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Average Cost To Insure Subaru Forester

If you are driving a Subaru, of course, you may be wondering about the average cost of Subaru Forester car insurance that you have to pay to drive your car legally and safely on the road. At the same time, you must know that insurance rates to insure your Subaru Forester vary based on several factors.

The average cost of insuring a Subaru Forester is $1,356 a year for full coverage. It means that the monthly average cost of insuring a Subaru Forester will be around $113. This monthly insurance cost may range between $105 and $119 for you, where this cost will depend on the trim level of your car.

It is true that there are various factors that determine Subaru Forester insurance rates, such as driving record, location, mileage, marital status, and others. If we compare the insurance cost of a Subaru Forester with a compact SUV, it is found that the average cost of SUV insurance is $1,371 per year. So, we can say that you can save around $15 or more per year on insuring a Subaru Forester as compared to other similar cars.

The average cost of insuring a Subaru Forester in 2022 for a high-risk driver at age 30 is $3,122 per year, which is the highest insurance rate. On the other side, safe drivers of age 40 have to pay $1,356 to insure the same car. Always remember that Subaru Forester insurance cost is different based on the driver’s age and risk profile.

Also, a 16 years old driver having speeding tickets and accident claims in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, needs to pay around $11,054 per year for full coverage. If we talk about the cheapest insurance rate for a Subaru Forester, Maine or Idaho charges as cheap as $206 per year for liability-only insurance.

Buy The Best Insurance Rates For Subaru Forester

Always keep in mind that if you are looking for the best car insurance for Subaru Forester, it requires you to be a safe and polite driver, along with various other factors. Finding the best rates requires good credit, a safe location, and also being claim-free. So, it becomes important to shop around and compare the insurance quotes from several car insurance companies.

You can get these quotes from insurers directly, or you can opt for taking the help of local, independent insurance agents.

The insurance rate for a Subaru Forester differs depending on the model year, trim level, and comprehensive, collision, and liability coverage.

  • If you are looking for higher levels of liability, you have to pay around $370 per year with the aim to get an increment to a 250/500 level, which was previously 30/60 bodily injury limits.
  • One of the best ways to save around $160 every year is to get online insurance quotes for your Subaru Forester in advance.
  • If you opt for increasing deductibles in your car insurance policy, this could be a beneficial step to save around $550 every year.
  • As we have said earlier, a teenage driver, such as a 16-year-old driver, has to pay the highest insurance rate for insuring a Subaru Forester. It will be around $393 a month for full coverage.

No matter whether you have a new or old Subaru Forester, the best car insurance will be based on the outcome of the factors that help in determining the actual insurance cost.

How much does it cost to insure a Subaru Forester? The starting cost of owning a Subaru Forester is $25,000. But, if you want to own the 2018 model year of Subaru Forester, it will be less than the newest model year. Also, it is recommended to consider the annual maintenance cost of a Subaru Forester you are going to buy.

In case of owning a used Subaru Forester, you will pay a lower insurance rate. This rate varied from one insurance company to another. The insurers look for some factors, including car safety ratings and vehicle class. Alias Insurance can help you find the best insurance rate for your Subaru Forester online.

Features Of Subaru Forester That Impact Its Insurance Rate

The average cost of car insurance for Subaru Forester is $1,674 a year for full coverage. There are various factors that are considered to decide the actual insurance cost for insuring a Subaru Forester. In addition to your claim history and mileage, there are other factors considered by insurance companies. These include the make and model of your vehicle, as they also bring a great impact on your insurance premium.

Subaru Forester comes with a number of safety features. There are various common safety features that impact the average insurance cost for Subaru Forester. These include:

  • Blind-spot detection - This feature helps in decreasing accidents, especially when there is a lane change by 14%.
  • Defensive driver discount - You can obtain an extra premium discount if you have successfully passed out a training course for learning safe driving practices from some government approved institute. It will prevent you from having speeding/traffic tickets or get involved in accidents which are a cause of concern for insurers.
  • Rear-vision camera - These types of cameras are effective in mitigating reverse auto accidents by 80% when this feature is combined with the automatic brake system.
  • Reverse automatic brake system - When you operate your car in reverse, this feature helps in automatic braking. Moreover, this feature works effectively in preventing a collision.
  • STARLINK safety and security - This feature is very helpful if you are ever involved in an accident as it alerts an operator once your car collides. It is also useful in connecting you to roadside help by pushing a button.
  • EyeSight - Subaru has the proprietorship of this advanced technology in vehicles. This feature helps in monitoring traffic and informs you when you are outside your lane. Another feature of this technology is pre-collision braking which becomes active automatically to prevent a collision. Other features include throttle control and automatic steering.

The common safety features that are found in all models of Subaru Forester are distraction mitigation system, blind-spot detection, rear-vision camera, and reverse automatic brake system. These features may lead to a lower insurance rate.

Different Car Insurance Discounts For Subaru Forester

No matter where you live, which car model you have, or what your age is, you always look for different ways to lower the insurance rate and save money. It is true that almost all people do not want to miss any chance of taking as many car insurance discounts as possible. So, when you shop for a car insurance policy, you need to look for discounts you may be eligible for.

Though all car insurance companies offer different discounts, there are some discounts that you will be able to find the most insurance companies. These include:

  1. Vehicle safety discounts - These discounts are applicable to vehicles that have higher than average safety ratings. This discount is also eligible for vehicles with certain safety features, such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, etc.
  2. Defensive driving discounts - This discount is applicable for drivers who have taken a defensive driving class from an accredited driving school or institution. It is a type of driving training in which a driver is made aware of the driving rules and from basic to additional driving techniques.
  3. Multi-policy discounts - If you opt for getting home and car insurance policies from the same insurer, you can be eligible for this discount.
  4. Pay-in-full discounts - If you choose to pay the entire price of your car insurance policy upfront rather than going on a monthly basis, the insurance company may consider you for this discount.

These are not all discounts offered by auto insurance companies. But, they are some of the best ways to get the cheapest insurance rates for your vehicle. Also, they work great in strengthening your insurance profile that insurers consider while determining the insurance rate.

Insurance companies look for certain things to decide the insurance rate, such as safe driving, avoiding gaps in coverage, and no insurance claims recently.

At the same time, it is also true that you cannot manage all aspects of your auto insurance profile. But, there are a few things that you can control. These aspects can help you save a few dollars on your car insurance. These include your driving record (insurance rate will be higher if you are involved in an accident or get tickets) and how much you drive (the number of miles you drive per year also affect your car insurance rate).

How Can You Save On Insuring A Subaru Forester?

There are a number of ways that can help you save more on insuring a Subaru Forester. If you want to get the best Subaru Forester auto insurance rate, these points can help you to a great extent.

  • In case you are driving an old Subaru Forester, it would be beneficial to get an insurance policy with liability-only coverage.
  • You can ask your insurer for possible discounts for drivers with disabilities. (If you are the one among them)
  • You can ask your insurer about the safety discounts for Subaru Forester.
  • Don’t forget to ask about low mileage discounts for Subaru Forester.
  • You can also save some dollars by asking about usage-based insurance to insure your Subaru Forester.
  • Being a good driver can also help in saving on your Subaru Forester insurance policy.
  • Some states use the credit details of a driver as one factor to determine the insurance rate. So, put extra effort into cleaning up your credit in order to lower the insurance rate.

Always remember, Subaru Forester insurance cost differs between auto insurance companies. Also, it depends on the model year of your Subaru Forester. The best and most effective way is to collect quotes from multiple insurance companies and compare their quotes to get the best possible insurance rate for your Subaru Forester.

Some Important FAQs
The average cost to insure a Subaru Forester is around $1,064. This insurance rate is not fixed for all drivers as it varies depending on various factors. These include the model year of your car, driving record, location, insurance company, and your age.
Subaru Forester is not expensive to insure as compared to the average insurance cost of other similar vehicles. Being a low-value car, the repair and maintenance cost of the Subaru Forester is also low. Also, this car does not have several horsepower, which makes Subaru Forester quite safer for a driver and makes him/her less likely to be involved in collisions.
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