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Average Cost Of Chevy Equinox Car Insurance

The average insurance rates for chevy equinox is $1,427. Because the Chevy Equinox is a midsize SUV that is rarely stolen, it is less expensive to insure. Despite being a popular vehicle model, the Equinox is one of the least-stolen cars in the world today, according to Forbes.

The average quote for a 16 year old driver is $4,875, more than four times the cost of identical coverage for a 40-year-old driver. Because of their inexperience, teenagers are more likely to be involved in accidents.

It also outperformed the competition in front crash prevention vehicle to vehicle and front crash prevention vehicle to pedestrian tests. Given its safety ratings and overall long-term cost, the Chevy Equinox would be a terrific choice for a young family.

Overall, the Chevy Equinox is one of the most affordable vehicles to insure. It's a good option for personalization because it comes in a variety of trim levels and convenience packages. This, combined with Equinox's excellent safety rating, makes it a perfect choice for a family-friendly and low-cost vehicle.

How much you'll spend on insurance for your Chevrolet Equinox can change depending on your age. Here are the typical prices you might pay for insurance.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2024 N/A $287.26 / mo N/A $106.43 / mo N/A $242.04 / mo
2023 $98.52 / mo $283.14 / mo $158.85 / mo $183.38 / mo $172.73 / mo $160.75 / mo
2022 $279.95 / mo $166.18 / mo $173.66 / mo $155.27 / mo $153.43 / mo $125.19 / mo
2021 $185.29 / mo $174.09 / mo $142.88 / mo $138.95 / mo $133.17 / mo $133.83 / mo
2020 $162.78 / mo $165.44 / mo $142.75 / mo $133.10 / mo $138.10 / mo $135.88 / mo
2019 $218.44 / mo $162.66 / mo $130.39 / mo $130.55 / mo $125.92 / mo $126.15 / mo
2018 $277.80 / mo $162.86 / mo $135.05 / mo $125.99 / mo $117.67 / mo $118.61 / mo
2017 $188.01 / mo $154.57 / mo $129.63 / mo $124.01 / mo $112.17 / mo $115.93 / mo
2016 $242.40 / mo $151.59 / mo $126.14 / mo $116.21 / mo $109.46 / mo $102.57 / mo
2015 $188.64 / mo $152.01 / mo $112.89 / mo $111.32 / mo $104.68 / mo $107.96 / mo
2014 $257.67 / mo $151.24 / mo $120.47 / mo $114.93 / mo $102.69 / mo $106.83 / mo
2013 $233.29 / mo $141.38 / mo $116.42 / mo $108.89 / mo $99.29 / mo $101.07 / mo
2012 $232.58 / mo $139.86 / mo $112.64 / mo $111.92 / mo $101.47 / mo $94.00 / mo
2011 $232.93 / mo $141.69 / mo $111.94 / mo $101.82 / mo $90.65 / mo $96.41 / mo
2010 $236.29 / mo $143.48 / mo $122.33 / mo $100.11 / mo $85.38 / mo $90.87 / mo

What Does It Cost To Insure A Chevrolet Equinox?

You are probably worried about how much is insurance on a chevy equinox? In order to evaluate your chevy equinox insurance rates, insurers look at a variety of factors. In addition to other considerations, the sort of vehicle you have and the likelihood of it being stolen or being involved in an accident are considered (such as age, driving record, and ZIP code).

The cost of Chevy Equinox car insurance varies based on your age. Because of their lack of driving experience and the greater accident rate for drivers under 25, drivers under 25 will have higher auto insurance premiums than older drivers.

However, teen drivers will pay more for a Chevrolet Equinox insurance policy than 20-year-old drivers, as costs will continue to fall as drivers gain experience. One of the reasons it is less expensive to insure is because of Chevy Equinox's safety ratings.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Equinox performed well in the following safety tests: small overlap front for driver-side and passenger-side, moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, head restraints, and seat.

The typical monthly auto insurance cost for a Chevrolet Equinox varies depending on the trim level being covered, ranging from $102 per month for the LS model to $111 per month for the Premier AWD model. Teenagers will have to pay a lot more for their Chevy Equinox car insurance.

Collision coverage costs $510 per year on average, comprehensive (or other-than-collision) coverage costs $344, and the remaining liability/medical coverage is around $430.

The following are some additional details on the cost of Equinox insurance:

  • Equinox insurance is less expensive for safe drivers - A high number of at-fault incidents can increase premiums by up to $1,744 per year for a 20-year-old driver and up to $370 per year for a 60-year-old driver.
  • Investigate discounts to find lower rates - Senior people, military or government workers, members of certain professional groups, away-from-home students, excellent students, and many additional discounts may be offered, potentially saving the typical user as much as $214 per year.
  • Improve your credit score to get better rates - A credit score of 800 or above might save you roughly $202 per year compared to a credit score of 670-739. On the other hand, a less-than-perfect credit rating might cost up to $234 extra every year.
  • The expense of insuring a teenage driver is high - Rates for complete coverage on average For a 16-year-old driver, Equinox auto insurance costs $4,530 per year, $4,224 per year for a 17 year old driver, and $3,944 per year for an 18-year-old driver.
  • Insurance prices rise as a result of traffic offenses - It just makes sense to be a safe driver to acquire the best prices. In fact, just one or two minor moving violations may raise your insurance premiums by $326 each year. A significant offense, such as reckless driving, might increase to $1,140 or more in premiums.

In Comparison To Other SUVs, How Do Equinox Insurance Premiums Compare?

When you compare the insurance prices for the Chevy Equinox and comparable SUVs, you'll notice a significant difference. The following are some of the causes for this disparity:

  • The Chevrolet Equinox is a compact SUV that is fuel-efficient and often less expensive to maintain than larger SUVs, trucks, and premium sports cars. On routine maintenance such as oil changes, brake pad replacement, and new tires, expect to pay average to below-average prices.
  • Your Equinox achieves up to 28 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway, which is better than the national average for small vehicles of 23 mpg.
  • In the 2022 compact SUV sector, the Chevy Equinox is ranked #18 out of 44 total comparison vehicles. The Chevy equinox insurance cost an average of $1,284 per year to insure for full coverage, compared to $1,370 per year for the segment median rate, a difference of roughly $86 per year.
  • Equinox insurance is $196 less per year than the Toyota RAV4, $70 more than the Honda CR-V, $42 less than the Nissan Rogue, and $48 less than the Ford Escape when compared to comparable small SUVs.
  • The company is constantly evaluating and improving car safety systems in order to include the latest technology and improve vehicle safety. While safety is a primary priority, the Chevrolet Equinox achieves incredible achievements without sacrificing the vehicle's ride or comfort.

How Do You Compare Chevrolet Equinox Insurance?

If you don't have the sunroof, there's plenty of room for passengers in both rows. When considering insurance alternatives for your Chevy Equinox, consider the following factors:

  • Price - Because the Chevy Equinox is a mid-range vehicle, you may want to find a happy medium between coverage options and premium cost.
  • Coverage - Make sure your policy meets the minimum coverage requirements in your state. Consider collision and comprehensive coverage if your trim package has been upgraded.
  • Warranty - Chevrolet's free 24/7 roadside assistance and courtesy transportation plan is available on all new Chevrolet Equinox vehicles under the manufacturer's five-year powertrain limited warranty. You shouldn't have to pay more for breakdown cover in your insurance policy.
  • Deductibles - A larger deductible for your Equinox could lower your insurance price, but there's a catch: you'll need the deductible amount on hand in the event of an accident.
What Things Affect Chevrolet Equinox Car Insurance?

The third version of the Chevrolet Equinox has been on the market since 2005. The large interior and smooth ride are two of the mini SUV's best features. In 2016, about 242,000 sales were made in the United States.

The latest Chevy Equinox vehicles are available in four trim packages, and the one you choose may have an impact on your insurance costs.

  • L Version - The cost of Chevrolet Equinox L insurance varies based on your age. Because of their lack of driving experience and the greater accident rate for drivers under 25, drivers under 25 will have higher auto insurance premiums than older drivers.

    However, teen drivers will pay more for a Chevrolet Equinox L insurance policy than 20-year-old drivers, as costs will continue to fall as drivers gain experience.
  • LS Version - The Chevrolet Equinox LS is available in various trim levels—different versions of the same car with multiple features—and choosing a higher trim level might mean receiving a car with more expensive equipment.

    Those enhancements, however, will come at an additional expense. Not only will the cost of your car increase, but premium features such as a flashy infotainment system, a greater horsepower engine, or luxurious finishes can also increase your insurance prices.

    Furthermore, some extras, like an improved sound system, will necessitate their insurance policy in the event of theft, vandalism, or damages.
  • LT Version - Not only does your age affect the amount you pay for car insurance, but so does the age of your vehicle. Because autos degrade over time (losing 60% of their value in the first five years), the cost of car insurance for a Chevrolet Equinox LT will be lower than for a newer vehicle.

    The average annual insurance cost for a Chevrolet Equinox LT is $2,963, which is $1 more than the national average for Chevrolets.
  • Chevrolet Equinox Premier - It is a mid-size SUV. The Premier package offers several luxury features that make it the most expensive model to buy and insure. It is available in both FWD and AWD.

For those who are unfamiliar with the details, car insurance costs can be confusing. Your vehicle, driving habits, demographics, and the coverages, limits, and deductibles you choose are all factors that might affect your auto insurance rates. These factors could include your age, the anti-theft features on your automobile, and your driving record.

Chevy Equinox Car Insurance FAQs
Chevy Equinox insurance costs just $1,165 per year compared to an average of $1,427 for cars in the US.
Before you buy insurance, don't only look at the price. According to our research, USAA is the best auto insurance for a Chevy Equinox, based on characteristics such as pricing, customer happiness, complaints, and financial soundness.
The average monthly cost of Chevrolet Equinox insurance is $114, or $1,370 yearly. Chevy Equinox insurance costs $149 less per year on average than the average vehicle. Good drivers can save up to $565 per year on their Equinox insurance through policy reductions by being safe and courteous on the roads.
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