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Find Out How Much Will A Ford Focus Insurance Cost With Help Online

It is needless to say that for teen, young and new drivers ford focus insurance rates are going to be substantially high and the reasons for that are quite obvious. With less experience behind the driving wheel and tendency to violate traffic rules as well as higher probability of meeting with accidents, the coverage risks increase for insurers. This increased risk is compensated by charging of lofty premiums by companies.

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $5,244
17 $4,645
18 $4,090
19 $2,930
20 $2,615
21 $2,070
22 $1,907
23 $1,745
24 $1,638
25 $1,486
40 $1,253

From the above table, it is quite evident that the yearly cost of ford focus st insurance for 18 year old driver could be around $ 4,090 which is about $2,837 higher than that which is paid by a 40 year old driver. But still, there could be some ways to save money on your ford focus insurance.

One of the simplest methods to totally cut down on the cost of a ford focus vehicle insurance is to get your name added to your parent’s existing auto insurance policy. Such a proposition would not require you to buy a separate insurance cover. To learn more about other alternatives that can save money, it could be worthwhile to talk to one of our competent local car insurance advisors. To fix free consultation with a certified and highly experienced agent in your neighbourhood, just complete an easy online application form now!

Crucial Factors That Affect Affordability Of Ford Focus St Car Insurance Rates

Apart from driver’s age, there could be several other factors which may impact the overall insurance cost for ford focus cars. Here is some vital information regarding the same which may be of interest to you.

  • Make and model of ford focus car - Older ford focus vehicle models could be cheaper to insure as compared to newer versions. The following table shows how insurance costs vary by ford focus models.
  • Model Year Liability Collision Comprehensive Total
    2018 $398 $536 $244 $1,336
    2017 $416 $524 $236 $1,334
    2016 $430 $502 $228 $1,318
    2015 $442 $484 $216 $1,300
    2014 $452 $450 $206 $1,266
    2013 $456 $424 $198 $1,236
    2012 $460 $380 $190 $1,188
    2011 $460 $350 $178 $1,146
    2010 $464 $328 $172 $1,122
  • Driver’s state and residential location - Ford Focus car insurance rates can also vary depending on the state/city in which you live as well as the exact geographical location of your residence as is highlighted in the below mentioned table.
  • State/City Yearly Insurance Premium
    Chicago, IL $1,764
    Columbus, OH $1,109
    Houston, TX $2,094
    Indianapolis, IN $1,136
    Jacksonville, FL $1,937
    Los Angeles, CA $2,285
    New York, NY $2,111
    Philadelphia, PA $1,790
    Phoenix, AZ $1,550
    Seattle, WA $1,296
  • Driver’s past driving record - Driving history of drivers can have a huge bearing on the insurance rates for Ford Focus vehicles. Accordingly, teen, young and new drivers could bear the brunt of paying considerably higher premiums as they hardly have any driving record. At the same time senior and more experienced drivers with clean driving slates will be charged much less.
  • Safety ratings of Ford Focus cars - Car insurance rates for Ford Focus vehicles will also be impacted by car model’s safety ratings. The following information relates to the same.
  • Test Type Rating
    Small overlap front: driver-side Acceptable
    Small overlap front: passenger-side Not Tested
    Moderate overlap front Good
    Side Good
    Roof strength Good
    Head restraints and seats Good
  • Crash Test ratings for Ford Focus cars - A poor crash test rating will imply that Ford Focus vehicle insurance rates will be higher. The table below mentioned highlights that.
  • Vehicle Tested Overall Frontal Side Rollover
    2018 Ford Focus RS 5 HB AWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 4 stars
    2018 Ford Focus Bev 5 HB FWD N/R N/R N/R 5 stars
    2018 Ford Focus 5 HB FWD 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 4 stars
    2018 Ford Focus 4 DR FWD 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 4 stars
    2017 Ford Focus RS 5 HB AWD 5 stars 4 stars 5 stars 4 stars
    2017 Ford Focus Bev 5 HB FWD N/R N/R N/R 5 stars
    2017 Ford Focus 5 HB FWD 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 4 stars
    2017 Ford Focus 4 DR FWD 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 4 stars
    2016 Ford Focus RS 5 HB AWD N/R N/R N/R N/R
    2016 Ford Focus Bev 5 HB FWD N/R N/R N/R 5 stars
    2016 Ford Focus 5 HB FWD 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 4 stars
    2016 Ford Focus 4 DR FWD 5 stars 5 stars 5 stars 4 stars
  • Safety features in Ford Focus cars - Ford Focus vehicles have numerous safety features and so, you could be entitled to get a premium discount. The safety features are as under:

    Brake Assist, Child Safety Locks, Driver Air Bag, Electronic Stability Control, Front Head Air Bag, Front Side Air Bag, Passenger Air Bag, Rear Head Air Bag, Front Disc/Rear Drum Brakes, Traction Control, Four-Wheel ABS
  • Insurance Loss probability for Ford Focus cars - The insurance loss probability percentage indicates fluctuation between different types of coverage for Ford Focus cars. Higher loss rates mean higher insurance rates and vice-versa as is shown in the following table.
  • Insurance Coverage Category Loss Rates Percentage
    Collision 6%
    Property Damage -2%
    Comprehensive -10%
    Personal Injury 3%
    Medical Payment 9%
    Bodily Injuries 11%

5 Easy Ways For Saving Some Money On Ford Focus Insurance For New Driver

The possibility of saving money on ford focus insurance for 17 year old or less drivers is less. But if you have some sort of driving history then you may be much better placed to explore the probability of determining your eligibility to get discount. Nevertheless, there could be few ways that can enable you to save money on premium. Here is some vital information pertaining to the same which you might find extremely useful.

  • Select an automatic payment plan or EFT if you opt for paying your Ford Focus vehicle insurance premium every month.
  • Note that your Ford Focus car insurance rates will not change mid-way through the policy even if there is a change in your credit status.
  • You can inquire with your chosen insurer whether you are eligible to get premium discount if you had been listed on your parent’s policy earlier.
  • In case, you are employee with some organization or member of some club, you can check you can qualify for an additional discount on premium.
  • Get help from a certified and experienced local agent for saving money and time as well as to ensure that you are getting adequate car coverage at the right price.
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4 Vital Safety Features That Reduce Ford Focus ST Insurance Cost Drastically

The following 4 important safety features can deeply influence ford focus st insurance 19 year old or less drivers’ rates. This is primarily on account of the fact that they serve to lessen the coverage risks faced by insurance providers. As a result, most of the insurers extend premium discount.

  • Front, side and rear end airbags - The airbags provided in Ford Focus cars are robust and accord total safety to drivers as well as fellow passengers and so, the risk of suffering from bodily injuries is considerably reduced. This in turn reduces the chances of drivers filing claims for medical expenses and as a result, insurers may lower rates.
  • Blind spot detection and warning - This safety system greatly reduces the risk of a Ford Focus car meeting with an accident. Blind spots are indicative of the risk of a likely accident and this prompts the driver to take preventive measures in time so as to avoid getting involved in an accident. Hence, insurers’ risks are mitigated because of which insurance rates get lowered.
  • Lane departure warning feature - It helps in reducing ford focus st insurance for 21 year old or less drivers’ costs. Sensors provided in this warning system serve to reduce the risk of the car driver meeting with an accident. So, the driver can keep driving his/her vehicle in appropriate lane.
  • Lane departure prevention system - A special device is fitted in the system to monitor that driver is driving car in a proper lane. The feature reduces probability of the driver meeting with an accident. The device helps driver to ensure that the vehicle doesn’t leave its track and maintains the correct path in the lane all along the journey.

Determine The Ford Focus Average Insurance Cost For Your Car Model Online

A number of variables go into determination of insurance premiums for Ford Focus vehicles. On an average, drivers in the U.S. pay around $ 1,675 yearly to get Ford Focus cars insured. But again, the cost can vary for individual drivers; they may be lower or even higher. First and foremost, the auto insurance rates are determined on the basis of the Ford Focus make and model. Other factors such as safety features in these cars, their crash test ratings as well as market prices of parts and components might also play a crucial role in determining overall affordability of Ford Focus car insurance rates.

On the whole, most of the Ford Focus car models are known to have “good” crash test ratings except for one particular model, the2016 Ford Focus RS 5 HB AWD version. The ratings are assigned by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) for all Ford Focus car versions up to the year 2018. A “good” crash test rating implies greatly reduced financial or coverage risk for insurers. Besides, there may be few other factors that can affect insurance rates offered for Ford Focus vehicles. It is vital that you have some knowledge regarding the same.

The cost of spare parts and some crucial components can affect insurance rates provided for any type of car. If the parts/components are expensive to replace then the repair costs could be high. As Ford Focus has been discontinued, getting genuine parts and components can be challenging as they might be easily available. Scarcity of parts and components leads to hike in pricing thereby driving up the repair costs as well. However, since all Ford Focus cars are produced in the U.S., the parts and components of newer models could be cheaper as compared to imported car parts. With older Ford Focus versions, scarcity of parts and components is expected and so, they will likely be more expensive.

However, as all Ford Focus cars come standard with numerous advanced safety features, the overall financial risks faced by insurers are drastically reduced. Safety features such as Airbags, Optional lane departure warning, Lane departure prevention and Blind spot detection and warning greatly reduces the risk of bodily injuries for drivers and probability of meeting with an accident. This may a go a long way in ensuring reduction of Ford Focus auto insurance costs. To learn more about how much will be your Ford Focus insurance cost, talk to an expert today!

Here Are 4 Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Ford Focus Insurance
On an average, Ford Focus drivers tend to pay about $1,253 every year for insurance. Nevertheless, the exact cost for insuring a Ford Focus car could depend on an individual driver’s age, gender, area in which he/she lives as well as the model of the vehicle to be insured.
No. On the contrary, Ford Focus cars could be much cheaper to insure as compared to other similar types of vehicles. The average cost of Ford Focus insurance tends to be much less than the national auto insurance average by around $174.
As far as insurance is concerned, the Ford Focus falls in the category of cars which are inexpensive. This particular Ford car model is much cheaper and its engine has low horsepower because of which insurers face less coverage risks. Besides, the Ford Focus model is known for having numerous safety features and its crash test ratings also quite good. Insurers consider all such aspects while calculating the insurance rates and advanced safety features enable drivers to qualify for a special discount on insurance premium that saves precious dollars.
Yes. It is worth buying a Ford Focus car as its insurance cost will be within an affordable price range. In addition, Ford Focus cars require less maintenance and their repair expenses are also low as they are less likely to meet with accidents. This is because these vehicles have an engine that has low horsepower.
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