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Determine The Average Cost Of A Jeep Cherokee Car Insurance Policy Quote

The average 2021 Jeep Cherokee insurance cost could depend on a number of factors such as the driver’s age, gender, geographical location, educational and marital status, driving history and credit score. Our experts have analyzed data relating to auto insurance rates by age group provided for Jeep Cherokee vehicles over the past decade. To know how much exactly it may take to get your Jeep Cherokee insured, you may refer to the below mentioned table.

The cost of insuring your Jeep Cherokee can change depending on how old you are. Here are the typical prices you might pay for insurance.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2023 N/A $519.06 / mo $109.72 / mo $310.72 / mo $107.47 / mo $221.67 / mo
2022 $437.51 / mo $220.66 / mo $180.92 / mo $146.92 / mo $111.43 / mo $141.72 / mo
2021 $256.17 / mo $164.02 / mo $146.49 / mo $138.68 / mo $133.43 / mo $121.53 / mo
2020 $308.98 / mo $171.77 / mo $137.81 / mo $138.74 / mo $121.54 / mo $133.70 / mo
2019 $219.22 / mo $180.00 / mo $155.06 / mo $140.99 / mo $124.31 / mo $125.69 / mo
2018 $229.32 / mo $179.31 / mo $140.89 / mo $131.30 / mo $125.42 / mo $116.09 / mo
2017 $342.81 / mo $171.05 / mo $131.28 / mo $126.70 / mo $116.77 / mo $112.33 / mo
2016 $259.17 / mo $163.46 / mo $136.81 / mo $116.25 / mo $113.23 / mo $116.53 / mo
2015 $238.65 / mo $169.91 / mo $133.11 / mo $118.43 / mo $110.01 / mo $113.77 / mo
2014 $227.75 / mo $162.30 / mo $124.11 / mo $126.61 / mo $101.11 / mo $120.57 / mo
2010 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $113.38 / mo
Know How Residential Location Affects Jeep Grand Cherokee Insurance Cost

The place of your residence can impact Jeep Cherokee insurance cost. If you are residing in an urban locality then you would be paying more for Jeep Cherokee insurance than what you may be needed to pay in a rural area. Michigan is known for having the highest and most expensive insurance rates for Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicle. And at the same time, North Carolina could be the cheapest state for Jeep Cherokee insurance covers. While a Jeep Cherokee driver in Michigan may pay $816 yearly, a driver in Michigan State might have to pay as high as $2,458 yearly for the same coverage levels.

Thus, companies consider states to be an important factor for calculation of insurance rates for vehicles. Accident rates and theft rates could differ greatly from state to state and so, may be the theft rates. Besides, some states or cities are more prone to vandalism or rioting because of which the coverage risks increase for insurers. This risk is compensated by charging much higher premium. So, if you are a resident in a state where there is high probability of any of these occurrences then you must be ready to spend more money on your Jeep Grand Cherokee insurance cover.

We can assist you in finding the best cheap Jeep Cherokee insurance quotes online through a simple, easy and hassle-free process. With our expert assistance, you may end up saving time and money but also get enabled to make an informed decision on your purchase.

What Makes The Best Car Insurance For Jeep Grand Cherokee So Expensive?

The Jeep Cherokee belongs to an exclusive category of sports vehicles and so, it is expensive. So, if it gets damaged then the repairs or parts replacements costs could be extremely high. Besides, there are some other important factors which can impact insurance rates provided for the Jeep Cherokee. Here is some vital information pertaining to the same that you need to know as to why the premium high.

  • Type of body - The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a very heavy vehicle and so, it flips without any trouble while taking turns then other average vehicles. As the vehicle can flip with ease, there is a chance that the Jeep Cherokee may get damaged badly or even get totled at low speeds. Insurers consider this aspect to be a high risk for their finances and so, most of them will charge substantially higher premiums.
  • Theft rates - Jeep Cherokee theft rates among the highest. In fact, it is among top 10 vehicles with high theft rates in the U.S. So, if your Jeep Cherokee gets stolen then insurer may have to pay a huge price to get it replaced. As a result, To compensate for this risk most of the insurance companies provide substantially high insurance premium rates for insuring the Jeep Cherokee vehicle as compared to other many vehicles.
  • Safety features - The NHTSA has accorded 3-stars for safety features in Jeep Grand Cherokee. So, there is every chance that the driver may get severely injured if his/her vehicle meets with a road accident. Insurers provide the lowest insurance rates only if a particular vehicle model enjoys 5 star safety rating from NHTSA. Consequently, the insurance rates provided for the Jeep Grand Cherokee will be much higher than cars with top notch safety features.
  • Cost of spare parts - Jeep Grand Cherokee parts or components could cheaper than those of many other sports car models. Auto insurance companies take this aspect into consideration at the time of assessing coverage risks and accordingly, calculate premium rates which can be offered. Typically, parts and components of sports cars are expensive with the Jeep Grand Cherokee being a rare exception. This benefits owner drivers who may get rewarded with low sustainable rates.
  • Brand perception - The Jeep Grand Cherokee brand needs no introduction. All Jeep lovers know that they will enjoy outdoor rides with their vehicle. The Jeep Grand Cherokee too is made for rugged road rides but there is a downside to this proposition as it increases possibility of meeting with accidents. And insurers account for this probability while they do the premium calculation exercise. So, there is a probability that premium may be high to compensate for the risks involved

There might be several other factors which may impact the overall affordability of the Jeep Grand Cherokee insurance rates. To that effect, for assessing the exact coverage requirements for your Jeep Cherokee, it could be better if you fix free consultation with a certified and highly experienced local agent today!

Factors That Impact The Overall Cost Of Car Insurance Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is known for having high loss rates and that affects its insurance premium for varied types of coverage. The higher the percentage of loss rates, higher will be the cost of auto insurance as well. The following information will give you a brief idea regarding percentage of loss rates vs the insurance cost of Jeep Cherokee.

  • Bodily injury cover - 6%
  • Property damages cover - 11%
  • Comprehensive coverage - 29%
  • Collision coverage - 19%
  • Personal injury protection cover - 38%
  • Medical payment insurance cover - 40%

In addition, the exact make and model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee that is to be insured will also impact the overall affordability of premium. Jeep Cherokee insurance rates provided for older models will be much cheaper than those offered for newer versions. Add to that parameters like the driver’s age and gender. A teen driver will pay significantly more for Jeep Cherokee insurance than a 30 year old experienced driver with a clean driving slate for the same model. And a driver’s driving record can also add up to his/her woes meaning thereby that teen and young drivers will be charged substantially more since their probability of meeting with accidents or getting involved in collisions is pretty high because of less experience behind the wheel.

High risk Jeep Cherokee drivers that are involved in at-fault accidents or those with multiple traffic violations may also have to bear the brunt of paying high premiums. The steep hike in premiums can be up to 125% or more than the average drivers. Yet another major consideration is the residential location of a driver as the neighbourhood or city in which you live may have higher crime or theft rates. Hence, if you happen to reside in an area where crime/theft or even accident rates are high then you must be prepared to spend more money on your Jeep Cherokee insurance cost. There can be difference in premium state wise too; Jeep Cherokee drivers in Jacksonville, New Hampshire, Missouri and Vermont may pay significantly less than what drivers in Louisiana, Michigan and New York pay.

You can fix free consultation with a competent local agent or broker service to know more about the latest trends in insurance rates which are being provided for the Jeep Cherokee. can enable you to fix an appointment with a certified and experienced car insurance agent online.

How Much Is Insurance For A Jeep Cherokee With Specialist Help Online Now

From what our experts opine, the average cost of jeep grand cherokee car insurance is around $ 1414 yearly or $ 118 each month. However, at an individual level, the costs are likely to vary as several factors go into calculations of premiums other than age and the type of insurer that you are working with. But there could be few things which you may consider for saving money on premium. So, if you really want to save money on your Jeep Cherokee insurance cost, here are some strategies that you can try while ensuring that the coverage is adequate.

  • Make sure that your driving record is free of accidents for a long time. If there are unpaid traffic tickets on your driving slate, take up a training course for learning defensive driving techniques on road as it will help in qualifying for a discount.
  • You need to ensure that there is no coverage lapse. Renew your existing auto insurance policy on time for this.
  • To avoid paying extra premium in the form of late fees and penalties, you must make sure that you are paying annual premium on time especially if you have opted for a monthly payment schedule.
  • You can qualify for a special premium discount if you tell your chosen insurer that you will drive less number of miles throughout the year. Using public transport system more often can save additional dollars.
  • If possible, you must pay entire annual premium amount in lump sum at one go as it will invariably help in qualifying for premium discount.
  • Premium can be lowered and better financial protection is guaranteed by raising minimum liability coverage limits. Talk to an expert to know how much money you can save on premium.
  • Extensive shopping and comparison of multiple free quotes can save hundreds.
Some Important FAQs
The average cost to insure a jeep Cherokee for a year is $1,450 annually.
Yes, a valid driver's license is not required to buy Jeep Cherokee coverage if you are a legal resident of the United States.
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