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Determine Your Volkswagen Golf GTI Insurance Cost With Specialist Advice Online

The average insurance cost for Golf GTI from Volkswagen could be around $1,516 yearly or $126 each month. Typically, you may be required to pay around $63 more to insure VW Golf GTI as compared to similar types of other vehicles belonging to the same category. But annual premium amount may be lesser by about $35 as against the national insurance cost average for all vehicles which is around $1,551. Besides, premiums may greatly vary depending on a driver’s age as well as the make and model of Golf GTI which is to be insured. The following table highlights that.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Auto Insurance Rates By Driver Age And Model Year

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2023 $635.67 / mo $378.12 / mo $120.64 / mo $118.44 / mo N/A N/A
2022 $759.72 / mo $293.52 / mo $179.09 / mo $121.86 / mo $117.33 / mo $220.07 / mo
2021 $296.20 / mo $208.65 / mo $214.80 / mo $95.00 / mo $124.18 / mo $335.40 / mo
2020 $246.03 / mo $177.72 / mo $173.99 / mo $88.96 / mo $73.94 / mo $135.43 / mo
2019 $253.68 / mo $193.49 / mo $156.17 / mo $140.84 / mo $154.55 / mo $135.23 / mo
2018 $272.18 / mo $213.30 / mo $146.99 / mo $118.26 / mo $98.59 / mo $174.98 / mo
2017 $300.67 / mo $217.28 / mo $139.01 / mo $113.89 / mo $107.82 / mo $105.65 / mo
2016 $289.01 / mo $218.97 / mo $135.79 / mo $115.11 / mo $113.80 / mo $125.03 / mo
2015 $238.85 / mo $210.70 / mo $143.94 / mo $109.07 / mo $136.68 / mo $139.85 / mo
2014 $324.55 / mo $183.07 / mo $130.66 / mo $243.77 / mo $114.61 / mo $80.97 / mo
2013 $291.98 / mo $214.76 / mo $123.18 / mo $149.45 / mo $102.99 / mo $97.06 / mo
2012 $233.98 / mo $194.87 / mo $114.03 / mo $115.61 / mo $97.08 / mo $93.60 / mo
2011 $269.70 / mo $202.82 / mo $124.40 / mo $108.80 / mo $129.86 / mo $147.82 / mo
2010 $214.07 / mo $181.33 / mo $114.04 / mo $101.24 / mo $91.65 / mo $106.34 / mo

How To Reduce Your Overall VW Golf GTI Insurance Cost And Save Money?

Qualifying for cheap VW Golf GTI auto insurance rates could be easier if you have a clean driving record, good credit history, choose the correct levels of coverage as well as select a higher deductible. And just like for any other car insurance coverage, you need to invest some time for extensive shopping. You can get and compare free quote estimates directly from leading national auto insurance carriers like Esurance, GEICO and Progressive. Besides, it could be worthwhile to also seek help from a certified and experienced local independent agent to obtain additional free quotes. With specialist guidance, the process of making an informed decision will be smoother and hassle-free.

Nevertheless, you can expect the cost of Golf GTI insurance for 17 year old drivers to be the highest among all categories of drivers. Premiums will decrease as age progresses provided you obey traffic rules and regulations as well as ensure that your driving score if free of any accidents, DUI or DWI convictions and multiple traffic violations. Companies do provide different types of discounts on premium; you may have to check your eligibility to get benefitted with a hugely discounted package as it will enable you to save hundreds. During free consultation with a local agent, you can get extra tips for saving money on Golf GTI insurance premium.

But the following things might hold true for Golf GTI insurance coverage. You must consider them while exploring varied options.

  • Drivers that have DUI/DWI convictions or too many traffic tickets on their driving record may have to pay about $1,520 more annually than those drivers who have clean driving slates.
  • It could be possible to save around $150 on annual premium by using online quoting tools. And by doing so, you can even save lot of time and physical energy.
  • If you raise deductibles amount on Golf GTI comprehensive and collision coverage features, you can save additional $450 on yearly premium. To arrive at the right decision, consult an expert!
  • You can buy additional liability coverage or increase limits from 30/60 to 250/500 by paying $510 more every year on premium for Golf GTI insurance and get complete financial protection. has top rated companies within its nationwide network that can offer some of the most exclusive deals for VW Golf GTI insurance. To compare coverage features and pricing as well as know how much you can save, act now!

How Much Is Volkswagen GTI Car Insurance Cost Vis-A-Vis Other Car Models?

The Volkswagen Golf GTI is ranked 13th among 24 cars belonging to the small car segment as far as overall affordability of insurance coverage is concerned. On an average, you can expect to pay about $1,516 for a full coverage Golf GTI insurance policy. This is slightly higher than the national average insurance cost of all small segment vehicles which is around $1,453 yearly. Thus, the difference is $63 for an annual cover. Besides, when you compare Golf GTI insurance rates with other similar car variants like Honda Civic, the cost will be $166 more. The difference in annual premium will be even more if Golf GTI insurance is compared with Toyota Corolla ($294 higher) or the Nissan Sentra ($194 higher).

The below mentioned table may give you a brief idea regarding how Volkswagen Golf GTI fare in comparison to other cars such as Hyundai Elantra, Kia Forte and the Volkswagen Jetta.

The actual cost of insurance for VW Golf GTI may also vary depending on a host of other factors like driver’s age, gender, residential location, marital status, educational qualifications, driving record, and credit history and last but not the least, the exact model year of the vehicle that is to be insured. Additionally, you may also take the following information into consideration while exploring your options as it will help you to know how much amount of money you might have to spend for getting your Golf GTI car insured.

  • Check eligibility for getting discounts - Companies provide different types of premium discounts to qualified drivers on Golf GTI insurance rates. Accordingly, you may be entitled to get discounts on your Golf GTI coverage if you have a no claims record, are a senior citizen, have opted for e-billing in the past, drive less miles, are a student with good grades in academics on a consistent basis for the last 3 years, have homeowner’s insurance with the same insurer, etc. This way you have the opportunity to save up to $258 on your yearly insurance cover for Golf GTI vehicle.
  • High insurance rates for teen drivers - Premiums for Golf GTI insurance 19 year old or less drivers could be exceedingly high as compared to other senior and more experienced drivers. This is due to the fact that teen drivers have less experience behind the driving wheel and so, have much higher probability of getting indulged in reckless driving practices on road and meeting with accidents. The average premium rates for Golf GTI insurance for 18 year old drivers is around $4792 annually, that for a 17 year old driver is $5,138 and for 19 year old driver is about $4,328.
  • Pay less by obeying local traffic rules - To get the lowest and the best Golf GTI insurance rates, it is advisable to obey traffic rules and regulations in your city. Such a prerogative will enable you to avoid getting any traffic tickets which will stay on your driving record for years even after they are paid off. Multiple traffic tickets on your driving record can directly lead to big hike in insurance rates for your GTI vehicle and you might end spending about $400 extra on the annual premium. And if you have been convicted for a DUI/DWI offense leading to suspension of your driver’s license then the insurance rates may increase by around $1,400 yearly or even more.
  • Age and gender affect insurance rates - The average insurance rates offered to a 20 year old male driver for driving a 2021 VW Golf GTI is $3,024 yearly while that for a 20 year old female driver may be around $2,236 yearly. Thus, the difference between male and female drivers of the same age group is around $ 788 annually. But the margin narrows down significantly as years fly by and so, 50 year old male driver may pay about $ 1,382 yearly and a female driver $1,352 per year. Thus, the difference works out to be just $30.
  • Driver’s profession can also impact rates - School/college teachers, police officers, fire fighters, law enforcement officers, engineers, etc. can get an additional discount on premium for Golf GTI insurance which is anywhere between $48 to $ 150 yearly depending on the coverage levels sought

Here Are 5 Important Ways To Save Money On Your Golf GTI Insurance Cost

Thankfully, Volkswagen’s Golf GTI is not among the most expensive vehicles to insure. But there could be few ways to save some extra money which you can explore on your Golf GTI insurance coverage. While by qualifying for discounts on premium, you can possibly save hundreds, you may also take the below mentioned aspects into consideration for accruing additional savings.

  1. You could think of moving to new residential location that has lower crime and theft as well as accident rates.
  2. You could even contemplate taking advantage of referral incentives that almost every insurer may offer and save more precious dollars.
  3. At the time of exploring and comparing various low cost Golf GTI insurance alternatives you can inquire about other discounts.
  4. If you are a college or high school student who has consistently maintained an average B grade or GPA of 3.0 or above you may obtain an extra premium discount.
  5. In case, you are driving an older Golf GTI version that is over 10 years old then you can consider buying basic or minimum liability coverage only as is mandated by your state’s driving and insurance law. Since, old vehicles have less market value; you can even think of dropping comprehensive and collision coverage features which could be highly expensive.

The above tips may enable you to greatly reduce overall cost of your VW Golf GTI coverage. There is more to this which only an expert advice can tell you. Don’t forget to make sure that you have passed out a defensive driver’s training course as it will make you a responsible driver which is what insurers want for lowering insurance rates for any vehicle.

Why Are Golf GTI Insurance Rates So Different From Other Volkswagen Cars?

During your effort to secure an affordable car insurance solution for your Golf GTI vehicle, you will observe that there is a difference in the cost of insurance as compared to other Volkswagen variants. The main reason for this is:

  • The safety features in Golf GTI are different from those in other VW car models. (These include the number of airbags that are provided, adaptive cruise control, anti-lock braking system, electronic stability control, lane departure warning system, traction control, etc.)
  • There are big differences in safety ratings and crash test ratings provided to the Golf GTI and other Volkswagen models by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety IIHS).
  • Differences have also been observed in the costs for repair or replacement of parts for Golf GTI as compared to various other VW car variants.
  • Size and type of body of a vehicle is another crucial factor which affects insurance rates. For example, big sports vehicles (SUVs) with sturdy bodies can inflict more damages to properties than small smart cars.
  • Depending on the type of electronic keys and anti-theft devices in cars, insurance rates may vary. This is because it leads to great difference in theft rates which is of concern to vehicle insurance companies.

There could be several such things that can directly or indirectly have influence on Golf GTU auto insurance rates. To know how much it will take to get your Golf GTI insured, it makes sense advisable to talk to a competent local advisor. can help you to fix a free consultation with an expert within just some minutes online.

Act now to compare the best and cheapest free Golf GT insurance quote estimates online. See how much you can save while ensuring total peace of mind when on road.

FAQs Asked By Drivers About Volkswagen GTI Car Insurance
It depends on where you live in the United States, but as a guideline, it's usually between $899 and $1,099. If you're not sure what your policy covers, contact us our insurance agent.
The Golf is not a very expensive car to insure, on average the Volkswagen Golf costs $1,200 to insure.
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