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Average Cost For Subaru WRX Car Insurance

The average Subaru WRX car insurance costs around $1,706 per year or $142 per month currently. Insuring your car requires many things to consider altogether. Different companies have different values for the same cars based on their calculations. You can get the best insurance for Subaru WRX and other services after considering your details and requirements.

When you insure your vehicle, there are various factors that affect the price to be paid. The insurance companies check your age, location, education, driving history as well as your marital status. The Subaru WRX average insurance rate is calculated very carefully. The car insurance rate data is analyzed scrupulously. After that, they calculate the average insurance for Subaru WRX that you are expected to pay in accordance to your age.

The various different data and details of the drivers are studied to determine the auto insurance rates. Atoz Insurance research the rates that top car insurance companies charge upon the drivers. The Subaru WRX insurance cost is carefully planned after all these analyses. However, you are expected to bear in mind that the rates provided below are the average prices. The actual 2022 Subaru WRX insurance cost may differ from these rates depending on your age or other factors.

The cost of insuring your Subaru WRX can change depending on your age group. Here are the typical rates you might have to pay.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2023 $203.52 / mo $485.89 / mo $575.27 / mo N/A $119.72 / mo N/A
2022 $372.16 / mo $257.38 / mo $183.96 / mo $156.42 / mo $152.01 / mo $96.00 / mo
2021 $374.11 / mo $235.93 / mo $188.11 / mo $161.19 / mo $128.96 / mo $124.67 / mo
2020 $332.89 / mo $238.37 / mo $159.69 / mo $165.83 / mo $148.58 / mo $228.37 / mo
2019 $357.91 / mo $227.82 / mo $171.77 / mo $131.07 / mo $125.12 / mo $175.37 / mo
2018 $297.59 / mo $218.35 / mo $157.81 / mo $202.28 / mo $172.27 / mo $243.35 / mo
2017 $402.66 / mo $227.04 / mo $144.82 / mo $190.97 / mo $138.22 / mo $136.80 / mo
2016 $351.58 / mo $209.98 / mo $148.14 / mo $134.12 / mo $99.81 / mo $130.53 / mo
2015 $282.39 / mo $200.21 / mo $125.74 / mo $130.08 / mo $123.72 / mo $122.77 / mo
2013 N/A $231.87 / mo N/A N/A N/A N/A

How Much Does Subaru WRX Insurance Cost?

The insurance costs can vary with every car and model. As of now, the average insurance for Subaru WRX is $1,760 yearly for complete coverage. If you have a look at any average sports car, the insurance may cost upto $ 2,115 per year. On the other hand, WRX could probably save you $409 annually.

The thing about every automobile insurance policy is that the policy cost is lower when the deductibles are higher. However, deductibles should be carefully selected keeping in mind your comfort and how much you can afford. The deductibles and policy costs can differ with age. You may have noticed that the average WRX insurance cost for a 60-year old and a 20-year old are quite different. The former is only $1,522 while the latter is $3,374 annually.

Teenagers are expected to pay more than the senior citizens. Even for teenagers, there may be a chance that a female has to pay less than the cost male pays. For example, if the Subaru WRX insurance for a 19-year old male is around $6,000, then the same for a 19-year old female would be about $5,000. As the age increases, the cost decreases gradually and by the time they are 22-year old, the insurance cost may drop to $4,000 and $3,000 respectively.

Below are some other observations from policies regarding Subaru WRX car insurance that could help you out:

  • High Risk Policies - There are many high-risk policies that require you to buy at a rate higher than ideal cost. Every company can have their own set of conditions but you need to choose the plan that is most suitable for you. For example, if a 30- or 40-year old is required to buy a policy with more than $2,000 cost rate, then it is a high-risk policy. Mostly the policy rates for 30-year old or more is less than $2,000. Such high-risk policies are to be beware of.
  • Discount Policies - This covers any damages to the property that have been caused to another person’s vehicle in a car accident.
  • Uninsured/underinsured coverage - There may be some discounts applicable when certain conditions are met. These discounts can lower the WRX insurance cost for you. If you have a low annual mileage, are a loyal customer, are a senior citizen, have insured your car and house from the same insurance company or any other conditions that may be applicable, you can possibly get discounts on your insurance policy. The discount policy may vary from company to company but they can lower your insurance cost by at least $200.
  • Teenage Drivers - For most of the companies, the teenagers are required to pay the most cost for insurance. But the rate of insurance decreases as the age increases. The average rate for a 16-year old driver with a clean record is $6,126. You need to be prepared for paying a large amount if you are a teenager.
  • Increase Deductibles - You can increase the deductibles to a certain amount which can save you some amount for insurance rates. As a 40-year old driver, if you increase the deductible from $500 to $1000, you can save about $258 per year. You can, of course, increase the amount that is most feasible for you.
  • Credit Scores - In some states, even the credit score can be considered as a factor to evaluate your insurance rate. Having a credit score of 800 may end up benefiting you $268 more than a credit score of 600-700. And vice versa, a lower credit score can cost you $310 more annually.

Features That Impact Your Subaru WRX Insurance Cost

Insurance companies evaluate safety and crash ratings of the car and the model while calculating the rate for insurance. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has rated Subaru WRX with 5-star ratings and perfect scores. Based on the safety features, the insurers can give you safety discounts too. There are various outstanding features in Subaru WRX that can ensure your safety and help reduce your bills during accidents. Some of the safety features that can affect your Subaru WRX insurance costs are listed below.

  • Whiplash reduction Seats- Whiplash collisions during accidents can damage your spine. Hence, the Subaru WRX is designed so that the front seats can absorb the shock during a rear collision and protect the driver as well as the front seat passenger better. This design can ensure the safety of the passengers and also lead to lesser car insurance cost for the company.
  • Supplemental Restraint System Airbags - SRS airbags are necessary in a car for the individual protection of all the passengers. Subaru WRX contains an airbag for driver, passengers, front head, back head and front side. This airbag system can help reduce various serious injuries for the passengers and the driver. This reduces the medical bills and, ultimately, your insurance costs to be paid.
  • Ring Shaped Reinforcement Frame - The structure of the Subaru WRX reinforcement frame is ring-shaped. This prevents a lot of severe side-impact collisions and result in minor injuries only. They are built to protect the passengers against collisions from any and all directions. This is one of the most special features of Subaru WRX and can save a lot of cost on your WRX car insurance.
  • Cabin Protection Layout - Cabin protection layout of Subaru is a very helpful mechanism during accidents. Whenever a head-on collision occurs, the gear box and the engine are positioned such that they do not move into the cabin for the driver’s and passengers’ safety. Instead they slide under the driver so that it does not injure the driver. This safety feature can help reduce a lot of medical bills and your car insurance costs.
  • Symmetrical All-wheel drive - Subaru WRX has a full time four-wheel system which provides better balance because of the symmetry, and hence, gives a good control over the wheels as a driver. It also has a slippage sensor that can send symmetrical power to all the wheels. This can greatly reduce the chances of slipping. This mechanism is very efficient and enables the vehicle for a longer period of time. This safety feature of WRX not only keeps you safe but is also worth your money. As a feature that can help avoid accidents, it will definitely help you get a cheaper car insurance rate.

Subaru WRX Insurance Cost for 16-25 Year Olds

The insurance policy for teenagers is always high regardless of the type of car or model. Teenagers tend to have less driving experience and are more likely to drive recklessly. This puts them under a lot of risk when driving the car. This makes the teenagers liable to a larger amount than other age groups.

The Subaru WRX insurance for 18 year old can be seen as $4,707 per annum and the same for a 40-year old is $1,442. The insurance cost decreases with the increasing age with teenagers paying the most. The Subaru WRX insurance for 20 year old reduces to $3,000 and for a 25-year old it becomes $1,710.

The insurance companies add teenagers to the parent’s policy, since this is the most beneficial to the parents and helps them save a lot of money. This is because individual policy rates for 16- to 25-years old drivers are very high. However high the cost for teenagers may be, if the driver takes proper care of the car and meets the discount conditions, they can end up saving a lot of money on an annual basis.

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $6,035
17 $5,346
18 $4,707
19 $3,371
20 $3,009
21 $2,382
22 $2,194
23 $2,008
24 $1,885
25 $1,710
40 $1,442
How to Save Money on Subaru WRX Insurance Rates?

Subaru WRX can be somewhat expensive for insurance but it is affordable than most of the other sports cars. The companies offer many discounts and offers under certain conditions that can be applicable. These discounts can help you lower your insurance rates and save your money annually.

Education is one of the major factors when considering your car insurance cost. The better your education background, the better discount you can get for your Subaru WRX car insurance. Another factor that can help you save a lot on your car insurance is the mileage. If you have a very low annual mileage on your car, you can get one of the best discounts on your car insurance. You can install a mileage tracking device to obtain this discount.

Age is also used to evaluate your car insurance rate. And if you are a senior citizen you can get the cheapest insurance for Subaru WRX. The Subaru WRX insurance rates lower down with an increase in age. Senior citizens or those above 40-years old have a possibility of getting the lowest insurance costs.

Also there are more discounts available that differ from company to company. There may be special discounts for loyal customers too in some insurance companies. You can keep an eye on such discounts and take advantage of them to save your money.

Subaru WRX Car Insurance FAQs
The average insurance cost Subaru WRX drivers pay is $1,442 per year. The insurance rate depends on a lot of factors like your age, education, driving history, location, marital status, credit score and many others. The costs for the same can vary for each company too as per their conditions and policies.
Yes, Subaru WRX is considered as a sports car for insurance purposes and hence the same insurance policies apply to it as other sports cars. This makes the rates for the car a little bit expensive. But with discounts and other factors considered, you can get the insurance as an affordable cost.
The average insurance for Subaru WRX can be moderately expensive since it is considered as a sports car for insurance policies. Regardless of the safety features in the car, the drivers can engage in risky driving behaviour. However, the annual cost of its insurance is only $15 higher than the national average so it is feasible. You can also avail discounts that are offered by the company to lower the insurance cost.
The Subaru WRX insurance cost is moderately expensive per annum. But the excellent features and its safety features are tested as the best. Subaru WRX has proven and earned wonderful crash and rollover ratings. With all the latest and one of the best mechanisms, this new sports car is totally worth the cost.
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