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How Much Is Car Insurance Cost For A Subaru Brz?

Subaru BRZ insurance rates vary from one driver to another based on the outcome of various factors. There is no doubt that this sports car has earned a great reputation among car lovers and is also preferable for good safety ratings with two top organizations – IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). This results in the higher than average cost of Subaru BRZ insurance.

The average cost of insuring a 2020 Subaru BRZ is $1,642 for a six-month auto insurance policy. The amount of insurance premium depends on your insurance company as well as the year and make of your car. The insurance cost also depends on the driver profile, driving record, and other factors.

If you compare Subaru BRZ car insurance rates of the top insurance companies, you will find that USAA provides the cheapest insurance for this sports car. It is around 45% less than the average cost for a six-month policy. Similarly, State Farm offers 35% cheaper insurance than average.

The cost of insuring your Subaru BRZ car can change depending on how old you are. Here are the typical prices you might have to pay for insurance based on your age group.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2023 $485.87 / mo $606.06 / mo $130.42 / mo N/A N/A N/A
2022 $557.95 / mo $305.30 / mo $177.42 / mo $171.11 / mo $186.58 / mo $135.81 / mo
2021 N/A $150.38 / mo N/A N/A N/A N/A
2020 $329.39 / mo $271.51 / mo $215.72 / mo $154.91 / mo $123.55 / mo $300.33 / mo
2019 $485.20 / mo $264.58 / mo $158.09 / mo $119.92 / mo $108.16 / mo $112.00 / mo
2018 $282.66 / mo $212.09 / mo $221.47 / mo $56.67 / mo $64.80 / mo $107.46 / mo
2017 $310.22 / mo $246.32 / mo $137.41 / mo $133.33 / mo $238.28 / mo $85.07 / mo
2016 $437.63 / mo $228.13 / mo $145.60 / mo $149.08 / mo $61.84 / mo $127.23 / mo
2015 $309.96 / mo $211.93 / mo $131.07 / mo $163.27 / mo $138.51 / mo $107.92 / mo
2014 $287.17 / mo $191.69 / mo $105.24 / mo $106.37 / mo $165.23 / mo $93.96 / mo
2013 $280.73 / mo $205.06 / mo $122.77 / mo $141.55 / mo $108.94 / mo $136.52 / mo

What Insurance Coverage Are Required For Subaru BRZ

Subaru BRZ, a two-door sports car, is at high risk of theft, which means the insurance company will ask you for higher insurance rates than average vehicles. The insurance rate for Subaru BRZ is higher as this car is capable of reaching higher speeds.

The average cost of insuring Subaru BRZ is around $481 a year for minimum coverage, whereas you have to pay around $2,032 a year for full coverage. This amount is quite more than the national average rate. We all know that the Subaru BRZ is a sports car, which means there are some parts of this car that can lead to expensive replacement or repair costs.

Also, Subaru BRZ is known for good safety ratings. But, it is also true that this model of Subaru is not as safe as some of its other models, and this outcome is based on the average safety ratings of all models.

Before you drive your new Subaru BRZ on the road, it is extremely important to ensure that you have the required coverage to save yourself from any trouble if there are any unexpected circumstances. There are different insurance requirements from one state to another. But, this may include the following:

  • Bodily injury liability - This covers any bodily damages that have been caused to another person in a car accident.
  • Property damage liability - This covers any damages to the property that have been caused to another person’s vehicle in a car accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured coverage - This covers the damages that have been caused by another driver who is either uninsured or underinsured.
  • Comprehensive coverage - This covers the damages to your car due to several reasons; it can be theft, flood, any natural disaster, or other non-accident causes.
  • Collision coverage - This covers the damages to your car if you are involved in an accident, no matter who is at fault.

Bodily injury liability and property damage liability, both are the insurance requirements for minimum coverage. For most states, drivers are required to carry some coverage. These can be – drivers to carry uninsured or underinsured coverage, but this coverage differs from one state to another.

Comprehensive and collision coverage are the insurance requirements for a full coverage policy. These coverage are available at higher costs and also ask for deductibles. The amount of deductible will depend on the insurance company as well as the type of policy you choose.

Factors That Impact Subaru BRZ Insurance Rates

It is true that the model of your car decides the insurance rate of your car insurance policy. But, keep in mind that this is not the only factor that insurance companies take into account to calculate the insurance rates.

Different insurance companies ask for different insurance rates for Subaru BRZ. In some cases, the company with the lowest insurance rate of the same car model may change depending on the model year and other factors, such as driver age and driving record. When you buy Subaru BRZ car insurance, it is recommended to compare Subaru BRZ insurance quote of several insurance companies. It will help in finding the best and lowest rates.

The insurance rate for Subaru BRZ varies depending on various factors. If you are looking for an answer - how much is car insurance for a Subaru BRZ? You must be familiar with these factors.

  • Your age - Teenage drivers are more likely to get the highest insurance rates for Subaru BRZ. As per the report, it is found that Subaru BRZ insurance for 18 year old drivers is $3,983 for a six-month insurance policy. On the other hand, drivers in their 50s and 60s have to pay the cheapest insurance rates.
  • Gender - Gender is also one factor that is considered to determine Subaru BRZ insurance rates. The male drivers are asked to pay more dollars than female drivers because male drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents.
  • Driving record - The driving record brings a great impact on insurance rates. If you are a driver with several traffic violations or you have DUI on your record, you will have to pay higher rates than drivers enjoying a clean driving record.
  • Location - The location also plays a vital role in deciding insurance rates. Some states have no-fault car insurance laws, as a result of which, they ask for higher rates for Subaru BRZ insurance. If the specific area/location is found to have more insurance claims if you live there, you can expect higher rates.
  • Credit score - Some states consider credit score as one of the factors to decide insurance rates. If you are a driver with a good credit score, you can enjoy more discounts.
  • Vehicle’s features - Certain features in Subaru BRZ can help you get reduced insurance rates. The specific safety and anti-theft features can enable you to earn discounts.

    When there are so many factors that contribute to the insurance rates of Subaru BRZ, it is a good idea to compare the quotes from different insurers based on your individual characteristics.

Average Cost of Subaru BRZ Insurance Policy

You have already learned that the insurance cost for Subaru BRZ depends on various factors. Here, your age, location, driving record, marital status, etc. are some of the major factors that are used to determine how much you have to pay to insure your car. In addition to these factors, Atoz Insurance also looks for the average rate of some of the top insurance companies. Also keep in mind that the average rate of these insurers and the actual insurance rate for your Subaru BRZ may vary.

If you compare Subaru BRZ with other competitor cars, you will find that the insurance rate of the 2020 Subaru BRZ is affordable. Also, you should know that Subaru BRZ insurance rate for an 18 year old driver is higher than the same insurance policy for an older driver. For young drivers, the car insurance companies ask for around $3,983 average insurance cost for a six-month policy. This amount is almost 2.4 times higher than the average insurance rate for 30 year old drivers.

Subaru BRZ Insurance Cost For 16 to 25 Year Old

The average cost to insure a Subaru BRZ is $1,495 a year, which is a little more costly than the national average cost i.e., $1,427. If you have a Subaru BRZ, you have to pay around $67 more than the average cost for all similar car models. But, this insurance cost is still lesser than the average insurance cost of other luxury cars.

For young drivers, auto insurance companies charge more insurance rates, no matter what car they drive. An 18 year old driver who drives a Subaru BRZ has to pay an average cost of $4,878 a year. On the other hand, a 40 year old driving a Subaru BRZ is asked to pay around $3,384, which is quite less than young drivers.

Young drivers can save on their insurance rates by using their parent’s policy. The insurance cost of teens, when added to their parent’s policy, is less as compared to when they choose to buy separate insurance.

The average cost to insure a Subaru BRZ for a 16 year old driver is $6,254 a year, which is higher than the Subaru BRZ insurance cost for 20 year old i.e., $3,119 per year. Similarly, Subaru BRZ insurance cost for 19 year old lies in between these two ages i.e., $3,494. If you are 25 years old, you need to pay the $1,772 average rate.

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $6,254
17 $5,540
18 $4,878
19 $3,494
20 $3,119
21 $2,469
22 $2,274
23 $2,081
24 $1,953
25 $1,772
40 $1,495
Tips to Get the Best Subaru BRZ Insurance Rate

Though the insurance rate for Subaru BRZ is higher, it does not mean that you cannot do anything to lower this cost. You have a number of ways to lower your insurance rate and save money.

  • Choose a Subaru BRZ with the latest safety features - You should know that choosing a Subaru BRZ with the latest safety features is more likely to be eligible for special discounts.
  • Shop around before purchasing - It is recommended to shop around before making any final deal. It will help in choosing a trim level of Subaru BRZ that best fits your budget. This will also save your time in requesting quotes to get the best insurance rate.
  • Adjust your deductible - Remember that adjusting your deductible helps in determining your insurance rate. It means that you will need to pay more out of your pocket if you get involved in an accident, and also, you need to file a claim.
  • Adjust your coverage limits - You always have the freedom to change your coverage limits. You just need to make sure that you have adequate insurance capable enough to meet your state and lending needs.

Once you are done with shortlisting a few quotes, make sure to compare their offered rates and insurance levels. This will help you choose an insurance company that meets your budget the best.

When you are an owner of a Subaru BRZ or planning to buy one, it is important to understand insurance requirements. It is also helpful to know different ways to lower the Subaru BRZ insurance rate.

Subaru BRZ Car Insurance FAQs
The average insurance cost of a Subaru BRZ is $1,495 per year. This cost may differ from one insurance company to another and also differs based on various factors.
Yes, Subaru BRZ insurance is more expensive than other similar cars as it is a sports car. This car has a high risk of driving, and also, there is a high theft rate, which makes it highly costly to insure.
Yes, it is true. Subaru BRZ has high maintenance costs because some of its parts can be available at higher costs. Subaru BRZ is also expensive to maintain due to the high risk of driving.
Yes, the Subaru BRZ is one of the safest cars, thanks to its good safety features. It has an anti-lock braking system, emergency stop signal, ring-shaped reinforcement frame, SRS airbags, whiplash-reducing front seats, etc.
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