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Determine The Cost Of Ford Fusion Car Insurance With Expert Advice Online

The average cost of a ford fusion auto insurance coverage could depend on a number of factors that include the driver’s age, residential location, educational qualifications, marital status, past driving record as well as insurer that you are working with. Experts at have analyzed data pertaining to Ford Fusion car insurance rates and so, are in a position to help you in calculating premium which you may be required to pay as per your age. Here is some information regarding the same which may prove to be of help if you are planning to insure a Ford Fusion vehicle.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2023 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $86.08 / mo
2022 N/A N/A N/A N/A $177.02 / mo $92.78 / mo
2021 N/A N/A N/A $116.97 / mo N/A $91.71 / mo
2020 $356.05 / mo $209.17 / mo $166.25 / mo $144.83 / mo $136.09 / mo $149.22 / mo
2019 $324.03 / mo $206.97 / mo $158.32 / mo $145.03 / mo $128.81 / mo $137.49 / mo
2018 $323.13 / mo $194.44 / mo $154.81 / mo $138.13 / mo $138.76 / mo $138.15 / mo
2017 $297.57 / mo $199.29 / mo $146.67 / mo $136.85 / mo $125.14 / mo $128.80 / mo
2016 $317.74 / mo $205.78 / mo $147.53 / mo $138.58 / mo $124.35 / mo $129.89 / mo
2015 $351.47 / mo $209.83 / mo $151.44 / mo $133.59 / mo $119.94 / mo $125.80 / mo
2014 $275.19 / mo $199.90 / mo $139.06 / mo $125.13 / mo $120.09 / mo $128.32 / mo
2013 $253.57 / mo $177.68 / mo $129.86 / mo $122.70 / mo $115.60 / mo $114.50 / mo
2012 $245.92 / mo $176.59 / mo $122.36 / mo $118.05 / mo $101.40 / mo $109.71 / mo
2011 $247.58 / mo $179.63 / mo $111.88 / mo $105.86 / mo $98.41 / mo $106.99 / mo
2010 $261.15 / mo $162.91 / mo $113.30 / mo $104.43 / mo $93.66 / mo $105.40 / mo

Insurance rates provided for various Ford Fusion car makes and models may also vary from company to company. You can talk to our local expert to know more!.

Safety Features That Have Impact On The Overall Ford Fusion Insurance Cost

The below mentioned safety features in Ford Fusion vehicles enable drivers to qualify for sustainable and low insurance rates or accrue additional savings on premium.

  • Blind spot warning system - This safety feature provided in Ford Fusion cars mitigate the risk of meeting with an accident. Blind spots indicate risks of collision/accidents and as the driver gets early warning, chances of accidents get drastically reduced. Because of this feature in Ford Fusion cars, car insurers respond favourably by providing lower auto insurance rates to drivers.
  • Lane drift detection system - The feature alerts drivers when they unknowingly drift out of the road lane while driving their Ford Fusion cars. This reduces probability of meeting with an accident and hence, reduction in of car insurance premium.
  • Lane drift avoidance system - With this type of a safety feature in place, driver not only receives alerts but the system prevents Ford Fusion vehicle from drifting on the road. As a result, the risk of meeting with an accident gets considerably reduced and driver has the chance to save money on car insurance.
  • Front crash prevention system - All ford fusion cars have devices that can detect and prevent them from crashing into other vehicles on their rare side. As the probability of a frontal collision gets substantially reduced, these cars tend to be much cheaper for insuring.
  • Cars have front and side airbags - Provision of airbags on the front and side of these cars reduce chances of drivers and fellow passengers suffering from bodily injuries and so, probability of filing a claim for medical bills diminishes. So, insurance rates also decrease.

How Much Is The Ford Fusion Average Insurance Cost? Is It Very Expensive?

As far as cost is concerned, many of you may wonder as to how much is insurance for a ford fusion car. Well, our experts have studied and analyzed average insurance rates offered for Ford Fusion cars and it works out to be around $1,674 yearly for a 2018 Ford Fusion model full coverage insurance policy. However, premiums can vary from driver to driver as several factors go into determining overall affordability of auto insurance rates despite the fact that many drivers could be driving the same Ford Focus version. Furthermore, the rates provided can also vary from company to company.

The Ford Fusion 2018 model has been rated “good” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) even if its headlights are poor. But as it has been assigned “good” rating by the IIHS, the Ford Fusion is deemed to be a safer car by insurers. The test result is translated into savings with some discount on premium. But the only downside for this vehicle with regards to insurance is that repair costs run high. Parts and components of Ford Fusion cars are expensive if need to be replaced and so, with increased coverage risks, the insurance costs increase.

What adds up to the insurers’ financial woes is that the production of Ford Fusion models has been discontinued after 2020. Consequently, parts and components for older Ford Fusion versions may not be easily available. Even if the parts are accessible, their costs can be pretty high as the prices are likely to be steeper. This leads to increased coverage risk for car insurance providers dues to which they are likely to charge more for comprehensive and collision coverage. But drivers across the United States still prefer driving Ford Fusion cars because of their excellent performance and low engine power.

Besides, advanced optional safety features have been provided in the 2020 Ford Fusion car model and these include early warning sensory devices for detection of blind spots, lane drifting and lane drifting prevention. These features reduce probability of meeting with accidents and contribute to lowering of costs on car insurance for a 2020 ford fusion

5 Important Strategies For Saving Money On Ford Fusion Insurance Coverage

The following 5 guidelines can enable Ford Fusion owner drivers to accrue additional savings on their cars’ insurance coverage costs.

  1. Get an anti-theft device installed in your Ford Fusion car to guarantee better safety.
  2. Shop and compare free quote estimates provided by several top national insurance companies for identifying the best as well as the cheapest quote for your driving needs and budget. You can save few precious dollars.
  3. While comparing multiple free quotes, it is important that you inquire about premium discount, if any, with each insurer. By qualifying for a discounted Ford Fusion car insurance package, you can save some hundreds on premium.
  4. Prior to purchasing a Ford Fusion vehicle, it is advisable to consider how much money you will have to spend on getting the car insured.
  5. If you tell insurers that you will be driving less than 12,000 miles annually, you can get an extra premium discount. Ride sharing and occasional use of public transportation systems can serve as great alternatives.
Why The Insurance Cost Of Ford Fusion Is Different From Other Ford Models?

You may notice that on the insurance front the Ford Fusion stands apart from the rest of the Ford models. This is primarily on account of the fact that the Fusion has different types of safety features as compared to other Ford versions. Hence, there are differences in insurance cost for the same coverage as well. The main reasons for this are as under:

  • Ford Fusion has unique safety features which include airbags, adaptive cruise control, anti-lock braking system; electronic stability control, lane drift detection and lane drift prevention warning, traction stability control, etc.
  • The safety and crash test ratings provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) are very different from those given to the other Ford vehicle models.
  • There are differences in the costs for repairs or replacement of Ford Fusion parts and components as compared to those of other Ford versions. This has impact on insurance premium.
  • There are differences in sizes of various Ford models - Large SUVs have the potential to inflict more damages to property than small smart cars.
  • Differences in theft rates is another parameter that can influence insurance rates. Cars that have electronic keys and anti-theft devices serve to reduce insurers’ coverage risk considerably. So, most of the companies might be ready to lower insurance rates.

Thus, all of the above mentioned factors directly or indirectly affect insurance pricing for Ford Fusion cars. Learn more about Ford Fusion insurance discounts by talking to a local expert now!

Few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
The older the vehicle less will be its insurance cost. Accordingly, the 2010 Ford Fusion car could be the cheapest to insure than subsequent Fusion models. On an average, drivers can expect to pay just a shade over $1,200 for yearly or $100 monthly coverage. This premium amount is affordable by any means.
A Ford Fusion hybrid car costs around $28,000 and so, the average insurance cost for insuring a Ford Fusion hybrid version is going to be slightly higher. Drivers may be required to pay about $1,644 yearly or $137 monthly for coverage. But this cost is likely to vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle as well as driver’s age, gender, driving history, credit and such other factors.
Going by customer reports and reviews, the 2012-2013 Fiord Fusion model is the best Ford Fusion car to buy. But it all depends on your specific driving needs and budget. If you are not facing any kind of financial limitations then you can purchase the Ford Fusion version of your liking. You only must take the insurance costs into consideration when you are comparing your alternatives.
Yes. The Ford Fusion has been accorded 5-star rating by NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and an overall “good” rating by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or IIHS. So, with unique safety features and a low engine power, it can be considered a totally safe and reliable car.
Earlier it was observed that Ford Fusion cars seemed to have transmission problems after driving 80,000 miles. Nevertheless, the issue has been rectified and newer makes and models of Ford Fusion vehicles come standard with much improved transmission systems. So, new Ford Fusion drivers are unlikely to face transmission issues that existed in the older versions.
Basically, Ford Fusion cars are more expensive than many other similar makes and types of vehicle models. And the repairs or replacement of parts and components can be expensive which increases coverage risks for insurers. Besides, there are several other factors that can influence auto insurance rates and those can drive premiums to unaffordable levels. All such things contribute to higher Ford Fusion car insurance rates.
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