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Average Car Insurance Cost for Toyota Highlander

If you want to know the cost of Toyota Highlander car insurance, there are various factors that help in determining the exact cost of your car insurance. These include your age, location, driving history, marital status, and others. These factors are used to find the price you have to pay for car insurance Toyota Highlander.

The car insurance rate data is analyzed, and the average rate of the car insurance is calculated to let you know the insurance price you need to pay based on your age. The average rate of some of the top-rated car insurance companies is also considered. Here, it is important to keep note that here we are talking about the average rate only. However, your actual Toyota Highlander insurance cost may vary.

As per the 2021 models, it is found that Toyota Highlander is one of the great cars for people on a budget. As well as based on numerous quotes, it is also found that average Toyota Highlander car insurance costs about $138 per month.

What Is the Toyota Highlander Insurance Cost?

When you talk about the average cost of a Toyota Highlander car insurance policy, it is around $1,637 per year i.e., nearly $137 per month. If you compare this insurance rate with midsize SUV average cost, you can expect to pay around $109 more per year.

If you compare Toyota Highlander insurance rates with the cost of other cars, the cost of insuring Highlander is around $132 more than the average cost of these cars. The average cost to insure all other cars is around $1,506 a year, which is nearly 8.7% less than Highlander.

The average insurance cost of a Toyota Highlander for high-risk drivers of age 30 is $3,760, which is the highest than other drivers. Looking for an answer to a question – how much does it cost to insure a Toyota Highlander for a safe driver of age 20? The average insurance rate for these drivers is around $3,290 a year, which is less than higher than the high-risk drivers, but higher than safe drivers of age between 30 and 60.

To understand the full scope of Toyota Highlander auto insurance, always keep in mind that when you buy a liability-only car insurance policy in some areas of Idaho or Wisconsin, the cost is quite low. It can be around $228 per year. On the other hand, a teenage driver of age 16 with a few speeding tickets in some parts of New York can be asked to pay around $15,268 per year, and that too with full coverage.

Fortunately, most people owning a Toyota Highlander fall in the category with lower insurance rates. It is true that insurance rates of high-profile cars are a little complicated. Also, there are certain factors that are considered to get the final insurance rate. So, it becomes important to compare rates to get the actual rate quote for your car insurance at Atoz Insurance.

Whatever Highlander model, body style, or make you have, overall, these cars are more affordable to insure as compared to other average cars.

Some Quick Facts about Highlander Car Insurance

The average insurance cost for Toyota Highlander is around $1,420 a year in annual coverage for a standard insurance policy. It is also true that this average cost varies depending on the factors that are put together to determine the actual cost of your Highlander insurance policy. These factors include your location, driving history, age, and others. The insurance companies use these factors to calculate the cost for insuring your Toyota Highlander.

  • The average rate of car insurance is $1,637 a year, where $818 is the average cost for the 6-months policy, or we can also say that you have to pay $137 per month.
  • The average cost for insuring a Toyota Highlander is around $1,420.
  • When we compare the insurance cost of Highlander with average vehicles, it is around $140 below average.
  • Toyota Highlander insurance cost is less than the cost to insure the average SUV..
  • The liability-only insurance premiums of Toyota Highlander are around $75 a month, whereas the insurance rate with full coverage is around $137 a month.

The average cost of Highlander insurance is given based on the insurance rates from some of the top auto insurance companies. These rates are available based on new models as well as the common trim levels. This does not include much older vehicles where they have reduced insurance rates, and also, their coverage limits change frequently.

Applicable Discounts for Toyota Highlander Car Insurance

It is true that your age, car model, location, and other factors help in determining the actual cost of auto insurance. Whatever age, car type, or home state you have, you can take the benefits of car insurance discounts to save money on your car insurance policy.

You must know that no two auto insurance companies offer the same discounts. But, there are some discounts that you will find with some insurance companies. These discounts are:

  1. Defensive driving discounts - This discount is applicable to drivers who have taken a defensive driving class from a certified institution or school.
  2. Multiple car discounts - This discount is applicable to drivers who want to insure more than one car with the same insurance company.
  3. Vehicle safety discounts - This discount is applicable to drivers who want to insure a car with specific safety features, such as an anti-lock braking system, brake assistance, obstacle detection, airbags, etc. This also includes cars with higher safety ratings than average.
  4. Multiple policy discounts - This discount can be benefitted for drivers who want to buy home and car policies from the same insurer.

    Taking benefits of the applicable discounts provides a great way to save money on insuring your car. It also gives the best way to have a profile that brings a great impression to car insurance providers.

    It is also true that you cannot control each aspect of these offered discounts to save money. But, you can enjoy the benefits of some of them by putting in some effort. Here are some of the aspects that can help you with insurance cost savings.
  5. Your driving record - Insurance companies offer affordable rates to drivers who have a good driving record. So, don’t be surprised to know your higher insurance rate if you have been involved in an accident or got a few speeding tickets.
  6. How much you drive - A number of miles you drive in a year also impact your car insurance rate. The drivers who drive less are less likely to get into an accident, so they will have low car insurance.
Reasons For Difference Between Insurance Cost of Highlander & Other Toyota Model

When you compare the insurance rates of Toyota Highlander and other Toyota models, you will find a substantial difference between them. Some of the reasons for this difference are:

  • Toyota Highlander and other models have a difference in their safety features, such as the number of airbags, anti-lock braking system, traction control, forward collision warning, etc.
  • You will also find differences in the safety ratings and crash test ratings in their NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) or IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety).
  • Another reason for the difference in insurance costs is due to the difference in their replacement or repair costs.
  • There are also differences in the size of Toyota models, such as a large SUV is more likely to experience property damage than other smart cars.
  • Another difference is the ease of theft, especially due to the lack of electronic keys, anti-theft systems, and other similar features.

All of these reasons bring a great impact on your cat insurance rates.

Other variables that are considered by the auto insurance companies to decide the insurance rate for a car insurance policy are as follows:

  • Vehicle age - Toyota Highlander has been in the market for a while, which means the age of your car may also make a difference in what you will pay for car insurance. Older cars cost less to insure than newer models.
  • Your age - The age of a driver also plays a great role in determining the cost of a Toyota Highlander Hybrid car insurance policy. The older drivers have to pay less than the young drivers.
  • Your gender - Women are more likely to get cheaper insurance rates than men because they tend to get fewer speeding tickets.
  • Your location - Insurance rates are different from one state to another.
Different Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance Toyota Highlander

You have a number of ways to save money on Toyota Highlander insurance. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The following table may give you a brief idea about what your Ford Mustang car insurance premium will be like.

  • Young drivers can save money on their Toyota Highlander insurance by declaring grades or GPA.
  • You can also save money by waiting for six years to allow accidents to vanish from your record.
  • Don’t forget to ask your insurance company for the suitable Toyota Highlander discounts you are eligible for.
  • It would be good to pass an accredited defensive driving program.
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for working in certain professions. So, ask your insurer to check if you are eligible for this discount.
  • Some states use your credit information to determine insurance rates. So, you should work on cleaning up your credit to lower your car insurance rates.
  • Also, being a good driver can also help in saving money on an auto insurance policy.
  • Try to avoid being aggressive behind the wheel. Obeying the laws can help you earn the lowest Toyota Highlander insurance rates.
Toyota Highlander Car Insurance FAQs
The liability-only insurance rate of the Toyota Highlander costs an average of $75 per month. The insurance with full coverage costs an average of $137 a month. As compared to average vehicles, Toyota Highlander insurance costs less.
One of the easiest and most effective ways to get the best and cheapest insurance rate is to check for the rates with various insurance companies and compare their quotes. Also, it is good to review these quotes every six months. You can even take the help of online portals for comparison and find the lowest rates.
If you have ever heard that the insurance rate of a specific color like the red Toyota Highlander is higher, never believe in such statements. They are just a myth. Insurance companies use various factors to decide the amount of insurance for your Toyota Highlander. The color has nothing to do with this. So, always keep in mind that the color of your car is never considered when deciding the insurance rate.
Yes, it is required to have a car insurance policy to drive your new car legally on the road. Some dealerships also offer an insurance policy as a part of the buying process. But, instead of relying on any insurance service provider, it is recommended to talk to your insurance company before buying a new car. You can also look for the best rate by comparing quotes from several insurance companies offering Toyota Highlander car insurance policies.
When it comes to the car insurance of the Toyota Highlander, you will find a variety of discounts that can help you save money on your car insurance policy. There are some discounts that are more based on you, such as multi-policy discounts, multi-car discounts, pay-in-full discounts, etc.

You can also be eligible for certain discounts if your Highlander has specific safety features, such as the number of airbags, anti-lock braking system, anti-theft system, etc. One of the best ways to know about these discounts is to contact your insurer and ask about the types of discounts they offer.
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