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The average insurance rates for dodge dart are about $1,500 per year or $125 per month for 2016 model. Among the 37 small vehicles in the compact cars segment, the Dodge Dart is ranked 35. So, on an average, smaller cars cost about $1,244 to insure for each year which means that the Dodge Dart is expensive to insure by about $256 every year as compared to other vehicles in the same category. But there are a lot of factors that go into determining premiums for drivers. This implies that the insurance rates provided to drivers may vary greatly at an individual level.

To get an idea as to how Dodge Dart auto insurance rates might vary by driver age and deductibles, you may just have a look at the below mentioned table.

Driver Age Deductibles Yearly Premium
20 $250 $3,338
$500 $2,994
$1,000 $2,664
30 $250 $1,736
$500 $1,546
$1,000 $1,360
40 $250 $1,676
$500 $1,500
$1,000 $1,330
50 $250 $1,530
$500 $1,372
$1,000 $1,220
60 $250 $1,504
$500 $1,348
$1,000 $1,200

From the above information, you come to know that the insurance cost for Dodge Dart cars is the highest for 20 year old drivers and cheapest for those over 60.

Besides, Dodge Dart vehicle insurance premiums may also vary by its make and model. The following table may give you a brief idea regarding the same.

Dodge Dart Insurance Cost for 2013-2016 Models

Model Year and Vehicle Annual Rate 6-month Rate Monthly Rate
2016 Dodge Dart $1,500 $750 $125
2015 Dodge Dart $1,402 $701 $117
2014 Dodge Dart $1,324 $662 $110
2013 Dodge Dart $1,118 $559 $93

To determine auto insurance rates for your Dodge Dart car, talk to a local expert today. can assist you to fix free consultation with a competent agent online within minutes.

How Do Dodge Dart Car Insurance Rates Compare With Those Of Its Several Competitors?

If you compare insurance rates for Dodge Dart with those of other compact cars then you will find that the Dodge Dart costs about $296 more to insure than Honda Civic, $258 more than Toyota Corolla, $290 more than Nissan Sentra and $162 more than Hyundai Elantra. As you know that the Dodge Dart is ranked 35th among a total of 37 vehicles of the same small car category. The average cost to insure Dodge Dart for full coverage is around $1,500 yearly for a 40 year old driver. And the median cost for insuring vehicles in the small car segment is $1,244 per year which indicates a huge difference of $256 per year.

The below mentioned table shows as to how the Dodge Dart insurance rates compare with those of other similar vehicle types in the same category.

Dodge Dart Insurance Cost Compared to All Small Cars

Rank Car Make/Model Yearly Insurance Cost Difference
1 Smart Fortwo $954 -$546
2 Chrysler Fiat 500 $1,038 -$462
3 Honda Fit $1,052 -$448
4 Toyota Yaris $1,056 -$444
5 Nissan Versa $1,056 -$444
6 Ford Fiesta $1,068 -$432
7 Subaru Impreza $1,122 -$378
8 Scion IM $1,130 -$370
9 Chevrolet Spark $1,136 -$364
10 Hyundai Accent $1,140 -$360
11 Volkswagen Golf $1,154 -$346
12 Mazda 3 $1,170 -$330
13 Scion IA $1,174 -$326
14 Honda CR-Z $1,196 -$304
15 Honda Civic $1,204 -$296
16 Nissan Sentra $1,210 -$290
17 Kia Rio $1,228 -$272
18 Hyundai Veloster $1,238 -$262
19 Toyota Corolla $1,242 -$258
20 Nissan Leaf $1,246 -$254
21 Toyota Prius $1,254 -$246
22 Chevrolet Sonic $1,268 -$232
23 Volkswagen Beetle $1,288 -$212
24 Chevrolet Cruze $1,296 -$204
25 Chevrolet Volt $1,300 -$200
26 Volkswagen GTI $1,300 -$200
27 Volkswagen EOS $1,306 -$194
28 Kia Forte $1,314 -$186
29 Ford Focus $1,326 -$174
30 Hyundai Elantra $1,338 -$162
31 Scion FR-S $1,350 -$150
32 Mitsubishi Lancer $1,404 -$96
33 Volkswagen E-Golf $1,410 -$90
34 Volkswagen Jetta $1,462 -$38
35 Dodge Dart $1,500 --
36 Scion TC $1,540 $40
37 Toyota Mirai $1,550 $50

List Of Important Factors That Affect Dodge Dart Insurance Cost In A Big Way

Typically, the average cost of Dodge Dart vehicle insurance is in the range $1,442 to $1,552. So, the premium will vary depending on the model that you are out to insure. But the cheapest Dodge Dart version to insure is the SXT sports sedan followed by SE sedan which costs about $1,442 per year for insurance. At the same time, the most expensive Dodge Dart models to insure are the Limited Sedan and the GT sedan both of which cost $1,552 for yearly insurance. Thus, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive versions’ insurance is around $110 per year.

However, Dodge Dart insurance rates may also vary greatly at an individual level as the following factors will impact rates.

  1. Age and gender affect rates - Teen and young drivers under 25 pay the highest insurance rates as compared to those over 25. And it is also true that male drivers are charged considerably more for car insurance than their female counterparts. For Dodge Dart 2016 model, a 20 year old driver pays $2,994 per year on an average and a female drivers pays $2,232 yearly for the same coverage. Thus, male drivers tend to pay $762 more than female drivers. Nevertheless, the difference in premiums narrows down with age and accordingly, a 50 year old driver pays $1,372 yearly for 2016 Dodge Dart insurance while a woman of the same age pays $1,348 yearly.
  2. Deductibles can lower premium - If you choose higher deductible, the premium will be reduced considerably. For example, a 40 year old driver can save up to $170 on yearly auto insurance premium by raising deductible amount on comprehensive and collision coverage from $500 to $1,000. At the same time, a 20 year old driver could be able to save $330 yearly on Dodge Dart insurance coverage. But when choosing this option, you need to make sure that you are a responsible driver on road.
  3. Lower deductibles higher premium - By lowering deductible from $500 to $250, you will have to spend more money on insurance for your Dodge Dart vehicle. So, it is better to avoid such a proposal as it will lead to unnecessary waste of financial resources.
  4. Higher premiums for bad driving record - If you are a 40 year old driver with multiple accidents or traffic violations on your driving record then you will be treated as a “high risk” driver to insure. As a result, you may have to pay as much as $1,870 or even more for your Dodge Dart auto insurance cover every year.
  5. Younger drivers pay more than older drivers - 20 year old drivers will have to pay substantially more ($2,994 each year) than 60 year olds ($1,348 each year) for Dodge Dart vehicle insurance. The difference is about $1,646 per year.
  6. Teen drivers are the most expensive to insure - The average yearly cost of Dodge Dart full coverage insurance for 16 year old drivers is $5,822, that for 17 year olds is about $5,326 and $4,928 for18 year olds is around $4,928 per year. This much higher than even the Dodge Dart insurance cost of a 20 year old driver.
  7. Qualification for discounts can lower your premium - Insurers offer special premium discounts to senior citizens, homeowners, good students as well as for driving fewer miles annually. In addition, there may many other concessions that can be made available to qualified drivers. On an average driver can save up to $258 per year on Dodge Dart auto insurance with discounts.
  8. To pay less for insurance, obey traffic rules when on road - The lowest insurance rates are provided to safe drivers who have clean driving slates. Like with other vehicles, Dodge Dart vehicle insurance rates increase with poor driving record and the rise could be about $406 per year.
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Check Your Eligibility To Qualify For Discounts On Your Dodge Dart Insurance

Regardless of the state in which you live, the type and make of your Dodge Dart vehicle and your age or gender, you could be entitled to get discounts on your auto insurance premium. Insurers offer a variety of premium discounts to qualified drivers that help in lowering car insurance rates. Some of the discounts may be as mentioned below:

  • Safer vehicle discount - Cars that have good safety and crash test ratings are eligible for a safety discount. And the Dodge Dart has side airbags and anti-lock braking system because of which you can qualify for this premium discount.
  • Defensive driver discount - You could be eligible to obtain an extra discount on your Dodge Dart car insurance premium if you have successfully passed out a pass plus defensive driver’s training course from a government approved or certified institute.
  • Multi-policy discount - It is possible to save additional money on premium by bundling home and auto insurance covers with the same insurer. It will also enable you to deal with one single insurance company for all your coverage needs.
  • Pay yearly premium in full - Instead of opting for a monthly premium payment plan, it is desirable to pay entire annual premium amount in lump sum at one go. Most of the insurers might provide you special premium discount.

To keep auto insurance rates substantially low, you need to make sure that your driving slate is clean and free of any traffic violations, accidents or speeding tickets. Besides, it is also important that you haven’t filed many claims in the past. Alternatively, it means that you must pay for damages on your own if they are of small amounts. can help you in determining your eligibility to get a discounted Dodge Dart auto insurance package. Just talk to an expert today!

About The Cost Of Car Insurance For Dodge Dart - Some Very Important FAQs
Yes, Dodge Dart cars are slightly expensive to insure than many other competitor models. A monthly full coverage could cost about $190 while the cost of a liability only cover may be around $99 per month. This might be little bit higher than the national average for other similar types of vehicles.
To get the best coverage at the lowest premium, it is vital that you keep reviewing insurance rates at regular intervals. In addition, before it is time to renew your policy, make sure that you shop around extensively and compare free proposals provided by several standard and non-standard insurers in terms of coverage features, limits and pricing. If things seem to work in your favour then you can even think of switching over to a new insurer midway through your existing coverage if you happen to pay premium every month.
The color of vehicle is usually not a factor that auto insurance companies consider for calculating premiums. But there could be many other parameters which might play a crucial role in calculation of premium. These include your age, gender, residential location, marital status, education, type and make/model of your vehicle, driving record and credit history.
No, it is not necessary to purchase insurance before purchasing a Dodge Dart vehicle. But you will need valid insurance cover for driving it to your home from showroom once you have purchased it. Car dealerships may provide insurance through their partners in business although it is advisable for you to compare it with other proposals.
Companies offer different types of discounts for Dodge Dart auto insurance. Apart from defensive driver discount, pay premium in full discount, multi-policy discount, safer vehicle discount, you can also get discount for driving less miles annually and good student discount if you have maintained excellent grades in your academics consistently for the last 3 years. And some insurers might even provide discount for insuring two or more vehicles (not more than 5 vehicles) under one insurance policy. Similarly, a good driving record can accrue extra savings.
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