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Determine The Average Cost For Ford Mustang GT Car Insurance Online Now

There are several factors that go into determining the average insurance cost of Ford Mustang cars. Prominent among them are the driver’s age, gender, marital status, geographical location of his/her residence, educational qualifications and past driving record. Besides, auto insurance rates can vary from driver to driver and so, some drivers may have to pay more for Ford Mustang insurance than others. Experts at carried out an analysis of data pertaining to car insurance rates and even calculated average rates which individual drivers might have to pay to insure their Ford Mustang cars based on their age. Here is some vital information regarding the same which you may find useful.

Ford Mustang Insurance Rates By Model Year And Age Group Per Month

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2024 $190.18 / mo $177.44 / mo $301.39 / mo N/A N/A N/A
2023 $1,181.48 / mo $486.95 / mo N/A $162.03 / mo $129.91 / mo N/A
2022 $586.96 / mo $275.24 / mo $209.38 / mo $187.74 / mo $148.57 / mo $155.20 / mo
2021 $441.69 / mo $339.43 / mo $218.89 / mo $181.27 / mo $149.02 / mo $180.19 / mo
2020 $429.63 / mo $273.59 / mo $186.63 / mo $180.39 / mo $173.58 / mo $173.99 / mo
2019 $362.85 / mo $263.30 / mo $190.57 / mo $206.09 / mo $151.20 / mo $185.86 / mo
2018 $374.12 / mo $263.37 / mo $181.88 / mo $152.44 / mo $154.98 / mo $186.49 / mo
2017 $381.33 / mo $259.21 / mo $187.11 / mo $156.18 / mo $147.82 / mo $151.41 / mo
2016 $371.04 / mo $260.45 / mo $168.02 / mo $140.79 / mo $153.12 / mo $160.68 / mo
2015 $359.10 / mo $236.08 / mo $162.81 / mo $157.99 / mo $137.92 / mo $147.73 / mo
2014 $320.13 / mo $227.81 / mo $164.81 / mo $149.17 / mo $130.09 / mo $141.17 / mo
2013 $334.06 / mo $222.00 / mo $144.71 / mo $119.87 / mo $127.50 / mo $126.04 / mo
2012 $312.88 / mo $200.13 / mo $140.54 / mo $117.68 / mo $110.22 / mo $117.99 / mo
2011 $321.70 / mo $218.61 / mo $138.83 / mo $112.59 / mo $106.85 / mo $115.25 / mo
2010 $293.15 / mo $193.56 / mo $125.23 / mo $110.21 / mo $105.00 / mo $105.57 / mo

To determine the exact cost for insurance your Ford Mustang car make and model, you may talk to one of experts by fixing an appointment.

What May Be The Average Insurance Cost For Mustang GT Vehicle Per Year?

On an average, Ford Mustang GT insurance cost tends to be around $2,000 yearly or $ 170 monthly with the actual insurance cost range being between $1,200 and $2,500. This is almost double than the national average auto insurance cost.

Besides, this price is like to differ from state to state depending on an individual driver’s driving record and car model as well as the type of insurer with which he/she is working. And teen, young as well as new drivers under 25 can expect the premium to be the highest than any other categories of drivers. To that effect, the Ford Mustang insurance cost 17 year old driver could be significantly higher than that of senior and more experienced drivers. The best car coverage at the most affordable insurance rates are usually offered to drivers over 35 or elderly drivers over 65 years old.

Insurance rates for Ford Mustang may also differ from company to company. Accordingly, a teen driver may end up paying $11,195 on an average with Allstate to get his/her Ford Mustang insured for full coverage. At the same time, a senior new Ford Mustang driver might have to pay just $804 yearly for similar coverage.

GEICO and Plymouth Rock Insurance are known for providing the best and cheapest Ford Mustang auto insurance quotes. While GEICO may charge $900 per year or $ 70 per month, Plymouth Rock Insurance may offers similar coverage for $ 820 yearly or $70 every month. In any case, older Ford Mustang car versions could be the cheapest cars to insure.

How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Mustang GT By Model Year Per Month?

Average insurance cost for Ford Mustang cars is $2,000 per year for a full coverage policy as mentioned earlier. Now to get your coverage started or activated, you may be required to pay $200 as down payment. The remaining $ 1,800 will have to be paid in 11 equated premium instalments over the year which works out to be roughly $164 every month. The following information could give you some idea regarding Ford Mustang auto insurance rates by models.

Year Cost Per Month Cost Per Year
2022 $315 $,3780
2022 $315 $,3780
2021 $294 $3,528
2020 $270 $3,240
2019 $212 $2,538
2018 $150 $1,800
2017 $97 $1,656

From the above data, it is evident that the average Ford Mustang GT insurance cost for still newer models is roughly about $2,400 for a year or $200 per month.

The average insurance cost for 2020 model Ford Mustang GT is $ 3,240 yearly or $270 per month.

The average insurance cost for 2019 model Ford Mustang GT is $ 2,538 yearly or $212 per month.

The average insurance cost for 2018 model Ford Mustang GT is $ 1,800 yearly or $150 per month.

The average insurance cost for 2017 model Ford Mustang GT is $ 1,656 yearly or $97 per month.

3 Vital Factors That Have Great Impact On Ford Mustang Insurance Premiums

There are 3 important reasons because of which Ford Mustang auto insurance rates tend to be expensive. Here is some vital information pertaining to the same that may help you in knowing the factors that affect rates as well as in arriving at an informed decision on your insurance purchase.

  1. High repair costs - Just like other sports vehicles, the Ford Mustang models are comprised of parts and components which are expensive to repair or replace. So, if you happen to meet with an accident, the car restoration costs are going to be substantially higher. This may have direct impact on Ford Mustang insurance rates. Besides, all Ford Mustang versions have high tech optional features that drivers prefer to buy as add-ons.and some Mustang models may have advanced safety features such as lane departure warning system, front end collision warning system, dynamic brake assist, etc. If these systems get damaged then the repair costs can be huge and even unaffordable.
  2. Powerful engine - The Ford Mustang is a sports vehicle and all sports cars have big and powerful engines that enhance performance of road. Some Ford Mustangs may have over 400 horsepower engines and so, they can be driven at high speeds which increase probability of meeting with an accident. Insurers take this thing into consideration while calculating insurance premium.
  3. Car’s theft rates - High performance vehicles such as the Ford Mustang are higher probability of being stolen. In fact, the Mustangs are the second most stolen among sports cars as per available data on car theft. Thankfully, as they are cheaper than some other sports vehicles, drivers drive them for joyrides and later on abandon them on road. Hence, these sports cars are easier to recover and in most Mustang theft cases, owners are likely to get them back.
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Here Are 5 Ways For Saving Money On Your Ford Mustang GT Insurance Cost

Although Ford mustang insurance cost 19 year old or less drivers could be significantly higher, there could be ways for saving money on premium some of which are as under:

  • Insurance cost less for older Mustang models - Old versions of Ford Mustang GTs may cost less to insure than newer models. A 2011 Ford Mustang GT model costs about 28% less than a very recent or still new model.
  • Special discount on new Mustang car insurance - It could be possible to save up to 7% on an average for getting a brand new Ford Mustang insured. Just make sure that you are the first owner of the vehicle.
  • See if you can get a good driver’s premium discount - If you have a clean driving history then most of the insurers might extend discount on premium for being a safe driver. You can expect to save up to 30% money on premium if you qualify for this premium discount. To ensure that you maintain a spotless driving record, it could be better if you pass out a defensive driver’s pass plus training course from a government approved institute.
  • Get car and home bundle to get multi-policy discount - When you insure home and car with the same insurer, you have the chance to save some extra dollars on premium. Majority of the insurance providers will extend such a premium discount on a home and auto insurance bundled policy.
  • Assess how much coverage you will need for Mustang car - Comprehensive and collision coverage features are expensive and you might not need them if you are driving an older Mustang model. So, you can omit them and save additional dollars on your Mustang GT insurance. But you must consult an expert before arriving at any such kind of decision.
How Much Is Ford Mustang GT Insurance Cost 16 Year Old Upto 25 Year Old?

Young drivers in the age group 16 to 25 years could be required to spend significantly more for Ford Mustang insurance. This is primarily due to the fact that teen and young drivers have less experience behind the driving wheel. As drivers in this age group may have tendency to get indulged in reckless driving practices, they are more likely to be involved in accidents. As a result, insurers perceive much greater degree of coverage risks and so, to protect their finances, they charge high premiums. But 16 to 25 year old drivers have the option to get their names added to their parents’ policies. This way they might not be needed to purchase separate insurance for driving Mustang cars.

The following table may give you a brief idea about what your Ford Mustang car insurance premium will be like.

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $6,574
17 $5,824
18 $5,128
19 $3,673
20 $3,278
21 $2,595
22 $2,390
23 $2,187
24 $2,053
25 $1,863
40 $1,571

You can see in the above table that ford mustang insurance cost for 18 year old driver is $5,128 for a year. At the same time, a 40 year old driver may end up paying just $1,571 yearly for the same car and coverage. And at an individual level, the premium could be even more depending on the driver’s exact age, gender, driving record and credit rating even if cost of mustang insurance for 22 year old drivers is less than that of a 16 year old. Thus, it can be construed that teen and young drivers are considered to be “high risk” drivers by car insurance providers.

Some Important FAQs
The average cost of Ford Mustang insurance is $1,571 per year. These average rates are normally worked out by using data of 40 year old drivers that have good driving records. In actual, the auto insurance rates provided for Ford Mustang GT to other category of drivers will vary depending on several factors like driver’s age, gender, residential neighbourhood as well as make and model of car to be insured.
Yes. Ford Mustang GT vehicle insurance cost for a year is about higher than that of the national car insurance average cost by about $144.
As per our experts’ opinion, you can get the best coverage for your Ford Mustang at the right price from USAA.
The average insurance for ford mustang GT cost could be $1,762 yearly. Newer car models still have market worth left in them and the current market value of vehicle is an important factor in the calculation of insurance rates.
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