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How Much Does Insurance Cost For A Jeep Wrangler Vehicle? Find Out Now

You may wonder as to how much is the insurance for a jeep wrangler. Well, the average yearly cost of insurance for Jeep Wrangler is around $1,732 or $144 per month. The national average vehicle insurance rates for other vehicles are $1,551 per year which means that a driver may have to pay $181 more for insurance of Jeep Wrangler vehicle. Besides, the Jeep Wrangler auto insurance cost is $316 more than similar vehicles that fall in the same category. But there could be numerous factors that go into the calculation of premiums such as driver’s age, gender, marital status, residential location, education, driving record and credit history. So, the insurance rates provided for the Jeep Wrangler to individual drivers can vary greatly among drivers.

If you are wondering, “Are jeep wranglers expensive to insure?” then you need to know that your state requirements cna conditions can matter most. Jeep Wrangler car insurance rates may also differ from state to state with Virginia and Wisconsin having the lowest rates. If you happen to be a resident of one of these states and think of buying a liability only auto insurance policy for your Jeep Wrangler then you might be required to pay as less as $245 yearly.

On the other hand, in some states Jeep Wrangler insurance premiums can be highly expensive especially for teen and newly licensed drivers. For example, a resident teen driver in Detroit, MI that has two or more driving violations on his/her driving record may have to pay as high as $35,564 per year for a full car coverage policy. The below mentioned table may give you some idea regarding average insurance cost for Jeep Wrangler by model year.

Here are some other important things which you need to be aware of about the Jeep Wrangler vehicle insurance rates.

  • Senior and experienced drivers to pay less - The average Jeep Wrangler insurance rates for 30 year old drivers is about $1,800 per year and those for 60 year old drivers is around $1,558 yearly. The difference between the two is $242 and thus, elderly drivers tend to save 13.4%.
  • Clean driving records can help save money - If you are a 30 year old driver and have an accident-free and ticketless driving history then you could end up saving $826 on yearly premium. At the same time, a 60 year old driver with a clean driving record can save up to $584 every year on Jeep Wrangler insurance coverage.
  • Good credit can be helpful in lowering rates - Credit ratings of drivers can affect affordability car insurance rates. Drivers that have bad credit are considered irresponsible based on their probability of meeting with accidents as revealed by studies. So, if your credit is poor, you can expect to pay more for Jeep Wrangler insurance.
  • Driver profession and impact on insurance rates - Teachers, doctors, police/fire officers, scientists, nurses, law enforcement officers, military members, etc. might qualify for a special discount on Jeep Wrangler insurance. Such type of an occupational premium discount could vary from $52 to $158 for each year depending on the driver’s age.
  • Obey traffic rules in your city to get lower rates - By obeying local traffic rules and regulations, you are less likely to receive any traffic tickets or get involved in accidents. It also helps in maintaining a safe driving record which is critical for getting low sustainable auto insurance rates. You need to know that even couple of traffic violations on your driving slate can raise car insurance premium by $472 every year. And if you have DUI/DWI convictions, the insurance rates may be hiked by almost $ 1,656 or even more for Jeep Wrangler insurance coverage by insurers.
  • Premiums can be lowered by raising deductibles - By choosing higher deductibles, it is possible to reduce annual premium amount drastically. For example, if a 40 year old driver raises his deductible amount from $500 to $1,000, he/she may save $224 each year on premium and a 20 year old might save around $448 each year on Jeep Wrangler insurance.
  • Reduce your premium by qualifying for discounts - Insurers offer variety of premium discounts to qualified drivers. You can check your eligibility to qualify for a discounted Jeep Wrangler insurance package and save hundreds.
  • Lowering of deductibles can cost you more money - If 40year old driver decides to lower the deductible amount from $500 to $250 then he/she is likely to incur an extra cost of $236 on annual premium. And for 20 years old drivers, this cost could surge by around $474 yearly.

7 Vital Factors That Affect Average Car Insurance For Jeep Wrangler Vehicles

For determining how much is insurance on a jeep wrangler, you may have to take into consideration the following factors.

  • Age of your vehicle - All new Jeep Wrangler versions are expensive to insure as their parts may come at a huge cost if they are required to be replaced. The average insurance cost for 2020 Jeep Wrangler model could be about $1,256 yearly while that for a 2010 version is around $1,102 per year.
  • Trim level of vehicle - Your Jeep Wrangler’s trim level can also impact its insurance rates. Sporty 2-door trim levels might be charged as high as 14% more for insurance coverage than other regular models.
  • Your age and gender - Teen and young drivers will be charged substantially more than senior and more experienced drivers that have clean driving slates. Accordingly, a 20 year old driver will pay $128 more for Jeep Wrangler insurance yearly than a 30 year old.
  • Your residential location - The place where you live and where your vehicle is parked at night can affect premium rates. Besides, the traffic density and accident rates in your city or town can also adversely impact Jeep Wrangler insurance rates.
  • Your past driving record - Insurance rates will increase by leaps and bounds if your driving history is poor and could be the highest when there are previous accidents or DUI/DWI convictions on your driving record. In addition, you may be even tagged as a high risk driver in such a situation and many insurers might not want to provide coverage for your vehicle. In such a case, you will have to work with high risk drivers’ auto insurance companies which charge very high premiums.
  • Safety & crash test ratings - As the Jeep Wrangler has been provided good for safety and crash test ratings, insurance costs will reduce and work in your favour. This is because most companies provide special discount on premium to safer and tough built vehicles.
  • Coverage extent and type - There is a direct correlation between the coverage level that you buy and pricing. If you purchase a full coverage policy that has higher limits for liability, 3rd party property damages, comprehensive and collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist and medical payments coverage features included then you can expect the premium to be high. But if you buy just minimum liability insurance for third party bodily injuries and property damages as is prescribed by your state law then the premium could be the lowest.

In any case, to find the best as well as the cheapest Jeep Wrangler auto insurance quote, you must shop and compare multiple free quotes offered by top rated standard and non-standard insurers. The shopping task can be exhaustive and complicated due to which it is always desirable to seek help from experts. can assist you to fix free consultation online with a competent local independent agent. To get kick started for getting and comparing the best cheap free quotes for saving time, energy and money, act now!

How Much Is Average Car Insurance For Jeep Wrangler For 16-25 Year Olds?

Insurers consider drivers in the age group 16 to 25 years to be highly risky propositions to insure as they are more likely to get indulged in speeding, traffic violations or meet with accidents on account of having less experience behind the driving wheel. This could be better understood from the fact that the average Jeep Wrangler car insurance cost for a 40 year old driver is $1,146 yearly while that of a 16 year old driver is $4,796 per year. The below mentioned table shows average insurance costs for Jeep Wrangler vehicles for young drivers belonging to different age groups.

Jeep Wrangler Auto Insurance Rates By The Driver Age

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $4,796
17 $4,248
18 $3,741
19 $2,679
20 $2,391
21 $1,893
22 $1,744
23 $1,596
24 $1,498
25 $1,359
40 $1,146

From the above table, it is evident that teen and young drivers under 25 tend to pay significantly more for insuring Jeep Wrangler vehicles as compared to drivers that are over 40 years. However, you can save money on Jeep Wrangler insurance costs if you get your name added to your parent’s policy. This way you will not have to purchase a separate insurance cover but your parent’s Jeep Wrangler insurance may get expensive. Still, the money spent will be much lesser than what you could be required to spend for a separate teen or young driver’s auto insurance policy.

To learn more regarding money saving tips on Jeep Wrangler insurance premiums, talk to an expert today!

Determine Average Jeep Wrangler Car Insurance Cost For Your Vehicle Online

Like with any other category of vehicles, the average jeep wrangler insurance cost will also depend on the make and manufacturing year of each version. Older Jeep Wranglers are cheaper to insure than newer versions as the in the former case, market worth is less. Insurance premiums vary according to the make and model of cars and the same is applicable to Jeep Wrangler vehicles as well. So, going by that logic, the insurance cost of a 2022 Jeep Wrangler vehicle will be the highest. The following table shows how insurance premiums may vary by price and model year.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2024 $121.10 / mo $105.62 / mo N/A $114.62 / mo $108.83 / mo N/A
2023 $335.64 / mo $173.68 / mo $236.72 / mo $112.81 / mo $147.65 / mo $282.40 / mo
2022 $329.75 / mo $192.71 / mo $160.94 / mo $152.63 / mo $155.09 / mo $147.85 / mo
2021 $395.67 / mo $167.78 / mo $129.03 / mo $135.93 / mo $117.72 / mo $140.51 / mo
2020 $273.02 / mo $168.79 / mo $126.12 / mo $117.48 / mo $106.68 / mo $108.50 / mo
2019 $391.07 / mo $173.64 / mo $124.07 / mo $143.84 / mo $120.34 / mo $116.41 / mo
2018 $220.71 / mo $191.03 / mo $134.09 / mo $115.61 / mo $110.72 / mo $94.53 / mo
2017 $294.53 / mo $192.00 / mo $121.48 / mo $110.29 / mo $107.32 / mo $110.36 / mo
2016 $264.63 / mo $148.98 / mo $116.69 / mo $114.36 / mo $103.63 / mo $105.19 / mo
2015 $260.08 / mo $159.40 / mo $105.59 / mo $120.55 / mo $102.98 / mo $97.20 / mo
2014 $286.63 / mo $163.33 / mo $123.54 / mo $99.79 / mo $92.60 / mo $98.10 / mo
2013 $223.42 / mo $152.05 / mo $103.61 / mo $97.98 / mo $98.02 / mo $109.71 / mo
2012 $265.46 / mo $139.95 / mo $111.52 / mo $91.42 / mo $89.22 / mo $91.18 / mo
2011 $216.32 / mo $148.35 / mo $112.56 / mo $103.00 / mo $86.46 / mo $110.76 / mo
2010 $183.55 / mo $142.30 / mo $102.73 / mo $92.10 / mo $86.13 / mo $92.08 / mo

The above table indicates that Jeep Wrangler vehicle insurance cost for 2021 model is more by almost 27% than that of the 2015 model. This is primarily because the market price of a 2021 Jeep Wrangler car model is more than that of a 2015 version by almost 26%. But you need to be aware that the Jeep Wrangler trim level which you select is another important consideration in the quoting exercise. The Jeep Wrangler Sport version could be the cheapest trim level, the Wrangler Rubicon or Sahara could be highly expensive versions meaning thereby that these could be even more expensive to insure.

Typically, the Jeep Wrangler sport trim models are 2-door vehicles but the other unlimited Wrangler versions are 4-door models. As a result, there is a difference of 3% in annual insurance rates, so the 4-door unlimited version will cost $62 more to insure per year.

Here Are 3 Important FAQs
It is not that expensive to insure Jeep Wrangler vehicles. On an average, the average insurance cost for Jeep Wrangler vehicles is about $1,146 per annum. This is much cheaper than the national auto insurance average which is $1,551 per year. However, your age, gender, residential location, credit history, driving record as well as exact make and model of Jeep Wrangler to be insured can affect insurance rates greatly.
There are 3 major reasons because of which a Jeep Wrangler vehicle could be much cheaper to insure. One cannot overlook the facts that it has a less powerful engine, lower theft rates and low market price. Besides, for insurers the coverage risks get considerably reduced as probability of the Jeep Wrangler vehicles meeting with accidents is low since the IIHS has provided good safety and crash test ratings.
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