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The average insurance for Toyota RAV4 cost is around $1,494 yearly $125 each month. It is needless to say that the Toyota RAV4 belongs to a category of sports cars and so, it will be slightly expensive to insure. While a small sized SUV may cost about $1,383 yearly to insure, the insurance cost of Toyota RAV4 is $111 more. But as compared to the national average auto insurance rates for 2022 new car models, which is about $1,551, the Toyota RAV4 2022 version insurance cost per year is around 3.7% less. Besides, at an individual driver level, the cost may vary.

There are several factors that go in the premium calculation exercise for vehicles. Prominent among the parameters that affect Toyota RAV4 insurance rates are the driver’s age, gender, geographical location, marital and educational status, status of credit profile and past driving record. In addition, the exact make and model of the vehicle that is to be insured as well as deductibles chosen will also have an impact on the premium. And teen or young drivers will be charged significantly more for Toyota RAV4 hybrid car insurance as they pose increased levels of coverage risks to insurers due to lack of driving experience.

Car insurance with a higher deductible will be a much cheaper option to buy as compared to a policy with low deductible. But such an alternative needs to be discussed in detail with some local expert as the proposal can put your finances at risk in a worst case scenario. So, for making an informed decision on your Toyota RAV4 coverage purchase, it could be desirable to fix free consultation with a competent agent in your neighbourhood. can assist you in fixing an appointment online and thus, enable you to get and compare your best options with active assistance.

How much you'll need to pay for insurance on your Toyota Rav4 depends on your age group. Here are the typical rates you might expect to pay.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2023 $382.88 / mo $158.38 / mo $201.04 / mo $175.11 / mo $131.52 / mo $285.78 / mo
2022 $319.16 / mo $187.28 / mo $145.12 / mo $153.82 / mo $149.42 / mo $152.11 / mo
2021 $248.48 / mo $179.73 / mo $153.12 / mo $153.94 / mo $147.25 / mo $138.02 / mo
2020 $219.25 / mo $178.28 / mo $160.13 / mo $138.35 / mo $148.12 / mo $142.45 / mo
2019 $262.54 / mo $169.38 / mo $155.51 / mo $150.90 / mo $141.29 / mo $134.65 / mo
2018 $362.03 / mo $170.25 / mo $136.29 / mo $141.39 / mo $134.13 / mo $129.64 / mo
2017 $259.01 / mo $169.68 / mo $138.18 / mo $130.07 / mo $132.94 / mo $122.54 / mo
2016 $289.14 / mo $167.57 / mo $139.71 / mo $136.29 / mo $114.99 / mo $119.35 / mo
2015 $334.27 / mo $165.08 / mo $128.25 / mo $125.59 / mo $149.03 / mo $124.95 / mo
2014 $291.88 / mo $161.17 / mo $130.85 / mo $123.25 / mo $107.68 / mo $115.96 / mo
2013 $194.07 / mo $162.21 / mo $116.54 / mo $115.08 / mo $97.88 / mo $110.87 / mo
2012 $322.56 / mo $153.97 / mo $120.51 / mo $111.12 / mo $106.50 / mo $111.37 / mo
2011 $222.30 / mo $160.91 / mo $114.67 / mo $116.65 / mo $104.40 / mo $110.85 / mo
2010 $248.73 / mo $154.41 / mo $118.01 / mo $110.16 / mo $105.97 / mo $101.30 / mo

How Much Does It Cost To Insure A Toyota RAV4? What Factors Affect Rates?

As mentioned earlier, numerous factors are considered for premium rate calculations for cars and SUVs. Over and above what has been already mentioned, there could be few other vital parameters which might also play an equally crucial role in assessing coverage risks faced by insurers. Here is some important information pertaining to the same that you may find extremely useful during your overall effort to secure a Toyota RAV4 insurance solution that best fits your specific coverage needs and budget.

  • Car’s body type - The Toyota RAV4 has a tough body and is a compact SUV which is designed for rugged rides on a daily basis. Drivers can even haul small cargo loads and for transporting other low risk goods. This enables reduction in premium.
  • Car type & make - Since the Toyota RAV4 is a less expensive compact SUV, it is cheaper to insure than other more expensive SUVs.
  • RAV4 theft rates - The Toyota RAV4s have high theft rates and so the insurance coverage rates will be higher.
  • Repair charges - Thankfully, Toyota RAV4 parts and components could be much cheaper to repair or replace as compared to some other SUVs. As a result, the average auto insurance cost can be brought down.
  • Car safety ratings - The Toyota RAV4 has been provided good safety ratings by the IIHS although its crash test ratings are lacklustre. Still, it helps in making coverage affordable.
  • Type of fuel - Typically, the Toyota RAV4 requires gas for running and so, it is cheaper to insure than even some top-end hybrid cars.
  • Trim and packages - Trim levels and packages chosen for any vehicles can impact insurance rates. If a car’s engine power is more, it will provide high performance and that increases probability of meeting with accidents. Consequently, the coverage risks are higher for insurer and it can lead to charging of substantially high premiums. But if a vehicle has advanced safety features that the Toyota RAV4 does have then driver may qualify for a special discount on car insurance premium.

Considering the above mentioned things, it could be difficult to find the best car insurance company for your Toyota RAV4 SUV. In addition, your past claims record can also play a pivotal role in the risk assessment process laid down by insurers. If you have history of filing numerous claims in the past then you can expect the insurance rates to go up as might be categorized as a high risk driver. The only way you can save money is to determine your eligibility to obtain various premium discounts. And extensive shopping could be the key to finding the lowest and the best insurance rates for your Toyota RAV4.

The task of comparing multiple free quote estimates can be exhaustive, complicated and strenuous. However, when you get assisted by an expert, the overall rigors of the process will get completely eliminated. And you could actually end up saving lot of time, energy as well as money during your overall effort.

Check Eligibility To Get Discounts For Reducing Toyota RAV4 Insurance Cost

Qualifications for various discounts on auto insurance premiums help in saving a huge amount of money. Majority of the insurers offer an array of financial concessions and it is up to you to find out whether you are eligible to accrue those savings. To that effect, here is a brief list of some of the important premium discounts which you can capitalize on for reducing your Toyota RAV4 insurance rates.

  • Pay premium in full - If you agree to pay entire annual premium in lump sum for a 6 months or 1 year coverage, it is probable that some insurers may offer you a special premium discount but not all.
  • Car’s safety features - The new Toyota RAV4 comes standard with a host of highly advanced safety features. These include blind spot monitors, collision prevention as well as radar cruise control systems alongside front and rear side airbags. So, that makes you eligible to get a safety discount. Just talk to a competent agent to learn more about your eligibility.
  • Clean driving history - If your driving slate is clean without any at-fault accidents, collisions, traffic violations and DUI/DWI convictions then you can expect to get rewarded with an extra discount on your premium. To ensure spotless driving record, you must only make sure that you obey traffic rules and don’t unnecessarily indulge in reckless driving practices when on road.
  • Have good credit score - Credit ratings of drivers are vital to auto insurance providers as far as the premium calculation exercise goes. Having good credit makes you a responsible driver as is assumed by most of the insurers. This assumption is based on findings that are revealed by past studies in the subject which make it amply clear that drivers that have bad or no credit have much higher probability of meeting with accidents.
  • Smart kid premium discount - If your child is an under aged driver, possibly a teen less than 19 , who is driving your vehicle whenever back at home from college/high school then you might be eligible to obtain a smart discount on your Toyota RAV4 premium.

By qualifying for a discounted Toyota RAV4 auto insurance package, you could practically save some hundreds of precious dollars. But the process begins with determining your qualification for the same. That is precisely the reason why you need to consult a certified and experienced insurance agent in your neighbourhood. We can assist you in the task. Apply now!

Is A Toyota RAV4 Expensive To Insure? Here’s Information That You Can Trust

It is needless to say that car insurance rates vary depending on the market value of cars. The Toyota RAV4 belongs to a category of sports vehicles which are usually more expensive than other normal cars. But surprisingly, it is cheaper than other SUVs and so; the premiums are lower despite the fact that it is a high performance vehicle. Drivers that drive sports vehicles are prone to take the thrills of driving Toyota RAV4 recklessly but they aren’t aware that there is danger of meeting with accidents. However, the Toyota RAV4 vehicle doesn’t have that much powerful an engine.

It is due to this reason that the Toyota RAV4 is relatively less expensive to insure. The engine has low horsepower and so, its price is cheaper than other sports vehicles thereby making it a less expensive proposition to insure. Due to the RAV4’s lower engine power, it is less likely that a driver will meet with an accident. This reduces insurers’ coverage risks drastically and so, the insurance rates offered will be affordable. But lot could depend on the driving record of a driver and hence, if your driving history is poor, you will be penalized with higher rates.

Are Toyota RAV4 Insurance Rates Lower For Older Versions - Determine Now

The “Actual Cash Value” of a vehicle is an important factor in calculation of auto insurance premium rates. Accordingly, if you are driving an older version of Toyota RAV4, the insurance cost will be less. This is because the market worth of old cars, sedans or SUVs is low and so, you might not even be required to buy comprehensive and collision coverage features which are highly expensive. Even if the old RAV4 gets totled in an accident, the claim value payable will be small. So, the coverage rates will be low as the physical damages component has lower limits.

The following table will give you an idea about average insurance for Toyota RAV4 rates by driver age groups and model years for Toyota RAV4.

Model Year Driver Age 20 Age 30 Age 40 Age 50 Age 60
2022 $2,960 $1,570 $1,494 $1,362 $1,334
2021 $2,826 $1,494 $1,422 $1,298 $1,270
2020 $2,778 $1,464 $1,398 $1,276 $1,250
2019 $2,646 $1,396 $1,332 $1,216 $1,194
2018 $2,566 $1,350 $1,292 $1,180 $1,156
2017 $2,546 $1,336 $1,278 $1,166 $1,146
2016 $2,410 $1,262 $1,214 $1,108 $1,088
2015 $2,254 $1,180 $1,138 $1,040 $1,020
Here Are 4 Important FAQs
The average cost for insuring a Toyota RAV4 vehicle will depend on a host of factors such as the driver’s age, gender, residential location, driving record, credit history and much more. Besides, teen and young drivers must be prepared to spend substantially more than other senior and more experienced drivers over the age of 25 because of their lack of driving experience behind the wheel.
No. It is not that expensive to insure a Toyota RAV4 as compared to other sports utility vehicles. In fact, the average insurance cost for the Toyota RAV4 is about $247 less than national average auto insurance cost of all cars. This is primarily because the Toyota RAV4 has low engine horsepower and is relatively priced lowly than several other models in the SUV category.
Companies use different parameters for assessing coverage risks. So, it could be difficult to arrive at a conclusion as to which company offers the most affordable insurance coverage for a Toyota RAV4 vehicle. Still, based on researches carried out by our experts, it has been found that GEICO offers the cheapest coverage for Toyota RAV4. But the cheapest car coverage is not necessarily the best.
The best coverage for any car is one that specifically meets the needs and requirements of a driver. Accordingly, our specialists have found that the USAA offers the best overall coverage for Toyota RAV4. Nevertheless, such car covers are only provided to former and currently serving members of the U.S. military and their family members. But we can help you to locate the best coverage at a price that you can easily afford and sustain.
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