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How Much Is Your Likely Honda Car Insurance Cost? Find Out Online Today

Many of you may wonder, “Are Hondas cheap to insure?” Well, they are as compared to the national average full coverage car insurance rates. But the exact premium may vary depending on the make and model of the Honda that you are trying to get insured. The following table might give you some information regarding how much amount of money may be required to insure different types of Honda models.

Average Yearly And Monthly Insurance Cost for Various Honda Vehicles

Model Yearly Insurance Cost Insurance Cost Per Month
Honda Accord $1,580 $132
Honda Civic $1,498 $125
Honda Clarity $1,666 $139
Honda CR-V $1,326 $111
Honda CR-Z (2016 and prior) $1,196 $100
Honda Fit (2020 and prior) $1,180 $98
Honda HR-V $1,360 $113
Honda Insight $1,472 $123
Honda Odyssey $1,412 $118
Honda Passport $1,218 $102
Honda Pilot $1,534 $128
Honda Ridgeline $1,53 $123

The national auto insurance average rates are $ 1,551 per year and so, it is evident that the Honda vehicles are relatively cheaper to insure than many other cars. On an average, the average insurance rates for various Honda vehicles work out to be $1,454 yearly. These rates are calculated for a 30 year old driver that has good driving history. And there could be several factors which impact vehicle insurance rates. So, at an individual level, the insurance rates provided for cars can greatly vary. Learn more about Honda vehicle insurance rates by consulting a competent insurance expert today! can assist you to fix your free consultation with a competent independent car insurance agent within minutes online! To make an informed decision on your Honda insurance purchase, all you need to do is just enter your state’s zip code and fill an easy online application form to give us some basic personal and Honda vehicle details.

Determine The Cost Of Honda Car Insurance Online With Free Expert Advice

As mentioned previously, the yearly average Honda auto insurance cost for varied models is about $1,454. This tends to be cheaper by $86 than the average insurance cost for its nearest competitor the Toyota which is around $1,540 per year. Besides, on an average insurance cost for Honda cars is 9.6% cheaper than the Nissan insurance cost, 4.8% cheaper than Hyundai insurance cost and about 3.8% cheaper than the insurance cost for Kia vehicles. The below table may give you a fair idea regarding how exactly Honda vehicle insurance rates fair in comparison to various Japanese and Korean car models.

Car Name Average Yearly Insurance Cost
Honda $1,454
Hyundai $1,527
Kia $1,511
Mazda $1,399
Nissan $1,608
Subaru $1,452
Toyota $1,540

From the above table, it is quite evident that only Mazda and Subaru vehicles are cheaper to insure than Honda cars. All other vehicle models could be more expensive to insure as compared to Honda. The average yearly insurance rates for the top 5 2022 Honda vehicle models are as under:

Honda Model Average Yearly Insurance Rates
Honda Passport (Midsize SUV) $1,218 ($102 per month)
Honda CR-V (Small SUV) $1,326 ($111 per month)
Honda HR-V (Small SUV) $1,360 ($113 per month)
Honda Odyssey (Midsized Minivan) $1,412 ($118 per month)
Honda Insight (Midsized Car) $1,472 ($123 per month)

During free consultation with local expert, you will receive additional tips to reduce auto insurance rates for your Honda vehicle. Just rely on our specialist’s advice to accrue guaranteed savings on your Honda vehicle insurance premium. Act to get and compare the best as well as the cheapest Honda insurance premium rates for a full coverage policy. If you are low on cash, still we can help you to secure adequate coverage for your Honda vehicle model at the right price! Apply Now!

3 Safety Features That Guarantee Reduction In Cost Of Insurance For Honda

The main reason why car insurance for Honda brand tends to be less expensive than its competitors is because all Honda vehicles are known for having unique safety features. Even is some new Honda versions may cost more to insure on account of high parts replacement or repair charges due to continuous adding of advanced technology, these added features only make the vehicle much safer on road. Accordingly, the below mentioned safety features in newer Honda vehicles may have great impact on the overall insurance rates provided for Honda cars.

  1. Side Airbags - Auto insurance companies look for safety features that minimize the risk of a driver meeting with an accident. In addition, insurers’ coverage risks also get drastically reduced when the safety features in a vehicle reduce the possibility of a driver and fellow passengers suffering from fatal injuries in the aftermath of an accident, if such an event takes place. And side airbags provided in Honda cars are specially designed to ensure that.
  2. Anti-Lock Brakes and Brake Assist - The anti-lock braking system in Honda vehicles is designed to prevent an accident in case the driver is unable to apply brakes on time. So, if your Honda model already has this safety feature, your vehicle will come in for a special consideration as far as the vehicle’s insurance is concerned. You can expect reduction in yearly insurance premium.
  3. Lane departure Warning System - This type of safety feature in Honda cars enables drivers to be alert while driving on road. If Honda vehicle drifts to another lane, the driver will receive an alert for the same. This is a common cause for accidents during sideswiping of vehicles but as there is the lane departure warning feature in your Honda, the risk of meeting with an accident and as a result, premium will get lowered.

4 Useful Tips To Qualify For Lower Sustainable Honda Insurance Rates Online

While it could be possible to find cheap insurance coverage for Honda cars as compared to several other vehicle brands in similar category, for saving money you may have to do extensive shopping. By comparing multiple free quote estimates provided by different standard and non-standard car insurance providers, you can locate the best as well as the cheapest quote for your specific driving needs and budget. And you must not forget to inquire about premium discounts with each insurance company as discounted auto insurance packages can enable you to save hundreds. To that effect, just follow the below mentioned guidelines.

  • At the time of comparing multiple free Honda auto insurance quotes, you must make sure that coverage limits in policy and deductibles are the same. If there is variance in coverage limits and deductible amounts then you might not be able to determine which one of the proposals is best and the cheapest for your unique driving circumstances. The liability limits must essentially be the same in all quotes and collision as well as comprehensive coverage deductibles should be identical in the quote estimates so that it becomes fair to decide which one of the proposals is right for you.
  • It is important that you choose adequate coverage for your Honda vehicle that includes liability for third party bodily injuries and property damages, comprehensive and collision coverage features in sufficient limits as well as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Medical payments covers for driver and fellow passengers. But there is no need to purchase unnecessary extra coverage features such as roadside assistance, towing or rental reimbursement as it will add up to the overall cost. With the essential coverage features, you can compare base rates and see which insurance company is the cheapest for your personal driving situation and budget.
  • If your existing Honda vehicle insurance policy is still in effect and is approaching renewal then it makes sense to start looking for what other companies have got to offer. Insurance rates for vehicles keep changing every few months and may be you can explore your chances of qualifying for lower insurance rates without compromising on the coverage levels. But as mentioned earlier, you must compare policy quotes with similar coverage features, limits and deductibles. By doing so, it will be easier for you to know as to which one of the insurance quotes is the cheapest for your Honda.
  • The task of shopping and multiple free quote estimates can be strenuous, complicated and even confusing. To reduce the rigors of the multiple quotes comparison process, it is always desirable to seek help from local experts. can assist you to fix free consultation with a competent local independent agent online within minutes. With specialist assistance, you can get answers for any questions that you might have about getting your Honda vehicle insured at the right price. Besides, the agent will also enable you to get and compare the best free quotes from different companies as he/she works for several insurers.
Car Insurance Honda Cost - 3 Important Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
The overall cost of Honda insurance could depend on a host of factors that include your age, gender, marital status, educational qualification, credit history as well as your driving record. In addition, the type, make and model of your Honda car may also affect affordability of insurance rates. Premium may even vary depending on the state and residential locality in which you live. Studies conducted by our experts show that the Honda CR-V and Odyssey are the cheapest models to insure. And extensive shopping can enable you to save few hundred precious dollars.
Yes, Honda vehicle insurance can be expensive if you have poor driving record and or credit history. And things could be even worse if you have some serious traffic violations or DUI/DWI offense on your driving report. Additionally, costs can vary depending on the Honda trim level package, safety features and cost of repairs. All these parameters can have great bearing on the type of insurance rates that you are likely to be offered. Thankfully, auto insurance providers may provide premium discounts to qualified drivers. You can check your eligibility for these discounts.
The national average full coverage auto insurance cost for Honda Accord vehicles is $1,733 per year or $144 per month. But the insurance cost will also depend on the type and extent of coverage that is being sought, the insurer with which you are planning to work and your previous claims history. This is over and above your age, gender, residential location, driving record, credit history and the state in which you live. Insurers use several yardsticks for assessing coverage risks and so, premiums for similar coverage will vary from company to company.
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