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Determine Nissan Rogue Car Insurance Cost With The Best Comparison Tool

The average yearly insurance cost of Nissan Rogue cars for full coverage is around $1,492 or $124 per month for 40 year old drivers. But at an individual level, the cost of insurance for Rogue vehicle will depend on the trim level which is to be insured. And on an average, the cost can be anywhere in the range from $1,372 to $1,608 per year. However, there are many factors that go into the premium calculation exercise including the exact model and year of manufacturing of the vehicle that is to be insured. Accordingly, older Nissan Rogue models tend to be much cheaper to insure.

A crucial parameter that impacts a driver’s ability to qualify for low sustainable insurance rates for the Nissan Rogue is his/her state of residence. For example, premium for Rogue in El Paso, TX is $1,374, in Nashville it is $1,516 and in Louisville the same turns out to be $ 2,372 per year. But if you are driving an old Nissan Rouge that has less market worth, you can save $502 annually by dropping expensive comprehensive and collision coverage features. The other parameters that impact Rogue insurance rates are the driver’s age, gender, deductibles, credit score and past driving record.

The following table depicts how insurance rates for the Nissan Rogue sport vary by driver age as well as deductible chosen.

Driver Age Deductible Amount Average Yearly Insurance Rates
20 $250 $3,426
$500 $2,968
$1,000 $2,534
30 $250 $1,822
$500 $1,570
$1,000 $1,326
40 $250 $1,724
$500 $1,492
$1,000 $1,270
50 $250 $1,570
$500 $1,360
$1,000 $1,160
60 $250 $1,540
$500 $1,334
$1,000 $1,138

From the above table it is evident that younger drivers tend to pay substantially more for insurance of Nissan Rogue. And newly licensed teen drivers might have to spend even more for getting the same car insured. Talk to our experts to know how much your specific Nissan Rogue model will cost to insure.

What Is The Average Cost To Insure A Nissan Rogue By The Model Year?

As compared to the national average yearly insurance cost for cars, which is about $1,592, the Nissan Rogue is much cheaper to insure with full coverage at around $1,190 per year on an average for a 40 year old driver. But the exact model year of Nissan Rogue can play a vital role in calculating insurance rates. For example, a 2010 Rogue model costs on an average $1,070 yearly for insurance. At the same time, insurance coverage the 2020 Rogue model costs $1,290 per year meaning thereby that there is a difference of $220 yearly. And the cheapest company to insure Nissan Rogue is GEICO.

Nevertheless, the premium is also likely to vary depending on the driver’s age, gender, residential location, marital status, driving record and credit history. Here is some information regarding how yearly insurance rates for the Nissan Rogue have varied by model years (2016 to 2020).

Average Yearly Insurance Rates For Nissan Rogue By The Model Year (For 40 year old driver)

Company 2020 model 2019 model 2018 model 2017 model 2016 model
GEICO $1,034 $1,022 $1,017 $996 $980
USAA $1,081 $1,073 $1,071 $1,058 $1,048
Progressive $1,152 $1,139 $1,134 $1,112 $1,095
State Farm $1,308 $1,288 $1,280 $1,245 $1,219
Nationwide $1,364 $1,371 $1,374 $1,386 $1,395
Allstate $1,664 $1,612 $1,593 $1,503 $1,436
Allied $1,642 $1,629 $1,625 $1,603 $1,587

Find out how much you may have to spend to insure your Nissan Rogue based on your age, gender, driving record, credit history, marital status, etc.

How Much Is Nissan Rogue Sport Car Insurance Cost For 16 To 25 Year Olds?

Teen and young drivers below 25 may have no or less driving histories and driver’s driving record is important to insurers for calculation of premiums. Therefore, drivers in the age group 16 to 25 years can expect to pay substantially more for Nissan Rogue auto insurance coverage because due to lack of driving experience. Accordingly, an 18 year old driver might end up paying $3,883 per year for Rogue insurance while a 40 year old may just have to spend $1,120 yearly on insurance for the same car. Thus, the difference between the Nissan Rogue vehicle insurance premiums for the two different categories of drivers is $2,693 for a year.

The below displayed table can give you an idea regarding how much 16 to 25 year old drivers may be required to pay for their insurance of Nissan Rogue vehicle on an average every year.

Average Yearly Insurance Rates For Nissan Rogue By The Driver Age

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $4,978
17 $4,410
18 $3,883
19 $2,781
20 $2,482
21 $1,965
22 $1,810
23 $1,656
24 $1,555
25 $1,411
40 $1,190

From the above table, it is evident that insurance rates for the Nissan Rogue start decreasing with growing age and driving experience. But when you are still a teen or young driver, you have the chance to save money by not buying a separate auto insurance policy. You can get your name added on your parent’s existing car insurance cover. A separate auto policy will be highly expensive. Learn more about saving money on Nissan Rogue coverage by talking to our experts today!

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Why Is The Nissan Rogue Insurance Cost Different That Of All Other Nissans?

If you compare the insurance rates that are offered for Nissan Rogue vehicles with that of other cars in the same category and even other Nissan models, you will find that there is a lot of difference. Despite the coverage levels being the same, there are few other reasons for this as are mentioned below.

  1. Difference in safety features - Number of safety features like front/side air bags, adaptive cruise control, anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control, the lane departure warning system, traction control, etc
  2. Difference in safety and crash test ratings - The safety and crash test ratings provided by the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are different from those provided to other Nissan/car models
  3. Difference in repair/replacement costs of car parts - Costs for repair or replacement of parts and components of Nissan Rogue are different from those for other Nissan models or vehicles.
  4. Difference is size of the car from that of other vehicles - The size of any vehicle is vital for insurers as it is likely to play a crucial role in causing damages to other person(s) or other person’s property in the event of an accident. For example, an SUV is likely to inflict more damage as compared to a small smart car. So, insurance rates for SUVs are higher.
  5. Difference in the ease with which thefts can be done - If a vehicle doesn’t have an anti-theft device installed in it or doesn’t have electronic keys then the probability of theft is high. This can lead to higher premium.
5 Useful Tips To Get The Best Nissan Rogue Coverage And Save Lot Of Money

Here are some 5 important strategies for saving money on Nissan Rogue auto insurance cost.

  • When comparing your options, make sure that the quotes have same coverage features and levels.
  • It could be even better if you take into account the insurance cost before buying a Nissan Rogue car.
  • Make sure that you have successfully passed out a defensive driver’s training course from some government accredited institute prior to embarking on shopping for Nissan Rogue vehicle insurance quote estimates.
  • To keep the insurance cost low, it is suggested to purchase winter tires for your Nissan Rogue.
  • It is challenging to shop and compare multiple free quotes. So, it is desirable to seek help from experts as such a move will enable you to save not just money but make an informed decision on your car insurance purchase.
  • While comparing free quotes, make sure that you ask about discounts with every insurer.
About Nissan Rogue Insurance - 2 Important FAQs
The average yearly insurance cost of Nissan for a 40 year old driver is $1,109. This can vary greatly depending on a driver’s age, gender, residential location, past driving record, credit history as well as the exact Rogue model by year. Besides, teen or young drivers that are less than 25 and bad drivers will have to pay substantially more for insuring the Nissan Rogue.
No. A Nissan Rogue is not that expensive to insure as many of you think. If you compare its average yearly insurance cost with that of the national average cost of insurance for all cars, it turns out to be cheaper by about $383 per year. This is because basically the Nissan Rogue has an engine that has low horsepower and so, its market value is less. As a result, it is less risky to insure for companies that charge less.
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