurers could be lenient while assessing coverage risks if you give proof that you are married
  6. Check if you are qualified to several other types of premium discounts that insurers usually offer

Majority of the companies provide discounts on premium to drivers who drive cars with multiple safety features, maintained good grades in academics (if they are high school or college students), have clean driving record, are going to drive fewer miles annually and have successfully passed out training course from a government approved institute for learning defensive driving techniques when on road.

Determine The Average Insurance Cost For Chevy Silverado Vehicles Online

The average 2021 Chevy Silverado insurance cost was $1,578 yearly and so, going by its past trends you can expect 2022 Silverado insurance cost might be very much similar with some nominal rise. The lowest insurance rates can be expected for some base models and the highest for high country versions. But insurance costs can also vary greatly depending on Silverado upgrades for 2022 models especially for full coverage policies. This is because when invoice prices of cars or trucks are high then along with add-ons and other coverage options, the insurance costs also increase. And the Chevy Silverado has been rolled out in several different versions over the years.

From the above table, it is evident that 2018 Chevy Silverado insurance cost is about $114 higher than that of the 2015 model. In addition, if you go by the trim levels and models, the Silverado insurance costs may be even more different from that of the aforementioned costs.

Learn How To Find The Cheapest Chevrolet Silverado Insurance Quote Online

To get an affordable Chevy Silverado auto insurance quote, it is important that you have a clean driving history that is free of any accidents or traffic tickets, good credit and must have maintained continuity of vehicle coverage. Besides, it could be even better if you haven’t filed small claims.

And extensive shopping could be the key for saving precious dollars on premium. To that effect, you need to compare free quote estimates provided by several top rated national auto insurance carriers such as Esurance, GEICO, Progressive and other leading companies in terms of coverage type, limits and the pricing.

Nevertheless, the following things will hold true that for your Chevrolet Silverado insurance policy purchase.

  • Silverado auto insurance rates could be significantly higher if you have been convicted for either DUI or DWI offense or some other serious traffic violation as you will be treated as a high risk driver.
  • You can save about $170 extra if you use online processes to your advantage for getting free and comparing quotes.
  • By selecting high deductibles on comprehensive and collision coverage features, you can end up saving additional $575 on your premium.
  • You may have to pay $480 each year if you plan to increase liability coverage levels from your state’s legally required 30/60 to 250/500 limits.

Chevy insurance rates will decrease with passing time. In the aforementioned data table, you may have observed that the 2019 Chevy Silverado insurance cost is less than that of 2020 Silverado cost. In any case, the best course of action to find the best as well as cheapest Chevy Silverado insurance quote is to seek help from a certified and highly experienced local agent. With expert assistance, you may get enabled to save lot of money without compromising on the coverage extent and also end up making an informed decision on your purchase.

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