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Determine the Exact Ford Explorer Insurance Cost With Expert Help Online

The average full coverage explorer auto insurance cost could be around $1,436 yearly or $120 for each month. Besides, the premium is likely to vary depending on the exact trim level that is being insured. The 2022 Ford explorer model may be charged anywhere between $108 and $129 for full coverage every month. Furthermore, insurance rates provided for the Ford Explorer may also vary by driver’s age, gender, residential location, status of credit profile and past driving history. So, at an individual level, the premium will be different. Here is some information regarding the premiums offered for Ford Explorer.

Teen and young drivers will be charged substantially higher premiums as they have less experience behind the driving wheel. The best and lowest Ford Explorer coverage rates may be extended to drivers in the age group 30 to 40 years if they have good driving records and credit ratings. But the model of Ford Explorer that you are driving can affect insurance rates as depicted in the below mentioned table.

From the above table it is quite evident that the 2005 Ford Explorer model is the cheapest to insure. However, premium will start decreasing as you grow up in age and maintain a clean driving slate. Insurers provide an array of premium discounts to qualified drivers and that can help save hundreds of dollars. And to improve your chances of qualifying for a hugely discounted car insurance package, it could be worthwhile to pass out a defensive driver’s training course and maintain good grades in your academics on a consistent basis if you are a high school or college student.

In any case, to secure the lowest and best auto insurance rates for Ford Explorer at the right price, it is important that you shop and compare free quote estimates provided by several top rated insurers. can actively assist you in the shopping process and determine your eligibility to obtain auto insurance discounts. To know how much you can save, act now!

The price you pay to insure your Ford Explorer can vary based on your age group. Here are the average rates you can expect to pay.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2023 N/A $125.78 / mo $151.42 / mo $137.12 / mo $122.89 / mo $226.26 / mo
2022 $505.20 / mo $232.18 / mo $135.26 / mo $145.82 / mo $125.96 / mo $142.79 / mo
2021 $227.51 / mo $172.33 / mo $150.02 / mo $147.86 / mo $140.02 / mo $142.98 / mo
2020 $292.10 / mo $192.06 / mo $155.56 / mo $159.07 / mo $135.47 / mo $137.74 / mo
2019 $321.80 / mo $199.83 / mo $146.17 / mo $141.99 / mo $133.40 / mo $132.50 / mo
2018 $332.35 / mo $166.32 / mo $143.84 / mo $134.98 / mo $130.17 / mo $131.71 / mo
2017 $719.75 / mo $181.26 / mo $134.66 / mo $140.96 / mo $130.31 / mo $123.07 / mo
2016 $361.09 / mo $162.60 / mo $134.43 / mo $123.27 / mo $120.79 / mo $119.77 / mo
2015 $235.45 / mo $155.78 / mo $131.95 / mo $123.00 / mo $110.90 / mo $117.67 / mo
2014 $216.26 / mo $155.51 / mo $124.59 / mo $118.70 / mo $115.45 / mo $107.89 / mo
2013 $265.68 / mo $157.61 / mo $126.67 / mo $123.02 / mo $111.23 / mo $112.52 / mo
2012 $248.29 / mo $145.91 / mo $114.93 / mo $115.04 / mo $103.56 / mo $110.11 / mo
2011 $497.76 / mo $148.88 / mo $117.00 / mo $117.47 / mo $106.73 / mo $100.03 / mo
2010 $255.79 / mo $182.58 / mo $135.11 / mo $112.95 / mo $114.55 / mo $111.97 / mo

Important Facts About Ford Explorer Car Insurance That You Need To Know

By now we know that Ford Explorer 2021 and 2022 models could be the most expensive to insure. At an individual level, these costs can be at further variance as coverage risks will differ from driver to driver. However, it could be possible to get highly personalized quote estimates from insurers by using specialist guidance and advanced online calculators. Remember, premium pricing can vary by age and gender, the state in which you live and your driving record. While you may stand to benefit if your credit score is good, safety features in Ford Explorer will come under closer scrutiny.

On an average, drivers tend to pay $1,436 for full coverage on a ford explorer 2022 version. The rates can be higher or lower depending on your age and driving experience. Besides, it has been found that the average Ford Explorer auto insurance rates are over $240 less than the average national car insurance rates. This can be attributed to the type of safety features in Ford Explorer vehicles. Fortunately, all Ford Explorer versions enjoy good safety ratings and crash test ratings as it is a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). But companies may have varied criteria for calculating premium rates.

Like for other cars, average insurance rates for Ford Explorer are determined by the types of companies with which you work. In addition, to the trim level of your vehicle, the extent of coverage chosen will also impact insurance costs. AllState, Geico, Liberty Mutual MetroMile, Nationwide, StateFarm and USAA are some popular national insurance providers for Ford Explorer. To get the best free quotes from these companies just provide details of your Ford Explorer model as well as your age, gender, residential location, driving record and credit history. To learn more about Explorer coverage cost, talk to an expert today!

How Much Is The Ford Explorer Insurance Cost By Company And Model Year?

It is needless to say that older cars and less expensive ones cost less to insure than newer versions. Car values depreciate with passage of time and so, comprehensive as well as collision coverage features start becoming cheaper. The following table may give you a fair idea regarding the average insurance cost of Ford Explorer by company and model year.

From the above table, you may observe that the average cost of insurance cover for a Ford explorer 2005 model is about $1009 annually while it might take up to $1,336 yearly to insure a 2020 model. Thus, insurance companies charge premiums according to Ford Explorer Model that you drive and the cheapest company to insure Ford Explorer is GEICO. The average insurance cost charged by GEICO for Ford explorer vehicle is $1,047 per year.

However, to find out which insurer provides you the best as well as the cheapest insurance coverage for your Ford Explorer model, you may have to shop online and compare free quote estimates from several companies-standard and non-standard in terms of coverage features, limits and pricing. The shopping process can be exhaustive, rigorous and complicated due to which it is desirable to seek specialist help. And such a prerogative might even enable you to make an informed decision on your Ford Explorer auto insurance purchase. can enable you to fix free consultation with a local expert online within minutes!

There could be many such parameters which might have bearing on Dodge Challenger vehicles’ insurance premiums. It is vital that you have some idea regarding them before you start exploring your options. Such a move may enable you to save precious dollars during your effort to secure a solution that easily fits your specific driving needs and budget.

To know more about other factors which influence average insurance for dodge challenger rates, fix free consultation with our expert online today!

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Here Are 5 Different Ways To Save Money On Your Ford Explorer Insurance

Even if cost of insurance for Ford Explorer is higher as compared to other normal cars, it is possible to save money on premium. You only need to be aware of the methods which might enable you to accrue savings. To that effect, here are 5 simple strategies that may prove to be highly useful.

  1. Look for an auto insurance plan with free roadside assistance.
  2. Inquire whether you are eligible to get various premium discounts.
  3. If are a teen then you can get your name added to your parent’s policy. There will be no need to purchase a separate car insurance cover.
  4. You can find out current insurance rates that are being provided for a new Ford Explorer vehicle if your credit score has shown some improvement.
  5. To qualify for the lowest and best insurance rates for Ford Explorer, just make sure that you have given all correct and authentic information.
Learn How To Secure The Best Ford Explorer Car Insurance At The Right Price

Finding the best cheap Ford Explorer insurance rates for Ford Explorer vehicle is easier and hassle-free if you are a safe driver with a clean driving record and have good credit. And to save extra dollars on premium, it is worthwhile to check your qualification for different types of premium discounts that are normally offered by insurers. Premium can also be lowered by dropping unnecessary coverage features such as comprehensive and collision, which are expensive, if you are driving Ford Explorer version that is over 10 years old. Get and compare the best free quote estimates extended by multiple top insurers online.

Additionally, you must remember few things that are mentioned under:

  • If you raise liability insurance coverage limits from minimum limits to 250/500 levels, you may have to pay $440 yearly.
  • You can save up to $150 on yearly premium amount if you shop for Ford Explorer auto insurance quotes online.
  • By choosing high deductibles, it could be possible to save an $475 on your Ford Explorer vehicle insurance yearly premium.
  • Teen and young drivers will be charged substantially more for insurance of Ford Explorer cars. The premium for this category of drivers could be as high as $401 every month for a full coverage policy.

From the above mentioned information, you can understand why Ford Explorer vehicle insurance premiums vary greatly from driver to driver. The best and cheapest car insurance rates are usually provided to drivers that are in the age group 30 to 40 years old and who have maintained excellent driving records as well as good credit ratings.

However, some pro-active actions like successfully passing out a training course in defensive driving, taking steps to improve the status of your credit profile and maintaining an average B grade or GPA 3.0 or above on a consistent basis for 3 years can help in reducing annual insurance premium.

Ford Explorer Insurance - Here Is A List Of 4 Important FAQS
On an average, it costs around $1,436 yearly or $120 monthly to insure Ford Explorer cars. But at an individual level, this cost is further likely to vary as insurers use several factors for assessing coverage risks. Driver’s age, gender, residential location, driving record, credit history as well as the exact Ford explorer model to be insured can impact overall affordability of the insurance rates.
No. In fact, the average yearly Ford Explorer vehicle insurance cost is about $200 less expensive than the national average insurance costs for other cars. This is primarily because the Ford Explorer is basically an inexpensive vehicle which has an engine with a low horsepower.
While GEICO is the cheapest insurer for Ford Explorer vehicles, our experts have rated USAA to be the best insurance company for insuring Ford Explorer vehicles overall. But it is important that you work with an insurer that fits your specific coverage needs and best. To determine the right course of action, it could be better if you consult a competent local agent or broker service. By doing so, you will end up making an informed decision on your purchase.
After undertaking a detailed research of auto insurance rates provided by all top rated companies, our experts have discovered that GEICO provides the cheapest insurance coverage for Ford Explorer vehicles. Nevertheless, you need to know that the cheapest insurance cover for any vehicle is not necessarily the best one. You must make sure that your finances are fully protected in the event of an accident involving your Fiord Explorer vehicle.
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