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How Much Does Dodge Charger Car Insurance Cost?

The average cost of insuring 2019 Dodge Charger SXT for a 30 year old male driver is around $ 4,792 annually. At the same time, on an average it costs about $ 4,896 to insure 2019 Dodge Charger GT which is more expensive than the Dodge Charger SXT. In any case, the cheapest company to insure both the Dodge Charger versions is State Farm. But Dodge Charger insurance prices are likely to vary according to age and driving experience. So, you can expect dodge charger insurance for 16 year old drivers to be significantly expensive than other higher age groups.

Our experts have analyzed car insurance rates provided for Dodge Charger SXT and GT models and hence, we are in a much better position to guide you in making an informed decision on your Dodge Charger insurance purchase. You may take advantage of our specialist services online to get and compare the best as well as the cheapest free quote estimates offered by top rated insurers. Act to save lot of time, energy as well as money during your overall effort to secure a Dodge Charger sports car insurance coverage solution that easily fits your specific driving needs and budget!

The above price rates are for Dodge Charger SXT model. Pricing for GT model will be slightly higher as it is more expensive because of its having a powerful high performance engine.

To learn more about the current trends on auto insurance rates for your Dodge Charger SXT or GT model, talk to an expert today! Fix a free consultation online now!

The cost of insuring your Dodge Charger can change depending on how old you are. Here are the average prices you can expect to pay.

Year 16-19 yr old 20-29 yr old 30-39 yr old 40-49 yr old 50-59 yr old 60+ yr old
2023 $299.22 / mo $390.90 / mo $335.51 / mo $164.69 / mo $298.00 / mo $104.64 / mo
2022 $430.28 / mo $323.97 / mo $254.45 / mo $212.36 / mo $178.88 / mo $227.69 / mo
2021 $438.17 / mo $281.93 / mo $198.05 / mo $200.34 / mo $171.06 / mo $166.60 / mo
2020 $458.81 / mo $270.15 / mo $199.52 / mo $185.15 / mo $164.66 / mo $165.94 / mo
2019 $410.69 / mo $281.53 / mo $197.82 / mo $179.13 / mo $181.99 / mo $167.48 / mo
2018 $360.12 / mo $260.35 / mo $176.93 / mo $154.45 / mo $163.97 / mo $145.84 / mo
2017 $379.38 / mo $251.49 / mo $170.07 / mo $164.67 / mo $145.23 / mo $173.13 / mo
2016 $371.40 / mo $245.74 / mo $173.93 / mo $162.48 / mo $161.91 / mo $146.94 / mo
2015 $388.59 / mo $243.02 / mo $172.00 / mo $173.22 / mo $139.88 / mo $129.36 / mo
2014 $308.92 / mo $226.57 / mo $167.16 / mo $146.11 / mo $147.48 / mo $130.11 / mo
2013 $315.13 / mo $228.51 / mo $165.97 / mo $138.70 / mo $126.01 / mo $117.98 / mo
2012 $311.27 / mo $217.66 / mo $143.66 / mo $134.50 / mo $128.74 / mo $125.11 / mo
2011 $292.05 / mo $212.47 / mo $148.59 / mo $122.17 / mo $117.66 / mo $109.53 / mo
2010 $318.39 / mo $190.97 / mo $140.12 / mo $138.07 / mo $113.61 / mo $121.98 / mo

5 Useful Tips For Saving Money On A Dodge Charger Car Insurance Coverage

The Dodge Charger belongs to an exclusive category of top quality sports cars alongside the Chevy Camaro 1SS and the Ford Mustang. However, the average cost of a full coverage insurance policy for Dodge Charger will be much higher than that of the national average vehicle insurance costs of its competitors. While extensive shopping of comparison of numerous free quotes can invariably enable you to save money, there could be few other things which can help you to save additional precious dollars. Here is some vital information pertaining to the same which might prove to be of great help to you.

While dodge charger insurance cost for 16 year old is likely to be the highest, it could be possible to save money on auto insurance premium for dodge charger cars for drivers belonging to higher age groups. You only need to take the below mentioned guidelines into consideration for that.

  • Check eligibility to get safe driver discount - It is less likely that teen drivers will get any premium discount, the possibility of senior and more experienced drivers with good driving records can qualify for discount on premium. Teen or new drivers are yet to establish a clean driving slate.
  • Buy basic liability coverage if budget is limited - If you are driving an old Dodge Charger then you may not need a full coverage insurance policy, buying a minimum liability cover as is prescribed by your state will do.
  • Premium can be lowered increasing deductible - Comprehensive and collision coverage features are expensive but by choosing high deductible, you can reduce premium drastically. But you must ensure that the deductible is affordable if you decide for this option.
  • Drive less number of miles and save extra money - On an average, Americans drive around 13,500 miles annually. If you are going to drive fewer miles than the national average, you can qualify for an additional discount on premium. However, you will have to indicate that to your insurer in the quotes request form.
  • Shop and compare multiple free quote estimates - Extensive online shopping can enable saving few hundred precious dollars on your Dodge Charger insurance coverage. You can find the right type of insurance company that offers you the lowest insurance rates for the best coverage. But make an informed decision on your purchase, it is recommended to seek help from a certified and experienced local agent.

Determine Eligibility To Obtain A Discounted Dodge Charger Insurance Policy

Apart from increasing your deductible and doing extensive shopping, there could be some other methods to save money on your Dodge Charger auto insurance cover. Companies that provide coverage for Dodge Charger vehicles may also offer several types of discounts on premium. It is vital that you check your eligibility to get hugely discounted auto insurance package as it will accrue enormous savings in your kitty.

Most of the Dodge Charger vehicle insurance providers may extend the following kinds of premium discounts which you might get.

  • Good student discount - Available for full time college student drivers under 25 if they have consistently maintained an average “B” grade or GPA of 3.0 or above in academics for the last 3 years.
  • Defensive driver discount - You can obtain an extra premium discount if you have successfully passed out a training course for learning safe driving practices from some government approved institute. It will prevent you from having speeding/traffic tickets or get involved in accidents which are a cause of concern for insurers.
  • Discount for lower mileage - Teen/young student drivers may be eligible to get a special discount on premium if they tell insurers that they will be driving less than 7,500 miles during the entire year. Companies might extend a “black box” policy with low sustainable premium but the number of miles which you drive throughout the year will be actually monitored before providing such discount. Besides, your driving habits will also come under closer scrutiny.
  • Multi-car premium discount - It is possible to obtain an additional premium discount if you have two or more cars insured with one policy provided by your insurance company. All vehicles covered by the policy will be eligible for such a discount on the premium.
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Here Are 7 Vital Factors Which Directly Affect Dodge Charger Insurance Cost

Insurance premiums for Dodge Charger cars largely depend on drivers’ probability of filing claims as well as the cost that is likely to be incurred on payouts. And engine performance, safety features and theft rates might also vary from model to model. So, insurers take into account the following aspects while calculating the insurance rates for different Dodge Charger makes.

  1. Type of body - Since Dodge Charger is a state-of-the-art sedan that is designed for providing great performance on road; it is packed with advanced safety features thereby making it a safer vehicle to drive. This invariably helps in lowering the overall cost of insurance.
  2. Type of vehicle - The main reason why it takes more to insure Dodge Charger cars than many other similar vehicles is that it has a powerful engine that guarantees high speeds when on road.
  3. Car’s theft rates - Dodge Chargers have much higher theft rates as compared to other cars and it only adds to insurers’ worries. As a result, coverage risks are high for companies due to which the insurance costs will increase.
  4. Repairs expenses - The average repair cost for a Dodge Charger car is about $625 per year which is highly affordable for a driver. Nevertheless, if you are driving a high-end or expensive Dodge Charger version then the insurance cost could be higher. But lower repair cost can reduce premium.
  5. Cars’ safety ratings - All Dodge Charger makes and models have very good safety ratings and that enables saving money on your auto insurance premium.
  6. Type of fuel used - The Dodge Charger runs on gas and so it is much cheaper to insure hybrid cars or diesel vehicles.
  7. Trim packages on car - You do have some options to raise your Dodge Charger vehicle’s engine power but by doing so, insurance costs will also increase. Similarly, value adding modifications in your Dodge Charger car can also lead to hike in premium and make insurance more expensive. It means that lower end Dodge Charger models will cost significantly less to insure as compared to the expensive Demon or Hellcat versions.
Cost of Insuring a Dodge Charger for 16 to 25 Year Olds Drivers

An 18-year-old with a Dodge Charger pays $4,722 in car insurance, which is $3,275 more than a 40-year-old. They drive less often than the older drivers and are therefore more likely to have accidents and speeding tickets. Insurance carriers adjust rates based on this difference in risk from one driver to the next.

When young drivers purchase their car insurance, they should be on the same plan as their parents. The cost of insuring a teenager is more when they are purchasing individual plans.

Drivers aged between 16 and 25 will usually see higher insurance prices than older drivers.

Age Average Annual Rates
16 $6,053
17 $5,362
18 $4,722
19 $3,382
20 $3,018
21 $2,389
22 $2,201
23 $2,014
24 $1,890
25 $1,715
40 $1,447
Some Important FAQs
Every car make and model has unique coverage risks associated with it. If the likelihood of a vehicle getting stolen is high, a car has no or less safety features or its repair costs are high then coverage comes at a significant risk. Insurers consider these things and accordingly, calculate premium rates that can be provided to drivers. In case of Dodge Charger cars, theft rates are high while the other two factors may be in favour depending on the exact model of the car that you drive.
The definition of sports car varies from company to company. In addition, parameters like a vehicle’s engine size and capacity, if it is turbo charged, weight and height, whether the car is 2 door or 4 four door, etc. can also play a crucial role in determining if the car is a sports vehicle or not. Only insurers can provide specifications about sports cars and let you know whether your Dodge Charger model is a sports car model. So, make sure that you verify it with your insurer.
The average cost for maintenance and dodge charger insurance 20 year old driver could depend on a number of factors such as the number of miles that you drive throughout the year, the manner in which you drive a car and your residential location. Additionally, factors like gas charges, repair or servicing costs, depreciation value as well as fees and taxes could vary from driver to driver. And yet another important thing is the trim package which you choose for your Dodge Charger. It can also affect the overall insurance cost and could even make a big difference.
The average cost of insurance for a Dodge Charger is $1,074 per year.
Yes, your Dodge Charger Car Insurance will cover any accidental damage.
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