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Find Out The Dodge Challenger Car Insurance Cost With Help Online Now

On an average, the cost to insure Dodge Challenger cars works out to be around $ 1,692 yearly. This in turn means $ 141 per month which is quite affordable by any standards for car owners. However, dodge challenger insurance for 16 year old drivers could be significantly more than the average cost because of the coverage risks that insurers face. If you break down the insurance costs by coverage levels and models, you may discover that the expenses are not that substantial. On detailed analysis, you may find that the cost of comprehensive car coverage is in the range $260 to $ 404 per year, the collision coverage cost could be in the range $ 400 - $ 688 for a yearly time period.

At the same time, liability coverage for Dodge Challenger vehicles may about $ 420 to $ 520 for a year’s time frame. Accordingly, the price rates for insuring a Dodge Challenger 2020 model works out to be $ 1,692 for a year. And you could be aware that insurance costs for cars start reducing with passing time as car values start depreciating fast. It only implies that older versions of Dodge Challengers will cost substantially less to insure as newer and latest models. But still, the overall cost of dodge challenger insurance for 17 year old or less drivers’ cost is going to be high as compared to any other age category of drivers on account of the increased substantially risks of providing car coverage.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2023 $1,690.87 / mo $288.71 / mo $289.74 / mo $194.87 / mo $322.23 / mo $263.76 / mo
2022 $394.28 / mo $290.23 / mo $184.91 / mo $179.70 / mo $235.88 / mo $244.87 / mo
2021 $476.11 / mo $281.70 / mo $197.09 / mo $179.51 / mo $170.67 / mo $158.83 / mo
2020 $499.19 / mo $277.10 / mo $195.66 / mo $183.27 / mo $171.54 / mo $225.42 / mo
2019 $431.35 / mo $281.42 / mo $219.46 / mo $185.96 / mo $175.22 / mo $168.90 / mo
2018 $414.25 / mo $269.61 / mo $198.52 / mo $180.67 / mo $172.65 / mo $180.77 / mo
2017 $394.87 / mo $246.69 / mo $174.23 / mo $152.48 / mo $179.48 / mo $158.62 / mo
2016 $379.14 / mo $245.91 / mo $176.26 / mo $168.75 / mo $145.86 / mo $145.64 / mo
2015 $360.89 / mo $235.16 / mo $158.42 / mo $143.86 / mo $132.70 / mo $132.71 / mo
2014 $360.62 / mo $238.47 / mo $156.34 / mo $160.30 / mo $128.02 / mo $122.27 / mo
2013 $347.78 / mo $220.65 / mo $162.74 / mo $153.23 / mo $130.47 / mo $142.93 / mo
2012 $386.47 / mo $211.88 / mo $147.35 / mo $130.81 / mo $131.26 / mo $132.73 / mo
2011 $373.57 / mo $226.20 / mo $136.97 / mo $120.87 / mo $117.31 / mo $112.75 / mo
2010 $304.17 / mo $189.23 / mo $124.25 / mo $115.82 / mo $116.03 / mo $120.04 / mo
How Much Is Dodge Challenger Insurance Cost For 16 To 25 Year Old Drivers?

Most of the auto insurance companies charge significantly more for providing car coverage to young or new drivers in the age group 16 to 25 years. This is primarily because the fact that driver in these age categories has less driving experience. Studies indicate that an average, the yearly premium cost of dodge challenger insurance for 21 year old drivers is about $2,589. Drivers less than 21 can expect to pay more and those over 21 will be paying much lesser. However, young teen drivers always have the chance to stay on their parents’ policies and save money. But one decides to buy separate Dodge Challenger policy for less than 25 years old driver then the insurance rates that are provided could be extremely high.

Here is some important information relating to average insurance cost of Dodge Challenger for drivers in the age group 16 to 25 years.

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $6,559
17 $5,810
18 $5,116
19 $3,664
20 $3,270
21 $2,589
22 $2,385
23 $2,182
24 $2,048
25 $1,858
40 $1,567

7 Vital Factors That Can Affect The Dodge Challenger Average Insurance Cost

The main differences between premium rates for dodge challenger insurance for 22 year old drivers and those belonging to teen or senior age groups is because of some factors that may have influence on coverage risks. Dodge Challenger cars are designed for high performance but premium rates are calculated by taking into account several factors. These include the below mentioned.

  • Car’s body type - The Dodge Challenger is a double door coupe that delivers high performance and so, it is slightly more expensive to insure.
  • Make and model - With a 840 horsepower, cost of insurance for various Dodge Challenger vehicle models can greatly vary.
  • Car’s theft rates - Dodge Challengers belong to a category of vehicles that have muscles to deliver good performances on road. So, they have higher theft rates as per studies.
  • Repair expenses - Cheaper lower-end Dodge Challenger versions wouldn’t be that expensive to insure as compared to some high-end models.
  • Cars’ safety ratings - All Dodge Challenger vehicles have good safety scores in comparison to many other vehicles and so, it is possible to get a special discount on premium which enables saving some money.
  • Type of fuel used - Dodge Challenger vehicles have gas engines due to which they tend to be much cheaper to maintain than cars with either hybrid or diesel engines.
  • Trim and packages -Your selection of a particular Dodge Challenger model can have bearing on the insurance rates. Auto insurance premiums can be expensive for powerful cars but as Challengers come standard with advanced safety features and have great visibility, the effect on overall insurance cost is greatly negated.

There could be many such parameters which might have bearing on Dodge Challenger vehicles’ insurance premiums. It is vital that you have some idea regarding them before you start exploring your options. Such a move may enable you to save precious dollars during your effort to secure a solution that easily fits your specific driving needs and budget.

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5 Useful Ways To Save Money On Your Dodge Challenger Insurance Coverage

There may be few additional ways to save money on dodge challenger insurance for 25 year old and above drivers. To that effect, the below mentioned information might be useful in keeping Dodge Challenger insurance costs on the lower side.

  1. Check Dodge Challenger insurance rates at least once in 6 months or at regular intervals.
  2. If you are driving an older version then avoid carrying out any modifications in your Dodge Challenger car to prevent the insurance premium from rising.
  3. Remove or don’t add the names of young and inexperienced drivers in your household on your Dodge Challenger auto insurance.
  4. It is possible to further reduce your Dodge Challenger insurance premium by qualifying for retiree discounts so inquire about them.
  5. You can think of using public transport system more often as that will ensure lower mileage on your vehicle. Most of the insurers will extend a special discount on premium.

Learn How To Compare The Insurance Rates For A Dodge Challenger Online

While it is understandable that the cost of dodge challenger insurance for 18 year old driver will be much higher than driver belonging to a senior age group, shopping can save money on premium. By obtaining free quote estimates from several different top rated auto insurance companies, you can find out which company may work best for your Dodge Challenger vehicle’s specific coverage needs. Accordingly, you may consider the following factors when comparing your options.

  • Coverage price - It is important for you to make sure that you compare policies which offer similar type of coverage features. Such a move will help you to get the best coverage for your car at the right price.
  • Deductible chosen - Deductibles can affect premiums in a big way. So, you must select the correct deductible amount which easily fits your budget and reduces out-of-pocket expenses if the need for filing claim arises.
  • Minimum coverage - Mandatory basic liability coverage limits may vary from state to state. Make sure that the coverage that you buy meets your state’s requirements before signing any deal.
  • Optional coverage - When you are considering buying dodge challenger insurance for 20 year old or less driver’s coverage for your Challenger, it is desirable to purchase some additional features like uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage to protect your finances.
  • Other policy add-ons - Roadside assistance, accident forgiveness and vanishing deductible could be few other things that you can think of getting on your policy.
  • Know about restrictions - Every car insurance policy may have certain limitations with regards to coverage limits. If you know them in advance, chances of claim getting denied will reduce.
  • Manufacturer’s offers - Some car makers may extend loyalty discounts through their partnership with insurance companies. See if you can get such a discount for saving money on your premium.
  • Extended warranty for car - Also check what all is covered by your car maker’s policy and whether there is an extended warranty. This way you can save money by paying for overlapping car coverage.
FAQs Asked By Drivers About Dodge Challenger Car Insurance
On an average, a Dodge Challenger may cost around $ 1,567 yearly for insurance. But the expenses may vary based on your vehicle’s make and model, residential neighbourhood, driving record and the type of insurer you are working with.
It is true that Dodge Challengers cost substantially more for insurance. This is primarily because of the fact that they fall in the category of sports cars. Besides, these vehicles have considerably higher theft rates as compared to other cars. So, to compensate for the overall risks involved in providing full car coverage, auto insurance companies charge high premium rates.
All Dodge Challenger cars are designated sports vehicles and hence, very expensive to purchase. Car insurance providers use different parameters for assessing coverage risks and car’s make is one of them. The designation of being a “sports car” comes standard with increased coverage risks as all sports vehicles have powerful engines. As a result, drivers that drive them are likely to get involved in speeding or racing on road which in turn increases the probability of their meeting with accidents or even car crashing. And if a Dodge Challenger car gets totled in an accident then for the insurance company might have to do a huge payout. Auto insurance providers consider all such things while calculating the premium rates.
The average cost of insurance for a 2020 Dodge Challenger vehicle could be around $1,679 for a 40 year old driver. For individual drivers, this cost is further likely to vary depending on the insurance companies with which they work. In addition, driver’s age and gender could be other factors that might play a crucial role in determining affordability of insurance rates. However, there is scope to save money on premium if you compare free quote estimates provided by different top rated national car insurance carriers. The shopping task is challenging but with help it will be less stressful.
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