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The average insurance cost for kia stinger vehicles is around $1,784 yearly or $149 monthly for a full coverage policy. If you go for a breakup by the coverage type a comprehensive cover may cost $432 per year and collision cover $844 for each year. Besides, liability coverage and a medical payments cover might cost about $508 for a year. But at an individual level, the Kia stinger auto insurance cost may vary as several factors go into calculation of premium. These include the driver’s age, gender, residential location, marital status, education level, driving record, credit history and car model.

Insurance rates for Kia Stinger cars may also get affected by the below mentioned things.

  • High-risk drivers will have to pay substantially more - Drivers that have DUI/DWI convictions or multiple traffic violations on their driving records could be considered high risk drivers by insurers. For example, once a 40 year old driver tagged high-risk, he/she may have to pay $2,150 more per year for coverage than a driver who has clean driving slate. The yearly insurance rates might be even higher for drivers that are less than 40.
  • Teen/Young male drivers will pay high car insurance rates - A teen or 20 year old male driver will be required to pay as high as $3,558 yearly for Kia Stinger insurance whereas a female driver of the same age group can expect to pay $2,628 yearly. Thus, there is a difference of $ 930 between the two genders. However, the difference narrows down considerably with passing age and so, a 50 year old male driver can expect to pay $1,624 per year while a 50 year female driver will pay $1,590 for the same annual Kia Stinger coverage. Here the difference between the two is only $34 per year.
  • Check eligibility for auto insurance discounts for saving money - Insurers provide different types of premium discounts to qualified drivers. If you qualify for some or all of these discounts, you can end up saving few hundred dollars on premium. You can get premium discount if you are a good student, safe driver with clean driving record, insuring two or more cars in your household with the same car insurer, opt for e-billing, work as a teacher, fire professional, police, etc. and several other types of discounts. Typically, by qualifying for premium discounts, it could be possible to save $304 on annual premium for insurance coverage of your Kia Stinger vehicle.
  • Credit score can directly impact the affordability of insurance rates - In states that allow insurers to use credit scores of drivers for coverage risks assessment process, the overall affordability of Kia Stinger auto insurance premiums can be greatly impacted. If a driver’s credit rating is high or above 800 then he/she has the chance to save $208 on annual premium as compared to a driver who has credit score in the range 670 to 739. At the same time, if a driver has a poor credit rating then he/she may have to pay $325 more for Kia Stinger insurance.
  • Senior and more experienced drivers will pay less than younger drivers - A 50 year old Kia Stinger driver could be required to pay $1,624 yearly for insurance while a 30 year old driver may be asked to pay $1,886 for similar coverage. You can observe that the difference between premiums for the two driver categories is about $262. A 50 year old senior driver tends to save about 13.9% than a 30 year old driver.

Is The Kia Stinger Expensive To Insure? Just Find Out With Information Online

Although the average cost of insurance on kia stinger is $1,784 per year for a standard/full coverage policy, the costs may spiral or go down depending on a host of factors. The national average cost of car insurance is $1,548 yearly or $774 for a 6 months cover or $129 monthly. This is $236 more than the national auto insurance rate and so, the Kia Stinger turns out to be an expensive proposition to insure. In addition, parameters like driver’s age, gender, residential location, credit history and driving record can further impact the Kia Stinger vehicle insurance rates at an individual level.

The average car insurance rates are worked out on the basis of premiums charged by some leading national carriers like Allstate, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, Metromile, Nationwide, State Farm, etc. for different car models from 2013 to 2020. While newer car versions could be the most expensive to insure, older vehicles could be cheaper to get insured due to their declining market values. Coverage needs for cars start changing with time and if you are driving a very old Kia Stinger model then you can even think of dropping comprehensive and collision coverage features which are highly expensive to cut down on costs.

Experts at could assist you to assess your exact coverage requirements as well as help you to get and compare the best cheap free quote estimates for your Kia Stinger. Take advantage of our specialist services to secure a solution that easily fits your budget.

Know The Features And Factors That Affect Kia Stinger Insurance Price Rates

The type of auto insurance rates which you qualify for reflect the importance of the insurer that you are working with, your geographical location; driving record and the manner you drive your vehicle. But as far as driving the Kia Stinger is concerned, insurance rates will also be impacted by the below mentioned vital parameters.

  • Body type - The Kia Stinger is categorized as a 4-door hatchback sports sedan that is available in all-wheel and rear-wheel drive versions. With its kinds of specifications, the vehicle could be cheaper to insure as compared to a two-door sports sedan but insurance will be slightly more expensive to insure than an average sedan.
  • Car type - Insurers classify the Kia Stinger as a compact executive vehicle and so, it will be less expensive as far as insurance pricing goes.
  • Gas option - Kia Stinger has a powerful 2.0L or 3.3L turbo charged engine and so, it runs only on premium gas. As the engine has immense power, the auto insurance rates will be expensive.
  • Theft rates - There are fewer instances of Kia cars being stolen and so, the Kia Stinger theft rates are low. As a result, insurers are not worried about the Kia Stinger being stolen and consequently, provide low insurance rates.
  • Repair costs - Since the Kia Stinger is categorized as a small luxury car, its repair costs are relatively cheaper to high end luxury vehicles. In addition, the Kia Stinger has generous warranties for repairs as well as maintenance problems. And even repair services are easily accessible anywhere in U.S.
  • Safety features - The Kia Stinger comes standard with some highly advanced safety features such as numerous airbags, a rear view camera and parking sensors alongside UVO e-services such as the emergency call button and automatic collision notifications. This drastically reduces the possibility of the driver or fellow passengers suffering from serious bodily injuries as well as the Kia vehicle getting severely damaged in the aftermath of an accident. Consequently, insurers’ coverage risks are to a great extent reduced and that helps in reduction of insurance costs.
  • Coverage extent - As the Kia Stinger is a new entrant in the automobile market, drivers prefer buying comprehensive/full coverage as such a proposition grants full financial protection against occurrences like damages that are likely to be caused by extreme weather conditions, theft, riots or even vandalism.
  • Policy restrictions - While majority of the insurers may offer insurance cover for the Kia Stinger, it is also likely that some auto insurance providers might refrain from providing coverage for certain categories of luxury vehicles. You need to talk to an agent to get more information about the subject so that you can make an informed decision on your Kia Stinger vehicle insurance purchase.
  • Car warranty - The makers of Kia Stinger has provided a basic 5 year warranty for the first 60,000 miles and a 10 year extended power strain warranty for up to 100,000 miles. These are deemed to be the best warranties in other cars belonging to similar category. In addition, company also offers roadside assistance for 5 years or 60,000 miles whichever is earlier.

5 Important Guidelines To Reduce The Overall Kia Stinger GT Insurance Cost

It could be perfectly possible to save additional money on your Kia Stinger auto insurance premium. To make sure that you accrue some extra savings, you may take the below mentioned vital aspects into consideration.

  1. Most of the insurers that insure Kia Stinger vehicles provide a special premium discount to drivers who drive less number of miles annually. So, if you are going to drive fewer miles during the year, you can tell your insurer and inquire whether you are eligible to get this discount.
  2. Over and above the safety features in car, you may be entitled to get a concession on premium if you have an anti-theft alarm installed in your Kia Stinger vehicle. Such a proposition reduces theft risk faced by insurers and so, it enables you to reduce your Kia Stinger premium.
  3. Insurers offer special discount on premium for group car insurance policies. Therefore, if you are a member of some club, organization or an employee, you might have to check if you qualify such kind of a discount that can be helpful in saving precious dollars on your Kia Stinger insurance.
  4. To bring down your Kia Stinger insurance cover, it is advisable not to add name of your teen driver on your policy. Teen drivers have less driving experience and as a result, the coverage risks increase for insurers because of which they will hike your Kia Stinger insurance coverage price.
  5. The best and the cheapest quotes can be accessed on the internet and so, make sure that you use online quoting tool for comparing proposals.
Few Considerations For Saving Extra Money On Kia Stinger Insurance Group Cost

As mentioned earlier, auto insurance rates depend on a host of factors but regardless of the type of car which you drive, your residential location, your age and gender, it is important for you to know that you may be eligible to get discounts on premium. Insurers usually provide an array of premium discounts to qualified drivers and you need to take advantage of those at the time of comparing your options. By qualifying for a discounted car insurance package, you have the chance to save few hundred precious dollars. Some of the major premium discounts offered by insurers are:

  • Multi-cars discount - If you get two or more vehicles in your household insured with one insurance company then it could be possible to get a special discount on premium.
  • Pay premium in full - You can obtain a discount on your Kia Stinger insurance premium if you pay the entire annual premium amount in lump sum at one go.
  • Safe driver discount - Most of the insurers consider drivers who have successfully passed out a defensive driver’s training course from a government approved institute. So, make sure that you get enrolled for safe driver training nearby at the earliest.
  • Car’s safety discount - Thankfully, the Kia Stinger is rated good for its safety features and it also has been provided 5-star crash test ratings by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS). As a result, insurers could be willing to offer drivers of the Kia vehicle a safety discount.

However, the aforesaid premium discounts are not the only financial concessions that car insurance companies provide. Majority of the insurers may even consider driver’s insurance profile to calculate premium. To that effect, if your driving slate is clean then you might be provided the lowest and best auto insurance rates. And just make sure that there has not been a coverage lapse in the past or you haven’t filed too many claims while continuing to drive safely. All these precautions will invariably help in lowering your Kia Stinger insurance premium by leaps and bounds. In addition, the following considerations are important.

  • Your age and gender - Teen and young male drivers will be charged the highest insurance rates for any range of vehicles. Insurers normally consider female drivers to be more responsible on road than their male counterparts and so, they will be charged less. But other risk assessment parameters will continue to remain the same. As you grow up in age and maintain disciplined driving habits, premiums will start reducing.
  • Number of miles driven - Insurance rates vary directly with the number of miles which you are likely to drive during a year. If you indicate to your insurer that you will be driving fewer miles annually, it is likely that insurer will consider you for an additional premium discount. Drivers that drive less than 10,000 miles yearly could be eligible for a low mileage discount. But the actual miles that you drive will be monitored by your insurers by installing a black box type device in your car.
Some Important FAQs
Kia Stinger Insurance costs vary depending on where it is purchased from, but the average price range is $86 - $116/month.
The insurance on a Kia is more expensive than a car with equivalent safety ratings because the Kia has unusual safety features. These include all-wheel drive, advanced active safety systems and the best in class for its size.
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