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2022 Honda Insight Car Insurance Costs - See How Much Your Model Costs

The average yearly 2022 model Honda Insight insurance cost is around $1,482 or 6 monthly $741 or $124 monthly for a standard full coverage policy. This is much lower than the average national auto insurance cost of all cars which is about $1,771 per year. But at an individual driver level, the cost of insuring a Honda Insight will vary as several factors like driver’s age, gender, marital status, education, credit score and driving record are likely to play a pivotal role in the premium calculation exercise. Besides, the exact type, make and model of the vehicle that is to be insured may also assume significance for calculating insurance rates.

To sum it up all, here are 3 Quick Facts on Honda Insight car coverage

  • Average National Auto Insurance Rates for 2022 Cars - $1,771 per year or $148 per month
  • The National Average Cost of Honda Insight Vehicles - $1,482 per year or $124 per month
  • Average Cost of Insurance of Honda Insight Vs National Car Insurance Average Cost - Difference is $291 per year

To calculate the average cost of insurance for 2022 Honda Insight cars, our experts have analyzed data from leading top vehicle insurers such as AllState, Nationwide, Geico, Liberty Mutual, Metromile, Nationwide, StateFarm, USAA, etc.

During calculation of average yearly insurance rates for Honda Insight, our experts have also taken into account yearly insurance rates for 2013 to 2020 Honda Insight models. However, as vehicles start aging, their market values decline and so, the coverage needs change. Our team of specialists can be a valuable guide and also assist you to get the best as well as the most accurate price quotes by using advanced online comparison tools for insurance of your Honda Insight vehicle. Take advantage of our online services to secure a solution that best fits your unique driving requirements and budget. Act now!

3 Important Tips For Saving Hundreds On Your Honda Insight Insurance Cost

The Honda Insight is lists in the top 5 picks among drivers across the United States with a rating of 8.5/10. And the latest 2022 model is the most expensive to insure as compared to previous versions. Nevertheless, depending on your specific use of this vehicle, you need to choose coverage which is adequate and at the right price. We can enable you to determine the insurance cost of your Honda Insight and with our online assistance; you may even receive tips for saving money. Accordingly, below are few important guidelines that you need to follow while comparing your options.

  • Compare multiple free quotes - Every auto insurance company uses different set of algorithms for assessing coverage risks associated with individual drivers. So, the only way to identify the best quote for your driving circumstances is to do extensive comparison shopping. Such a prerogative will help you to find the best cheap quote with sufficient coverage levels and save hundreds.
  • Maintain a safe driving record - If you have a clean driving slate, you will be eligible to get a special discount on premium. There is little need to despair even if your driving record is poor, you can enrol for a defensive driver’s training course, on successfully passing out the course, you may earn a premium discount form insurers.
  • Inquire about other discounts - Companies offer several other premium discounts to qualified drivers. You can check your eligibility to get a discounted insurance package for your Honda Insight and save extra hundreds. Our specialist will assist you to know whether you can qualify to receive at least some of the discounts on premium.

To get started with your task of finding the best and the cheapest free Honda Insight coverage quote estimates, all you need to do is just complete an easy online application form. Let our experts do the rest on your behalf!

Know How Much It Costs To Insure Honda Insight Cars For 16 To 25 Year Olds

Just as is the case with insurance cost of other cars, the drivers falling in the age group 16 to 25 years tend to pay significantly more for Honda Insight coverage. On an average, the yearly insurance cost of Honda Insight for an 18 year old Honda Insight driver is about $4,118. As compared to this, a 40 year old with a good driving record, who drives the same car, pays $2,856 (1,262) less per year for a Honda Insight cover. Nevertheless, drivers that are in their teens need not buy a separate insurance cover for Honda Insight but can stay on their parents’ policy.

This is a great way to save money as car coverage for young or teen drivers is highly expensive and there are fewer chances of getting premium discounts. Here is some vital information regarding how the average insurance rates for Honda Insight may vary by the driver age.

Average Insurance Cost For Honda Insight By Driver Age

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $5,280
17 $4,677
18 $4,118
19 $2,950
20 $2,633
21 $2,084
22 $1,920
23 $1,757
24 $1,649
25 $1,496
40 $1,262

From the above table, it is evident that 16 year olds tend to pay the highest insurance rates ($ 5,280 per year) while 40 year old drivers pay the least (1,262 per year). To know how much you will have to pay for Honda Insight coverage, talk to an expert today! Fix a free consultation with an expert within minutes online.

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Determine Your Exact Honda Insight Insurance Cost With Free Expert Advice

The yearly cost of insurance coverage for Honda Insight will depend on the vehicle’s model and year of manufacturing. It means older versions that have less market worth will be relatively cheaper to insure as compared to expensive newer models. The following are the details of average insurance rates provided for different Honda Insight versions.

  1. 2005 Honda Insight - $1,045 per year for full coverage
  2. 2010 Honda Insight - $1,178 per year for full coverage
  3. 2019 Honda Insight - $1,395 per year for full coverage
  4. 2020 Honda Insight - $1,430 per year for full coverage
  5. 2022 Honda Insight - $1,482 per year for full coverage

For comparing car insurance rates offered for Honda Insight by company and model years online, the below mentioned information may prove to be extremely useful.

Compare The Best Cheap Quotes To Find The Right Honda Insight Insurance Company specializes in educating drivers to understand the basics of getting affordable car insurance. Our advanced online comparison tools enable drivers to get and compare the best and the cheapest auto insurance quotes for all types of vehicles including the Honda Insight within a span of hardly few minutes. Take advantage of our cost-free online services to secure a solution that easily fits your unique driving needs and budget. See how much you can save! Learn about Honda Insight safety features as well as safety and crash test ratings that reduce insurance costs by talking to our experts. Fill and submit a quick, simple and easy online application form by entering your state’s zip code to receive the best quote estimates. Determine your eligibility for securing various premium discounts and saving more money. Our specialists will assist you in arriving at an informed decision on your Honda Insight coverage purchase.

Here Is A List Of Important FAQS
The average yearly insurance cost for a Honda Insight 2022 model is $1,482. But the premium may vary depending on a number of factors like your age, current residential location, past driving record and credit history. Find out how much it will take to insure your specific Honda Insight model.
The Honda Insight is less expensive to insure than many other cars. Its engine has low horsepower and so, its market value is less thereby making the vehicle cheaper to insure.
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