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Determine How Much Is the Dodge Journey Insurance Cost With Help Online

The average Dodge journey car insurance cost works out to be $1,385 yearly for a standard or full coverage policy for a 40 year old driver. However, at an individual level this cost can vary greatly as there are several factors that go into calculation of premiums. But the cost could be much lower than the national auto insurance cost for other similar types of vehicles which is around $1,550 for each year. The average car insurance costs are determined on the basis of the rates provided by top rated national carriers like Allstate, GEICO, Liberty Manual, MetroMile, Nationwide, State Farm, USAA, etc.

Typically, the factors which affect Dodge Journey auto insurance rates include driver’s age, gender, residential location, marital status, educational qualifications, type of job, driving record and credit history. But insurers do provide different types of discounts on premium to qualified drivers and so, while comparing your options, it is vital that you inquire whether are eligible to get discounted vehicle insurance package that can practically enable you to save hundreds of dollars on your annual premium. The best way to go about the task of finding an affordable Dodge Journey insurance quote is to seek specialist help. can assist you to fix free consultation with a competent local agent or broker service online within minutes. Take advantage of our expert online services to get started for securing Dodge Journey insurance solution that fits your specific driving needs and budget. To compare the best free quotes, apply now!

The cost of insuring your Dodge Journey can change depending on your age. Here are the average rates you might pay.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2022 N/A N/A $125.75 / mo $127.20 / mo N/A $115.35 / mo
2021 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $162.82 / mo
2020 $226.36 / mo $187.09 / mo $141.69 / mo $138.27 / mo $131.07 / mo $128.10 / mo
2019 $214.68 / mo $194.41 / mo $149.43 / mo $149.78 / mo $124.48 / mo $129.91 / mo
2018 $215.23 / mo $173.08 / mo $141.25 / mo $146.82 / mo $129.86 / mo $130.12 / mo
2017 $331.42 / mo $178.80 / mo $143.24 / mo $149.08 / mo $130.67 / mo $125.18 / mo
2016 $301.16 / mo $168.56 / mo $138.15 / mo $130.09 / mo $119.22 / mo $122.19 / mo
2015 $239.40 / mo $174.28 / mo $132.40 / mo $125.54 / mo $118.09 / mo $117.65 / mo
2014 $215.97 / mo $145.70 / mo $126.08 / mo $122.90 / mo $110.14 / mo $115.75 / mo
2013 $319.99 / mo $143.53 / mo $127.55 / mo $120.07 / mo $109.96 / mo $105.30 / mo
2012 $255.44 / mo $158.01 / mo $116.44 / mo $118.34 / mo $100.35 / mo $104.66 / mo
2011 $224.57 / mo $146.23 / mo $126.24 / mo $99.53 / mo $97.28 / mo $120.89 / mo
2010 $293.41 / mo $145.46 / mo $118.06 / mo $104.87 / mo $103.34 / mo $96.05 / mo

Here Are Some Important Facts About Dodge Journey Car Insurance Coverage

As mentioned earlier, on an average the cost of Dodge Journey auto insurance is about $1,385 yearly. At the same time, the national average auto insurance cost is $1,550 yearly or $130 per month and a 6 months policy the cost may hover around $ 774. So, as compared to the national auto insurance average cost, you will pay $164 less for getting your Dodge Journey insured. But again, your driving record and credit history can play an important role in determining overall affordability of premium. If both of these are bad then the insurance rates offered may increase drastically.

Thankfully, the Dodge Journey has some advanced safety features and good crash test ratings which make it eligible for premium discount. Insurers prefer providing coverage to safer vehicles and the Dodge Journey fits their criteria. Besides, you can further reduce the annual premium amount by choosing a higher deductible. But any such decision should be taken only after consulting an expert as there are financial risks involved in the process. Companies offer premium discounts to drivers who have clean driving histories, good credit, student drivers that have maintained excellent grades in their academics consistently, drive less number of miles throughout the year, etc.

During a free consultation with a local expert, you may familiarize yourself with the basics of getting affordable Dodge Journey auto insurance policy quote. Our experts have many years of experience of working in the industry and hence, are in a position to guide you in arriving at an informed decision on your purchase.

Buying Car Insurance For Dodge Journey - Things That You Must Be Aware Of

To qualify for the lowest and best insurance rates for your Dodge Journey car, it is vital that you have an accident free record. And you also need to make sure that there are no traffic violations on your driving slate. Things could be even better if you have good credit and haven’t filed any claims in the recent past or there hasn’t been lapse in coverage previously. In addition, extensive shopping is key to finding the cheapest premium rates for your Dodge Journey vehicle.

So, it is important that you compare insurance rates at the time of every policy renewal by obtaining free quote estimates from leading national auto insurance carriers such as Esurance, GEICO and Progressive as well as quotes provided by local independent agents. Here is a brief summary of the things which you should know prior to exploring your insurance alternatives.

  • If you are a high risk driver who has serious traffic violations or multiple accidents on your driving record then you may have to pay more than $1,550 per year on Dodge Journey vehicle coverage than a low risk driver. s
  • Teen and young drivers could be charged significantly more than senior and experienced drivers due to their lack experience behind the driving wheel and are likely to get indulged in speeding or meet with accidents. On an average, young drivers tend to pay about $422 per month more for full coverage.
  • It could be possible to save up to $160 on yearly premium by using online processes for getting quotes.
  • By raising deductible on physical damages coverage, driver can save additional $525 every year on premium.
  • Insurers offer variety of premium discounts and if you are eligible to receive them, you can end up saving hundreds of precious dollars on your Dodge Journey car coverage yearly.

To assess your senior driver’s auto insurance requirements, it is advisable to talk to a competent local agent. We can help you in fixing an appointment online.

Know 5 Simple Ways To Save Money On Your Dodge Journey Insurance Rates

Even if the overall cost of insurance for dodge journey is affordable and easily manageable, it may be further possible to save money on premium. You can reduce Dodge Journey auto insurance rates by using one of the following strategies.
  1. Drive an older version of Dodge Journey vehicle. Its market value will be cheaper and so, you can drop expensive comprehensive and collision coverage features that are not that necessary.
  2. Choose the right level of coverage for your Dodge Journey. If you opt for buying minimum liability coverage as is mandated by your state law then the option might turn out to be the cheapest.
  3. You can save additional dollars on Dodge Journey vehicle insurance premium if you live in an area where a crime rate as well as the cost of living is low.
  4. In case, your teen is going to drive your Dodge Journey car occasionally, you can add his/her name to your policy as you are full-time parent and save money on buying a separate teen cover.
  5. Rather than thinking of purchasing a used Dodge Journey vehicle, you can consider renting a car as by doing so you will not be required to buy insurance coverage at all. And the proposition could be much cheaper as well.

To know how much you can save on your Dodge Journey vehicle insurance policy quote, talk to one of certified and experienced local agent today! can help you in fixing an absolutely free of cost consultation online within minutes!

Average Dodge Journey Insurance Cost Per Month By Model And Driver Age

The average yearly full coverage insurance cost for Dodge Journey vehicles will depend on a number of factors that include driver’s age, gender, residential location, marital status, educational level, driving record and credit history. But teen and young drivers may be charged substantially high as compared to senior and more experienced drivers. This is primarily because of their lack of desired driving experience and higher probability of filing claims. Our specialists have analyzed data on auto insurance rates for the past 10 years based on different driver age groups. The below table provides some vital information pertaining to the same.

Important FAQs
The cost of a dodge journey insurance can vary depending on your age and where you are located in the United States. In general, the cost of a dodge journey insurance is $1550 per year plus $369 deductible.
Dodge Journeys are not a very popular car to insure, but they are not the most expensive cars on the market. Dodge Journey insurance might be hard to get if you haven't been driving yourself in the past, but they're definitely worth getting.
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